It Is NOT Thursday…Is It?

Somebody pinch me…is it really Thursday?! I truly feel like it was just the weekend and now Thursday is upon us. Sheesh! Well in any event this has already been a happy Thursday for me. I am such a morning person…I swear. I ran 10 happy, every step is for me, glorious miles this morning! That felt pretty darn good! You know the drill…Body Pump in a few hours…HOLLER! Which I must say this week I have had one sore bootay after Tuesday’s class. But personally I can think of a lot worse than having a sore butt. In fact, I LIKE IT! 🙂 It is almost swimsuit season! What a perfect segway!

I personally love Victoria’s Secret for bathing suits. They seem to fit me really well and I usually get a new one every other year or so. Well it is time! So help me pick! (note: I am typically not a flashy bathing suit sporter) These are the ones I am liking:

Option 1
Option 2

Leave me a comment with your vote: Option 1 or Option 2! 🙂

Dinner last night was another really yummy hit. Keith and I split a ginormous sweet potato…seriously check this thing out:

HUGE! We each ate some for dinner AND Keith even put some in his breakfast container for the morning!

 And he had steak (um…yeah not me) while I opted for orange ruffy. Now pair that with some steamed mixed vegetables and HOLLER…dinner was served!

Dinner...minus the sweet potato. It was in bowl on the side...we just shared the bowl! 🙂

 Happy Thursday peeps…and help me out with the bathing suit!


61 Responses

  1. if you can flaunt it like those two in the pix get both!!! but if only one I would go with number 1… I like the tie dye appearance

  2. I love VS for bathing suits, too! I can never just buy one…they are addicting! I am loving option 1! 🙂

  3. I like them both but #2 is my favourite. i think green would suit you well since you have brown hair and eyes. I think light blue looks better on blonds 🙂 But whatever you choose will look great on you!!!

  4. I just noticed that since sunday, you’ve been putting the day of the week in your titles lol. Now I’m feeling kind of slow.. lol.

    Option 1 🙂 normally, white bathing suits are a bad idea (for obvious reasons) but the white in this one makes it so you won’t have any problems! Love it!

    I only have one VS bathing suit. They’re just soooo expensive! I’d rather buy a ton of cheap ones than one expensive one! lol

  5. Both cute! But number two is my fave– I love that kelly (HA!) green color!

  6. I like opition 2, Kelly! Maybe one day you can help me look good enough to wear a suit like that! Although, I’d need a boob job! ha ha

  7. I think option one has more pizzaz! I’d buy it if those were my choices.

  8. I like number 2. I agree with you: Victoria’s Secret does have good bathing suits.

  9. Most definitely #2. I love that bright green. I recently started hating bathing suit season–it reminds me that there is no beach within an hour of D.C.

  10. Option #2 I love that shade of green and it would look great on with your skin and eyes.

  11. I love the green. I have that same one in black and will warn you that it isn’t padded (or mine sure isn’t). You can buy the pads and stitch them in though.

  12. Dear lord that is a giant sweet potato! I like the first one, the bluish white one, reminds me of a cloud, and u look like u tan well and I think the light colors would be pretty. I bought a bathing suit from VS back in Feb, haha I can’t wait to wear it! When they go on sale you can’t beat the price.

  13. I love VS for swimsuits too..they aren’t cheapy like the ones I have gotten from other stores in the past. I like the green suit best. Though you are very brave…tie-side bikini bottoms make me nervous! haha.

  14. I like the solid colors, so I’d go with the green. I think I actually have that style in black! :p

  15. I think the green one would look better on you.

  16. I am SUCH a morning person too – I am positively giddy during and after early morning runs. 🙂

    I like option one…the colors do it for me! Good luck…

  17. I know.. where did the week go… I can’t believe we are halfway through March… yikes!

    I like Option 2.

  18. How could I chose? Both of the ladies look gorgeous! 😉 And dinner looks delicious!

  19. My vote is definitely for #2. The green pops and would look FAB with your coloring 🙂

  20. I’m usually a blue person, but I really like #2. Girl, you gonna look soooo gooood!

  21. VS is the best place for bathing suits!! I just love them. I vote for option 1- it’s so different and fun with the fading blue!

  22. I can”t believe that it’s Thursday already either! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about it – just surprised!

    I wasn’t going to run or go to the gym today as I’m giving blood after work, but you’ve inspired me to do something active (10 miles and body pump!!! wow!!!) if I’m not feeling too ick from the draining.

    Hope you have a great day – and I vote for the green one!

  23. I like the green suit.

    You ran 10 miles and are going to Body Pump? I don’t know how you do it. Any tips on how I can get energy like that?

  24. I love #2!

    Seriously, I’m with Melissa above, i want energy like you!!

  25. I LOVE the green! Someone already posted this, but yes, the green with your brown hair will look great! Love the polka-dot plate!

  26. Definitely number 2! Every white or light colored bathing suit I have had has ended disastrously…

  27. I think you would look absolutely beautiful in option two! The green seems like it would work for ya!

  28. I like number 1! Just seems more interesting, but I love both and think both would look amazing!!

  29. Hey pretty lady!! LOVE the HUGE sweet-po! I am SOOOOO darn excited swim-suit weather is ALMOST here!!! I am a HUGE LOVER of Victoria’s Secret swim suits, they are bangin’ and sexy…but still cover the necessaries! I have BOTH of these suits! #1 offers a little more structure (thicker fabric, and cup inserts) than #2….they are both really comfy!…#2 is skimpier and better for laying out and tanning rather than beach running/splashing! I LOVE the GREEN!…it’s a super hot color and makes me look tanner than I am! 😉
    ~have an amazing day chica….and HELLS YES to a GLORIOUS RUN!…i’m hoping mine is that same way today too! 🙂

  30. I’m kinda leaning toward the green one. I ordered a swimsuit from VS last month from the clearance sale. Can’t beat that. I think I got the whole suit for less than $30. I’ma clearance wh*re. lol. I have like a illion swimsuits, only b/c I buy them after summer when they are super cheap.

  31. i looooove their suits! i think #2 would look great on you!

  32. Well, for starters you will look fabulous in either. The green color is fab, do they have a green option in #1? I love the hip detail on suit #1 too…how do you choose? Can you get both?

  33. I like #1, however blue is my favorite colro. The girl’s boobs seem to be falling out of #1, but then again it is Victoria’s Secret.

  34. Option 2 is my favourite, I love the colour

  35. I adore option 2!! The color is perfectly bright for summer time.

    Dude… I could eat that huge sweet potato all by my lonesome. Sadly, I’m not ashamed to say… that is my “normal sized” sweet potato, haha. This week has managed to go by really fast for me too.. maybe it’s because of the time change?

  36. I vote option 2! It’s really a fab color and whill look great on you!

    I can never get the confidence to wear bikinis, really…I spend time in my speedo swimming laps…but that’s about it. 🙂

  37. I like the first one, but I feel like you would look really good in green, so I also vote for the second one.
    Im a lot of help arent I?

  38. I vote for Option 2. Kelly green is perfect for you 😉

  39. LOVE that polka dot plate! and the second suit. and the HUGE TATO!

  40. love them both but I think I am leaning toward 1…I like that it looks like the sky 🙂 so prettty! but obv you would ROCK the greeen as well, toughiee!

    yowwza thats one big sweet tater 🙂

  41. mmm….tough decision! I am going to have to go with option numero 1 🙂 I really like the color and I love how the bikini bottom ties 🙂

  42. I like #2!! 🙂 But you’d look amazing in either one!! 🙂

  43. […] Posted on March 18, 2010 by Kelly Thanks to everyone who weighed in with their swimsuit vote this morning! I kind of already had an idea of which one I liked better before posting…and I […]

  44. #1! Oh, am I too late?

  45. Number 2 is hot!

    No fair you already posted results! I can’t read blog posts until after work. 😦

  46. Love the green one! Old Navy has one almost exactly like it but it has tiny ruffles and I bet a fraction of the cost!:)

  47. I LOVE VS swimsuits too, they make up 99% of my swimsuit closet. And I love option 1 for you!

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