Who Wants a Product Review?!

I have some product reviews for you guys! Yay!  

1. Black Cherry Zero-Calorie Steaz: These are actually organic sparking green teas! It was AWESOME!!!! I loved ever single sip! Obviously:  

Black Cherry Steaz


2.  Sunflower Seed Butter (thanks Katie!!) This was GREAT! Spoon + jar = happy belly! NO SHAME!  



3. Quinoa Flakes: These are organic, gluten-free and very good. I used it in place of my oatmeal but the recipes are endless after doing some simple google searches…yum…can’t wait!!  


4. Cluckphrey Patties by Food For Life: these were great and tasty! Plus I like their slogan: “The Superheroes of the Vegan World!” Haha! This is the same company that produces the Ezekiel line!  

Cluckphrey Patties

5. Pacific Hazelnut Milk: I love the almond milk by this company so Keith and I tried the hazelnut milk and it was great! It comes in original and chocolate..both are deeelish!  

Pacific Hazelnut Milk

 6. Bodycology Antibacterial Hand Soap: I know this isn’t food but this is awesome! It smells so good (I bought the brown sugar vanilla) and it has those fun ‘beads’ in there so it feels good as you wash your hands.  

Bodycology Hand Soap

Do you have any new product finds?   


29 Responses

  1. Thanks for the reviews. I always like to hear what other people have to say about products.

    • Me too…I am such a sucker for product reviews. I love seeing what other people like and enjoy! I am always 10 times more likely to buy a product when I see a real-life reccomendation!

  2. Every morning my oatmeal is 1/2 steel cut oats and 1/2 oat bran. I wonder if 1/2 steel cuts and 1/2 quinoa would work as well

  3. I agree! I love product reviews. And the quinoa pasta from the same company as the flakes is AMAZING!

  4. Hazlenut milk? YUM!!

  5. What’s in the cluckfrey patties? I always am a little hesitant to buy fake meat products. Those quinoa flakes look good, I’ll have to give those a try. I love learning about new foods, I have introduced SO many things to my diet through food blogs. thanks for sharing!

  6. That Steaz drink sounds great.

    The brown sugar vanilla scent is so great. I love it for candles, though it always makes me want to eat cake.

  7. Nice products Kelly. I splurge too much on new things….oops!

  8. I have been looking all over for that Steaz! I am saving my last Black Cherry Zevia for some special occasion. And, I just re-stocked my Sunbutter supply too. That jar lasts about a week in my house!

  9. How funny that you would mention those cluckphrey patties?!!! I just tried them for the first time this week! I microwaved them since I was eating them at work, so I was disappointed in them. I think I need to eat them the recommended way by baking them in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I like them, just think they’re meant to be baked, not microwaved.

    And I LOVE sunbutter sooooooooo much!!

    Thanks for the review on Steaz!! I’ve never heard of this!! But you know how I am with green tea… I’ll definitely have to try this out!! 🙂

  10. Yay for new products–quinoa flakes seem really interesting!

  11. Ahhhh! I’ve been dying to try hazelnut milk!! Please post recipes with the quinoa flakes 🙂

  12. White chocolate wonderful, Mary’s Crackers, and kombucha!

    Hazelnut milk sounds goooooood.

  13. I have never tried any of those products!

  14. thanks for all of these reviews GIRL! hazelnut milk? UMM YUM!

  15. They all look wonderful! I’ve been wanting to look into all-natural soaps, so that was good to see!

  16. Hazelnut milk sounds yummy! It might be a nice change from my almond milk that I love so much. I have been wondering about sunbutter. Sounds like I need to put that on the weekend’s grocery list, too.

  17. Oh, just tried the Pumpkorn pumpkin seeds in chocolate and honey flax. Really yummy! Also, the Silver Palate thick and rough oatmeal is a recent find. It cooks in less time than steel cut, but has a better texture than regular oats. Those are my most recent kitchen additions.

  18. I’ve been wanting to try the Cluckphrey patties for a while now! Glad to know they’re delish! And I would totally love the brown sugar vanilla hand soap. I love warm comforting smells!

  19. Yum I want to try that hazelnut milk asap!

  20. Sunbutter is good and i love the TJs brand of sunflower seed butter, it’s sweeter and half the price of the SB.

    And the hazelmilk, nice! I used the lowfat vanilla almond milk by pacific, also from tj’s, good info on the HM.

    Bodyecology in vanilla…i have that stuff as a bodywash and a body spray, and i like it!

    Fave new product find is coconut oil SPRAY that ive posted bout before. Spectrum brand, available at WFs or health food stores.

  21. Oh man I wish I had read this review before I went grocery shopping! I was hemming and hawing over quinoa flakes and now I wish I would have picked them up

  22. Thanks for the reviews! I had been wanting to try the sunflower seed butter for quite a while but I was always a bit hesitant. I am definitely getting it now 🙂

  23. I loveee product reviews. They always inspire me to try new things.

  24. OHHH. Hazelnut milk, I never new that existed. I need to try that!!

  25. The quinoa pasta, specifically the macaroni, is OUTSTANDING! I love love mac and cheese, but can’t do the regular white pasta. I love this instead.

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