Love My Mondays

Good morning! How is everyone on this great Monday morning? Remember…I am the annoying Monday morning happy person…oddly it is my favorite day of the week! So for all of you Monday haters who hate that person (a la Me) then I apologize!! Ha…well not really…c’mon people…show some Monday LOVE!

Today has started out great! I ran 9 miles + 10 minutes on the elliptical I and feel fabulous! My legs always love Monday morning runs after the lazy Sunday love they get! 🙂 After a run I love to lay up against a wall with my compressions socks on and stretch out my legs. This definitely helps with soreness and the elevation of the legs helps with the blood flow after a tough workout. Check my tired legs out. (NO LAUGHING AT MY SOCKS!!)

All Legs...Am I REALLY posting this for the world to see?!?

Feels so good...I could do this is ALL day!

Somebody wake me in an hour! haha!

I am loudly slurping (seriously I am a slurper…which I didn’t realize until someone pointed it out to me) my coffee and eating my new breakfast fixation…hot Quinoa “oatmeal” sprinkled with some cinnamon, coconut flakes and Stevia. Goodness…I might lick the bowl when I am finished…ssshhh don’t tell! 🙂 Then I am headed to my beginning running group…today’s agenda is 3 miles around the golf course…lovely! Are you ready Janet?! 🙂

Last night was a good night. Keith made it safely home from Dallas and we got to log some good snuggle catch-up time! I love having weekends alone sometimes because I can just kind of piddle around and have me time, but I always love it when he comes home! Truthfully, as much as I may complain about him snoring I really sleep better with him by my side! 🙂 I definitely recharge by being alone and sometimes a girl needs that weekend!

Do you enjoy having solo weekends every once in a while?

Okay people…enjoy your Monday morning and SMILE! 🙂  I leave you with a Monday morning kiss!


66 Responses

  1. I love having solo weekends! Gives me some time to myself and it’s really nice. I love your pink socks. 🙂

  2. u are so beautiful

    i wish i could walk one mile…u are amazing!

    u remind me of : hilary swank and frieda pinto (slumdog millionaire)…so pretty.

    • So sweet! I actually get the Hilary Swank comment all the time. Funny story…I got pulled over for speeding dang it) and the cop said, “Has anyone ever told you that you look just like that actress in that boxing movie…Hilary something…” Haha…he STILL gave me a ticket though! 😦

  3. I always enjoy my solo weekends for the first day or two…but then by the end, I’m always lonely!

    Have a GREAT Monday…I’m a Monday lover too 😉

  4. I haven’t tried making breakfast quinoa yet. I really should. Every once in a while a solo weekend is kind of nice.

  5. It still shocks me every time I read about your crazy mileage! Love the stretches, I need to do more of that upside down leg stuff to keep the blood flowing! Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

  6. I got quite a bit of me time this weekend and loved it!
    Monday’s aren’t that bad! My boyfriend has Monday’s off from work so we get to hang out all day until my evening class 🙂 plus, it’s my accounting class which is actually my favorite. Except for today… midterm exam tonight 😦

  7. yeah you DO look like Swank and Pinto for sure! Holy legs girl – I’m all of 5’2…haha – what are you?
    Love that monday sign – I hate mondays, so thanks for the little bit of sparkle needed…

    • I am about 5’6″ but I have a short torso…I am definitely all legs. My brother is 5″10″ and our legs are actually the same length…hip bone to ankle bone. 🙂

  8. LOVE the socks!

    I do enjoy solo weekends. Even if it’s not for the whole weekend, a little time to myself is always nice. Right now I’d love enough alone time to take a hot bath and repaint my toenails. They need it desperately. LOL

  9. I enjoy a solo weekend every once in a while. It gives me a chance to relax 🙂

  10. good lord kelly, how do i get your legs??? (please do not tell me it involves constantly running 10+ miles… for this i cannot do. 😉 )

  11. I’m glad you enjoyed the solo weekend! “Me time” is always necessary… 🙂

    And I kind of am in love with those socks. They are fabulousness. Just sayin’.

  12. Your socks are so cute! I like having weekends alone once in awhile. Truthfully, I get enough “me” time during the week when I have days off from school. I look forward to weekends with the bf, family, and friends!

  13. My solo days are definitely needed, but I really only want them “once in a while.” Haha.. maybe the boy and I should schedule them… how about once every 10 days? 😛

    Glad you had a lovely run! We have Yassos on tap today, and then a team brunch afterwards, so you know I’ll be dreaming about my coffee during those last repeats! Question about your compression socks – do you really feel like they help? I’ve ALMOST bought a pair probably 5 times, and then put them back at the last minute!

    • I TOTALLY 100% BELIEVE in them and think they are totally worth the cost! Seriously. I run in them for my longer runs and I also use them for recovery. I have 4 pair! I wear a brand called CEP in size II (you are small like me so that would be your size as well…it is the smallest they make) But go check out their website:

  14. I used to love being alone all the time, but I find that the longer I’m married, the more I like to have my husband there. Still, I need a girls night every now and then to get away.

  15. I have those same recovery socks! You have legs for miles girly! I am definitely all torso with short stubby legs

  16. Hot legs, lady. Ew, am I a creep for saying that? I think I am.


    Nice work on enjoying your weekend. And on enjoying your socks. And on being a ray of sunshine.

  17. Them’s some hot legs in hot pink socks. (Just read EEs comment above…guess that makes me a creep too.)

    I am neither a lover or a hater of Mondays. That’s the nice thing about being in school. Every day can be a weekend day if you want it to be. Conversely, everyday can be a weekday too…

  18. I found quinoa flakes last week @ Whole Foods in the bulk section and had them this morning for some b fast! So good! I had a rest day yesterday as well and needed it! Took 2 naps! Must be from nursing a sick kiddo all week! She is off to gymnastics camp ( all better) and I am off to a long, wonderful run! No time constraints, no worries, just me and the road! 9am cannot come soon enough.

    I am 5 ‘9 and and all legs. Bella looks like she is following me which is great, but makes buying any type of pants a hassle! Have a great week 😉

  19. You always snap me out of a tired bad mood on Monday mornings. And I personally like your hot pink socks, and I’m pretty sure that you’re legs are a lot longer than mine and i’m 2 inches taller than you. haha. jealous.

  20. love the hot pink socks 🙂

  21. I love recovery socks. I wear to them to work. I have no shame.

  22. i need recovery socks pronto! i should try laying against a wall to see if it helps my legs.

    happy monday!

  23. Looove those socks!! I want a pair 😉

    Yes I think alone time is great, and then makes you even more excited when the other person is back!

  24. HELLO Gorgeous chica-lika with the BALLIN’ LEGS!!! (I WANT YOUR HOT PINK SOCKS!! I’m a sock-lova!) no worries about being a monday lover…let it show!! I’m down with the monday LOVE…especially if the sun is out!! I used to lay with my LEGS-UP like this for 30-minutes before every swim race….it definitely helps decrease PAIN and wake everything UP!!! 🙂 I hope your monday is a fabulous as you are!!! xoxo!

  25. Cute picture! I always enjoy going solo…love the BF but every girl needs some alone time every now and then!

  26. I love it when David goes out in the field, it gives me the whole bed to sleep in AND a chance to experiment with recipes! P.S. I love your socks!

  27. love the hot pink compression socks–you are stylin.

    I love weekends alone. I love Sean, but when I am alone I get much more done and often relax a lot more.

  28. I need to get some compression socks. Where are yours from?

    I love solo weekends. I get a ot done and watch girlie movies I could never get Jensen to watch. Plus it’s so fun when he comes home. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, I guess 🙂

  29. Oh, and I finally did it…the blog thing. Not much there yet, though

  30. It has been a dragging Monday for me.. I am super exhasted. We went to Boston for the weekend.. and between our own social agenda and my mom’s we ended up with only a couple of hours of sleep… but I did manage to make it into the gym this am..

  31. Love the hot pink socks!! Whatever works for you right? Last night I was lifting my legs up to 90 degree angles in bed to stretch them out. Matt was like “Are we dancing in bed?”

  32. Completely random question, but I love the color yellow/gold on your walls. Do you know the name/color of it? I’m fixing to repaint my living room and yellow is a hard color to find that is just right.

  33. OK, loving Mondays is one thing, but please do not tell me that you love SUNDAYS! I get the Sunday blues every week without fail. I wish there was a cure for it.

  34. I love your pink socks!!! I also love quinoa for breakfast!!! YUM! I am not much for the alone time. My husband and I are like peas and carrots…we just go together! I grew up in a large family, so being alone makes me antsy!

  35. i love your socks! you are so cute 🙂 i love legs up the wall too, it feels awesome

  36. So did you start this running group?
    Hmm, I wonder if I’m a slurper. After all your miles, you deserve a slurp.

    • Yeah…I started it up through the gym where Keith and I work. It is a lot of fun…we meet M,W, and F at 8:30am and run anywhere between 3 and 5 miles at around 10:00 minute pace. 🙂

  37. legs for days! cute socks!

  38. Your legs look awesome! And don’t worry, I bet a lot of us like to sit in that position:)

    • Thank you so much! It is so funny because I struggle with “image issues” when it comes to my legs. Don’t ask me why…but I guess everyone has that one thing they are insecure about. Me = Legs. Keith (the hubs) is always encouraging me to post pictures because hopefully it let me see that there not so bad! haha! Anyway…thanks!

  39. Ahhhh *big sigh* thanks for giving me my first genuine smile of the day! You’re beautiful and I love the socks! And yes, I love my ‘me’ time every once in a while to watch my chick flicks and drink wine!

  40. girl, i wish i had your legs for days 🙂 i don’t love mondays, but i am definitely a morning person…sometimes people give me weird looks, but what can ya do? not like we should change just because they’re grumpy, right?! 🙂

  41. Happy Monday!! 🙂 I used to love doing that same thing – elevating my legs against a wall – while I was training for all my 1/2’s. Feels so good, right?? And it will help prevent spider veins, or so I’ve heard.

  42. some yoga instructors had us do the same thing, legs up the wall. really good for you!

  43. Wanna know what’s really funny?

    I remember reading your blog for the first time a few weeks ago and commenting (also for the first time) that you found it bothersome in gym class that one person sometimes is out of tempo with the class/teacher etc. Well – I too am now a HAPPY MONDAY MORNING person only for the fact that I wake up early once a week to hit the boot camp class on a monday a.m. (usually hit the gym after work since it’s in my building) but I NOW keep tempo, and if i dont I just stop and wait lol. So Yay you for pointing that out to me. Sort of.

    Happy Monday!

    I totally had to save this comment in my e-mail drafts so I could post it. Your site is blocked at my work and I view it through google reader. Anyway. Have a nice evening!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Oh gosh I totally remember that comment! I actually felt really bad because I was hoping I didn’t insult you!!! 🙂

      That totally blows that I am bloked at your work? But thanks for still reading me when you get home!!

  44. I love putting my legs up against the wall after long runs. Awesome pink recovery socks! Happy Monday 🙂

  45. Oh my, I’m glad I’m reading this at 8:00 p.m. I dont think I could’ve handled the Monday morning enthusiasm this a.m. 😉

  46. I NEED to know how you can love Mondays!! They depress me…but I think that may have a wee bit to do with the fact that I’m not lovin’ my job these days…but ps. I dig the pink socks, at least they made me smile today, my *least* fave day of the week 😉

  47. every weekend is a solo weekend for me. and i wouldn’t have it any other way! 😀

    I’m way jealous of your hot pink compression socks. mine are white and not at all cute.

  48. Ow, ow! Look at those legs! You’re awesome and so are your pink compression socks. Rock it, girl. 🙂 I haven’t had a solo weekend in quite a while, but it is nice just to piddle around the house alone sometimes.

  49. you have such long legs. so hot!

  50. Gorgeous gams, darling!! 😀

  51. Most gorgeous legs award!?! Love the pink compression socks!! You are too darn cute!

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