Thursday Means Wednesday is OVAH!

Welcome Thursday! I made it through the dreaded Wednesday although I did manage to do the three chores I HATE most in this world yesterday. I mopped our entire downstairs, I washed and changed our sheets, and I unloaded, the overly stuffed can’t fit one more spoon in here, dishwasher. For someone who isn’t the biggest Wednesday fan I sure did manage to cram all my dislikes into it! What was I thinking?! No…in all honestly yesterday was a great day and now that I have a clean bed AND a clean floor it was more than worth it!:)

This morning I have clocked in another 10 miler but I just wanted to run and not think so I didn’t even time myself. Just went out and ran my 10 mile route. Sometimes I need this…just going out to run and not thinking about time or pace. It reminds me how much I love to run, why I do it, and how much my body likes it!:) 

Do you ever just run and not worry about time or pace?  

I am drinking coffee right now and enjoying my morning before heading to Body Pump in a few hours. For breakfast I scrambled 2 egg whites and 1 egg with a little salsa and some almond cheese. Pair that up with a toasted cranbran vitatop and I am smiling pretty big right now!:) I am still sore from Body Pump on Tuesday (um…yes apparently I do have triceps) so today should be interesting! ha! 

Speaking of Body Pump…check out this advertisement I saw for it. I like the slogan…it’s catchy but what cracked me up was that we aren’t looking at her legs…um hello boobs!! 


Does anyone else think the slogan doesn’t go with the picture? 

Dinner last night was delicious! I seared some Ahi tuna steaks on the George Foreman grill that I had marinated in a teriyaki sauce for about 3 hours prior. I paired it with some steamed green beans and both Keith and I were happy campers. 

Happy Dinner!

Keith and I like our Ahi tuna differently. I like mine one step up from raw and Keith wants his cooked all the way through. What about you? 

How do you like your Ahi?


47 Responses

  1. I try never to worry about time or pace, unless I have to get to class. I’m much more in to distance

  2. Hahaha the bodypump and all les mills posters are so funny! We have them hanging everywhere in our gym – I agree that one doesn’t really fit!!

  3. Holy boobs! I’m so signing up if my ladies will start looking like that, too!

    I’ve been told I’ve got perfect “running boobs”. Aka- teeny tinys! Lame…

  4. That is an odd picture and slogan??

    I need a good cardio but i’m sick 😦 I never go for time. I’m not very fast. Sometimes i’ll try to do 3 miles in under 30 but not often 😉 I’m more of an interval trainer.

    I like my ahi 1 step up from raw too.

  5. Too funny about that ad. Totally agree with you on the lost focus! Unless I have a race that I’m going to do, I pretty much always run just to run. I try not to get OCD about pace or even distance. If I think too much about it, then it’s even more painful. I find that I end up going longer and sometimes even faster when I don’t think about it. My husband actually has to pace me slower quite often. I’m a sprinter not distance runner! LOL

  6. I’ve been doing that all week down here in Louisiana because I accidentally left my Garmin at home :-)…I admit, it’s been a nice relaxing change of pace!

  7. I think if that woman were a real person, she’d fall over because of her boobs.

  8. That’s the dumbest poster I’ve seen. Aside from the fact that there are no great legs in the photo, it’s so photoshopped it almost looks like a cartoon or video game person. Or, wait, does Body Pump grow your boobs too?

  9. Yeaaaah, you would think they’d wanna show off some killer stems… oh advertising. Although if BP makes my boobs look like that… hmm.

  10. I usually run without worrying about time, but I think I might start timing myself so I know where I’m at and can set goals to work towards. And yeah, that poster is ridiculous. I know that sex sells, but COME. ON.

  11. That body pump poster is RIDICULOUS! Haha. I like my ahi one step from raw too…yum 😉

  12. hahaha that advertisement is so funny! It totally doesnt go together at all!
    When I go for runs i dont worry about time, I just go and do it. I plan out where I’m going to run and figure out the distance and that is all. If I ran more regularly I would definitely track time too, just so I could track my improvement. Good job on getting those chores done, now you don’t have to worry about it and can have a GREAT Thursday!!

  13. I think my husband and I are different on the doneness of all foods! I like mine a little under cooked and he likes his a little over cooked! Looks like you got a lot done yesterday! Good for you kicking Wednesday in the butt. As for the picture…um no.

  14. hahaha that’s hilarious about the bodypump add. i’m sure she has great legs too, but all i see are tatas! 🙂

    i usually run w/o caring about my time or pace. i’m not competitive & not a very talented runner so i think this helps me keep a laid-back approach to running.

  15. I LOVE Ahi…but I’m like you, one step up from raw is the way to eat it!!

    – Beth @

  16. I can’t run without timing it in some way shape or form. I think it’s the competitive spirit in me. The only time I ran without a timer was when I went for a quick jaunt to test running outside in cold weather just before the outdoor 5K race I did earlier this year.

    P.S. Thanks for posting that Body Pump picture. Love it!

  17. Sometimes I have to leave the watch at home and just run for the sake of running! I still like to have some idea of distance, but I can pretty easily get wrapped up in my pace

  18. I have yet to do a run where I am not worried about pace.

    and yes the slogan does not match the picture. shouldnt there be some legs there?

  19. LOL on the advertisment… I am surprised they didn’t take a close up of her butt.

  20. I don’t like ahi in any way! haha! And yes, where’s her legs? The slogan mentions nothing about boobs!

    As far as running, since Im new, I just wanna run and not worry about time!

  21. OMG, the first time my husband made me Ahi Tuna I was like “it isn’t cooked all the way through!” He said “trust me!” But I made him put it back so I couldn’t see pink!

    10 years later – I love it just seared on the outside and pink in the middle – you’ve reminded me that I haven’t made that in a while!

  22. That add is hilarious. I hate mopping too. I just bought a hoover floor mate, it makes the job easier. Have a great day!

  23. I stopped timing my runs a long time ago. I don’t race anymore… so I love how great it feels to just run 🙂

  24. I’ve never had Ahi!! Is it tuna? …I love fish though! I actually picked up some Mahi Mahi the other day…?! Any good? It’s packaged, but still seems just as good as fresh stuff!

  25. You can’t even see her legs in the ad!

    I’m like you, I like my ahi one step up from raw.

  26. You know, even though she is clearly in the middle of a grueling squat track, you are right…why not show her legs? I guess because no one looks that cute during a squat track–or maybe that’s just me!

  27. Haha, that advertisement soooo does NOT go with the pic! That cracks me up! And I like my ahi tuna medium rare, mmmm… 🙂

  28. I rarely time my pace, but I always pay attention to the overall time.

    I lived in Hawaii for a year and the Ahi there was out of this world. I camped on a beach one night and there was a local out fishing who caught a little guy and cooked it over the fire on the beach. Until that point I had been a vegetarian….my first taste of meat in 5 years was freshly caught, just barely cooked ahi tuna. I’m drooling just remembering it!

    • Keith and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon for 10 days and I had fresh seared Ahi for dinner every single night! I love it and did not tire of it at all! YUM!

  29. thanks for stopping by! you are a doll!

  30. Ugh those are my least favorite chores too! What’s bad is I put it off until everything is piled up and then it’s 10x worse to do! That body pump add is hilarious! I’m sorry but if she did a clean and press I don’t think they’d stay in! Haha… And seriously it’s an add about legs.

  31. Ahaha, what a funny slogan to go with that pic. Also, I NEVER worry about my pace unless I’m training for something, which I haven’t done for a while…I just like to run until my body says stop. 🙂 Otherwise it feels like a chore.

  32. Ahi should never be cooked all the way through! Tell Keith he is committing treason! 😉

    I leave my watch off most runs, it makes it more exciting when I do well and am timing.

    And that body pump poster should be talking about shoulders or arms or chest. Though to their credit I assume she’s doing some sort of squat with that bar on her back…

  33. LOL…that REALLY does not match the picture at all! weirddd

  34. YUM love ahi tuna, rare! its so good rare in teh middle and well done right on teh outside, maybe with some sesame spices on it! MMM good!!!

    yummy breakfast, I haven;t tried the cran bran vita’s yet but I have a few more in m y freezer and i think thats one of them!

    I run for pure enjoyment 🙂 dont really worry about my time or pace!

  35. “does anyone else think the slogan doesn’t go with the picture” …. lol! the slogan must be for the women and the picture for the men. so funny.

  36. Kelly! What a great site! You are inspiring me to run another marathon. I love long lazy runs and never worry about time or pace…. maybe I ought to start. Oh, and I’m going to start Body Pump. Yes, for the boobs!!!!!
    Its good to see that you are doing so well. Love you!

  37. hahaha the slogan totally doesnt go with the picture. I see boobs and arms. No legs.

  38. I’m surprised Les Mills would use that picture.

    I used to run and not look at my pace…until I got a Garmin. Now it’s impossible not to. Since I’ve started, I don’t think I could go back.

  39. Mmm I love ahi tuna! And I prefer mine to be cooked like yours- fairly rare. Delicious and spring-y dinner!

  40. Um, I also hate that Les Mills picture. It’s not BoobPump…

  41. I wish it were boobpump…i kinda need that. 🙂

    I also wish I did more running without worrying about time or pace, but I’m just not good at that at all. I would say maybe once a month I will run sans watch/garmin, but, I stress out the whole time worrying that i’m going really slow…

  42. Wow. That ad is ridiculous in so many ways.

    I love Ahi tuna! I would eat it all the time if I could. I like it incredibly rare, just crusted with seasoning and seared quickly. YUM. I actually ate some at Outback on Wednesday and it was fabulous.

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