Oh To Dallas I Shall NOT Go…

Happy Friday! What a GREAT morning! I got in a great 11 miler that was nice and steady (about 8:35/pace) to work out some lactic acid from Body Pump yesterday. I think I can actually…wait for it…see some arm definition!! WOOT WOOT! I have string bean arms and strong legs, so I was hoping Body Pump would help and I think it is! It’s working!! 🙂 I am fueling up on coffee (of course…remember this is 1 of 3 things I will never give up) plus 2 egg muffins that I made yesterday and some gluten-free Udi’s toast. Breakfast of champions! Then I am heading to the beginning running group I lead to do a nice 2 miles around the lake!

Other things of note…Keith and I had homemade pizza last night!! YUM! YUM! We recently found a new gluten-free pizza dough that we love. It is by a company Gillians Foods and it is really good. You just thaw it out, roll it out and make your pizza!

Our pizza was topped with marinara sauce, Italian cheese blend, fresh spinach and ham. It was so good. I love how rustic it looks:

Keith is going to Dallas this weekend to see his parents and go the Manny Pacquiao/Joshus Clottey fight at the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium. I opted not to go spend the weekend with the in-laws (Bad, Kelly, Bad!) mainly because his parents have plans Friday and Saturday night and on Saturday Keith will be at that fight anyway. So I figured this was not the weekend where my presence was necessary.  It isn’t that I don’t like my in-laws. They truly are great people but I am just not as comfortable around them as I am around, say, my own family. Which is odd considering I have known Keith and hs family since I was born. But in an effort to respect everyone’s privacy, let’s just say this is a rocky relationship at best. Fault does not lie with any one person but rather it lies with ALL OF US, myself included.


Do you have a good relationship with your significant other’s family?

So this weekend should be pretty low key! Saturday afternoon I am going to my mom’s for pedicures and shopping! Keith’s birthday is coming up and we are going to have fun shopping for some birthday goodies!! Plus I am sure there will be dinner at a fun restaurant later that night with my mom and fabulous step-dad, Jim!

Oooh…another awesome deal. To get 25% off ANYTHING in my OpenSky Store simple type in coupon code 25good at checkout! Woot! Woot! Happy Friday!


43 Responses

  1. As much as it kills me, we don’t have a great relationship with my hubby’s family. My family is insanely close and spend a lot of time together. His can’t stand to be with each other unless its a holiday. Seems like we have something else in common!!

  2. Oh goodness, I can relate to this. I never put anything on my blog about it (because they read it sometimes!), but I’ve really struggled with my husband’s family in the past. They’re very religious, and my family is not, and that created a TON of difficulty when we were first dating. I’d like to say that I’m not still a little bitter, but the truth is, I am. They were not very welcoming when we first started dating, and unfortunately that has been very hard for me to let go of.

    Hope you have a great weekend with your fam, girl!

  3. My soon to be in-laws have always been very welcoming to me. But, I still wouldn’t want to go to there house and have Jason not be there!

  4. I don’t get along at all with my mother-in-law. She thinks of my husband as her little baby (even if he is 35) and she always knows what’s best for him. She has always ignored me and keeps thinking her son is single!!!! So I have no contact with her and if I ever see her I am very distant to her. With my father-in-law it’s a little easier (they are divorced) but I don’t keep in touch with him a lot either. Luckily we live far away and my hubby doesn’t talk to them a lot either. Still it’s not nice.

  5. I think that most of the time, women especially are much closer to their own families than their in-laws. I have never dated a man who was very close to his family. Probably a subconscious decision based on my experience with my own family.

    You’re awesome and I’m glad that you are not going to put yourself through something that would be uncomfortable for you!

  6. So interesting that you would bring this up today of all days… long story kinda, but I’ll keep it as short as possible… I introduced one of my girlfriends to Andrew’s mom b/c she is a dog groomer and keeps dogs in her home when there owners are out of town. Well my girlfriend travels a lot, so Andrew’s mom keeps her dog for her quite often. My friend’s mom died about 8 years ago, so she has developed a friendship/bond with Andrew’s mom over the past couple years. WELL, my friend just told me some interesting stuff that Andrew’s mom has been saying about me recently!! One thing is that she doesn’t understand why I have a problem with her staying friends with Andrew’s ex girlfriend… the other was that she couldn’t believe I picked such an expensive restaurant for us to have his 30th bday party at and why didn’t I keep people’s budgets in mind… I told Andrew all about it last night and his words exactly, “I had a feeling she felt that way, but that is inappropriate for her to be saying to YOUR friend. I’m not happy with her. At all.” So I’m thankful I have his support and I know it could be much, much worse. Overall, I think she’s lovely, she’s just different from MY mom. I think it’s hard not to compare families and when you’re not used to different ways of acting and reacting to situations, it’s hard, ya know…

  7. Thanks for the info on the gluten free pizza crust. I’ve been looking for one!

  8. Your pizza looks SO GOOD. And my bf’s family is Jewish and i’m super Irish Catholic, so I was terrified to meet them for the first time (which happened to be the first night of Hanukkah), I was so afraid they weren’t going to like me. Luckily everything went smoothly, but I don’t know if they would feel differently were we to get married.

  9. Sadly, I don’t have a close relationship with my in-laws. I wish I did. I really envy people who do.

  10. I have a good relationship with my boyfriends family, but they have a lot of INTERNAL family drama!! I just try to stay away from that 😉

    You also talk about a beginners running group, I am interested in started one here….how did you get involved in that?

    • Actually one of Keith’s clients who knows I am a runner asked me if I would be interested in doing some beginning running with her. Then from there it just kind of happened…and some of Keith’s other clients joined in and wa-lah group was born!

      It is a BEGINNERS group which is nice. We run anywhere from 2 to 4 miles at a 10/minute pace. I love it!!

  11. I love my inlaws!!

    Mmmm…that pizza looks tasty!

  12. You KNOW I love pizza haha! YUM to sauce, cheese and doughy bread. Interesting situation with the in-laws…how does Keith feel about it?

    • Unfortunately it is probably the hardest on Keith since he constantly feels like he is caught between his parents and his wife. But to Keith’s credit he does recognize that his parents can be….um….”difficult”.

  13. Delicious pizza.

    I have a good relationship with Seans parents, although, I definitely don’t feel 100 percent comfortable there but they really are very great to me!

  14. My boys parents live here in Phoenix, but my family is far away in Kansas. I get along with his family, but I wouldn’t say we were close!

  15. I was actually JUST thinking that I might make my own whole wheat pita pizza for lunch. My decision is made. YUM.

    And yes, I do have a really good relationship with my boyfriend’s fam. They live in London, so I don’t see them often, but we stay in touch through email and Facebook. Good ol’ Facebook! 🙂


  16. I am pretty lucky. I’ve got a great relationship with his family. His mom and I are very similar. I’m not 100% comfortable (as in I still feel like I have to on a bit), but still, it’s a good situation for us.

    I’d love to have a weekend alone, though. Have fun with that!

  17. That pizza looks great – where did you find the dough?

    I love my in laws – if I could choose family, I would choose them. I don’t have the same relationship with the in laws that I had with mine, but it’s really good, nevertheless. I am really grateful to have them, especially since both my folks have passed away. People close to me have difficult relationships with the inlaws and it can be really hard – I wish it was better for you.

  18. Yummy looking pizza! I’ll have to be on the lookout for that dough. I’m not gluten-intolerant, but I’m interested in different types of ingredients and foods. I’m taking a gluten-free baking class at Whole Foods tonight 🙂

    Happy Friday!!

  19. I have a great relationship with the Future in laws. Known them for 4 years and never had a rough patch. To them I am like the other daughter. They have 3 boys and one daughter (who is a tomboy). the other 2 boys, well they dont have great relationships with their baby’s mommas and so none of them are close and they just dont have a relationship with the in laws. and i can see how they actually make an effort and go out of their way to talk to me versus the other women…..

  20. hey CHICA!!! what a great and speeeedy RUN!!! COFFEE IS THE BEST FUEL! haha… 😉 the PIZZA looks delish! I NEED to try out this crust, it’s been too long since I’ve had ‘real’ pizza! 🙂 I hope you have a great friday gorgeous girlie!!! xoxo!

  21. My relationship is very good with my inlaws, but it’s not perfect. They are weloveyousomuchwearegoingtoberighthereforyoukind of people, and my family is not. They will never let go of their baby, which is fine, but annoying. Because of this, we spend more time with them than my family (which gets my mom’s panties in a wad). But he feels the same with my family, so Patrick and I just have a mutual 72 hour rule: if you want to hang w your family longer than that, cool, but I won’t be around!

  22. I get along OKAY with my in-laws… I can only be around them for a few days though!

  23. I can totally relate! Me+my inlaws=not so good. Atleast inmy opnion. They like me, but I’m not so thrilled bout them. That’s bad, I wish it was different, but its not. Oh well, life goes on.


  24. I get along with my husband’s family, but it’s in no way as easy or comfortable as my own family. And my husband gets along with my family as if he were born into it. (Disregard that weird thought.) I think my family is just more overly welcoming while his is nice and kind but not the same. Does that even make sense?

  25. I have an amazing relationship with my in-laws…they are like a second set of parents to me. I am very lucky! So sorry things are rocky on that front for you. I hope this weekend goes well.

    11 miles!! I wish my knee was capable of handling even 2-3. 🙂

  26. pizza looks incredible! nice toppings!

    I have a great relationship with my in-laws…i’m very lucky 😉

  27. I am really lucky that I love my husband’s family! It’s nice having a good relationship with them, because I have a very unfortunate relationship with my brother’s wife– she has made it pretty clear she doesn’t want a relationship with HER in-laws. 😦 I just try to look on the bright side, and am happy that I got at least one good sister-in-law from marrying my husband!

    That pizza looks awesome!! I want it! 😉

  28. I have a great relationship with my in-laws. We live in the same town that they do, so I’ve gotten to know them very well. That being said, I think one of the reasons it’s so good is that my husband is EXCELLENT at setting boundaries and his parents are never EVER pushy or overbearing.

    Now, if you asked this question to my husband, he would probably say that his relationship with my parents is…….not what he wishes it was…. My parents are not mean or rude, and they love my husband, but they are not what he was expecting. My dad is very reserved with his emotions and I think my husband was hoping that he would be welcomed with open arms and a “we are so glad you married our daughter.” sort of response from my dad, and he just isn’t that way…with anyone.

  29. I have a great relationship with my in-laws. I have always been close to them. Tony and I were so young when we got married that his parents took me on as one of his. Have fun this weekend! Sometimes it is nice to just have some time to yourself!

  30. i have a really great relationship with my in-laws, but it’s definitely hard sometimes! i mean, getting married and bringing 2 people together is hard, but throwing everyone into the mix is even harder. I probably would’ve gone…but that’s b/c i would have had a guilt trip if i didn’t! hope you have a great time this weekend!

  31. that pziza does look amazing and so rustic! I love the crunchy crust!! I have a boyfriend and LOVE his parents! its like being with my own 🙂

  32. Drooling over your pizza, and requesting that pizza dough at my grocery store! The pizza is lacking a critical component though – pineapple!!!

  33. My In Laws – It’s not so much that I don’t get along with them – I do! But I have absolutely nothing in common with them…to the point that I have NOTHING to say and feel uncomfortable. Avoidance is wonderful to keep the peace…

  34. […] by Kelly Thanks for all the supporting comments this morning about my in-laws! (Did you miss it? Go here) I love them dearly and although our relationship isn’t what it could be I hope that one day […]

  35. Not at all! I love Stephen’s siblings though.

    I hope Body Pump gives you definition, I have significantly increased my strength, but the definition is nowhere to be found!

  36. Hmm that’s such a tough situation. But I’m sure you’re all respectful of each other and wish that you could be closer. Sometimes it just doesn’t work- personalities don’t mesh as well. You are so kind and caring, I can’t really even imagine that you don’t get along perfectly with everyone you meet!
    I love your pizza pie! So rustic and delicious! I love ham on pizza

  37. Hmmm, lets just say Fred and I will be married for 9 yrs and I have never met any of his 4 brothers. I pissed them all off when I was pregnant, on complete/ total bed rest, and they ALL wanted to come from TX to AZ and stay with us and their children at our house. So imagine having a high risk pregnancy, on total bedrest and having 4 people and their kids ( they have ave. 3 each, not includ wives) rotating thru you house over the course of 2 weeks. I say they could come visit, but not stay with us, too much stress. Well, that was all it took. I pissed them all off for life I guess. Oh, well, they are in TX and we are here, far, far away…

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