Lace Up and Support the Kids!

Thanks for all the supporting comments this morning about my in-laws! (Did you miss it? Go here) I love them dearly and although our relationship isn’t what it could be I hope that one day it will be better. With that said, I know some effort has to be made on my part and not going to Dallas this weekend with Keith was not a step in improving that relationship. But it is what it is today and hopefully it won’t be like this forever! In any event, thanks for all the kind words!

Moving on…It is no surprise to anyone (well maybe my new readers) that I have a HUGE problem with childhood obesity. I don’t tend to go into it a lot because it can really light a fire under my arse! But if you are curious to see some of my opinions on the issue here are those posts:

With that said, when I was registering for the ING New York City Marathon there was a question at the end asking if I would like to donate money to ING RUN FOR SOMETHING BETTER Charity. The ING RUN FOR SOMETHING BETTER program helps fund running and physical fitness education programs in schools. The idea being that the program offers children a healthy start to life and fosters their desire to exercise before obesity begins. Well this DEFINITELY sounded like my kind of program! So I donated the asking $20 and received in the mail a pair of bright orange shoe laces! When you make a donation of $10 or more, you will receive a pair of orange laces. The orange laces are a token of ING’s appreciation, and a symbol of support for youth running and fitness! Check them out! (I am definitely putting them in my shoes ASAP and if anyone asks about them I will definitely give them all the information they need!)

To learn more visit: and maybe make your own donation!!

Do you have a charity that you believe in?

Lastly, have you ever ordered anything from Iherb? If not…use this is coupon code (for first time customers only) to save $5 on your purchase! UNE543!! I love saving money!! 🙂 Want to save more…to get 25% off ANYTHING in my OpenSky Store simple type in coupon code 25good at checkout! PEACE OUT!



25 Responses

  1. Hi…first time on your wonderful space and I feel the same way about a Healthful lifestyle…have two kids and feel the same way about childhood obesity!

  2. Oooh thanks for the coupon codes! I donate to the american cancer society (lots of cancer in my family) as well as Rosie’s place (which is a homeless shelter for women in boston). Thanks for the info!

  3. I have those same orange laces!! I got them when I ran in the ING 1/2 marathon in Atlanta a couple years ago. I wore them with pride! 🙂

  4. Oh that’s a great charity to donate towards! I am completely with you on that issue- although it does seem to be a hot topic at that!

    I also am a big fan of donating towards breast cancer research and other cancer-related charities (i’ve had quite a few instances of cancer pop up within my family and family of friends).

  5. I am an advocate for the March Of Dimes!

  6. Love the laces! I’m not as much of a specific charity person as I was in college (hard core organ donation volunteer work) but Patrick and I strictly give donations in your name as Christmas gifts. Easy to do through out the year for budgeting, makes people feel good, and less crap to pile up!

  7. I am really curious to see that new Jamie Oliver show coming out that talks about childhood obesity.

  8. i’m sorry that you’re not really comfortable around keith’s family, but i really do think that everything can change with time and effort! awesome charity!

  9. Man, I hear ya on the childhood obesity thing! It’s so sad to me when I see an obviously obese child eating junk galore. People think kids can eat whatever they want and be healthy, but I just don’t get it. Even if you want to give them “junk”, you can at the VERY least, make it at home and use better ingredients. Sorry, I’m ranting! Where are you in Texas? My parents are near Dallas and I’m in Central Tx. Love your blog! I found you on Shaka’s page. 🙂

  10. I’m here to offer belated support on dealing with family issues. I might be the only person I know who has a very normal set of in-laws, but I can relate to family turmoil in general. There have been times where I’ve simply had to value my own mental health enough to get some distance, refocus and recenter, and THEN I can go back and join the family dynamic. You can do it, and I hope everything works out OK.

    Had great parents in the eating department, so I am one of those “it starts at home” people. But I’m also very libertarian, so I don’t often jump into policy debates. 😉

    Haha, we’re bag twins now.

  11. How wonderful that you’re running for charity! Go you!

  12. Childhood obesity is something I feel strongly about also. One day I would like to switch careers and do something to help prevent it!

  13. You know I feel the same way about this issue… and I will stop there, because I don’t want to leave a page long comment. But, I have to say that I just found out that the school district that I work in is cutting Physical Education classes next year, and it is happening everywhere. Aside from the fact that my brother is a high school phy ed teacher, I just can’t stand to see this happening. OK, well, there I went.

    Also another reason I support and volunteer every season for the Girls On the Run program! Be a running buddy people!!!

  14. I think it’s great that you have something you’re passionate about. One thing I’m passionate about is dog rescue groups, especially breed specific rescues.

  15. glad you got the iherb and the open sky going!
    you’ll have to fill me in on the open sky..ive thought about it but can’t seem to figure out if it would be worth my while, so to speak but hey, im all ears girl! keep me posted on how things go with that!

  16. I have a few charities that are near and dear to me- affordable housing (I biked across the country twice to raise money for this cause) and organ donation (a good friend of mine has had two heart transplants) are the biggies!

  17. That is a wonderful cause, and definitely something that peaks my interest. I go into an elementary school once a week, and can’t help but notice some of the kids who will have problems in the future. And the school tries, but could definitely be doing more!

    Personally, no charities specifically, but I do enjoy supporting my friends in their charitable endeavors.

  18. I used to coach middle school, and I suggested this to the school, but they weren’t interested… Blah!!

    I’m not at that school anymore 🙂

  19. You’re too cute. “I love saving money”

    Childhood obesity kills me too! I write many of my grad school papers about it.

  20. Great cause that I’ll be checking out. I’ve been looking at getting involved with a program like Girls On The Run or something similar. I’m also interested in working with farm-school organizations to improve nutrition in school lunches. As a teacher, these causes are very dear to me!

  21. Childhood obesity is a HUGE issue. One that isn’t being taken into consideration nearly as much as it should.
    That charity looks awesome. There isn’t a specific charity that I really support; however, that one looks great!

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