Wednesday Love

Good morning! Show me some Wednesday love would you?! I am in a fantastic mood because I just finished a great 10 mile tempo run. I kept an average of about 8:20 pace and then the last mile I clocked in at 8:05.Woot Woot! Love it. I was sore from Body Pump yesterday and the hubs graciously gave me a shoulder run last night. Okay 1, 2, 3….AAAHHHHH! I tend to have bad posture. I usually hunch my shoulders and when I get tired on my runs I always find my shoulders creeping up. I am really trying hard to work on that although it was quite evident that I haven’t done a good job as Keith was rolling out knots the size of golf balls last night. I am not lying! 😦

Dinner last night was good. I had orange ruffy (my favorite fish in the WORLD) with some grilled onions over fresh spinach! Side that up with some acorn squash and I had a very happy tummy! 🙂

Dinner is served!

So the other day, the FABULOUS PEN posted a very interesting question on her blog. She is training for an Ironman (girl is AMAZING) and her coach asked her what three things she would not give up for Ironman training. I thought that was a GREAT question and it made me think. What three things would I not give up for my NYC marathon training?

  1. COFFEE  (yes I have a true addiction)
  2. Lazy Sundays (I relish my one day off and don’t ever want to lose that!!)
  3. Important time with Keith

So what three things would you NOT give up for training?


43 Responses

  1. Hmmm… cheese, chocolate, and bacon…darnit, mine are all food! LOL! 🙂

  2. Good for you for not giving up the most important things like the lazy Sunday and time with Keith! That’s soooo important. For me, I’d have to say that I could not give up Pinot Noir, lazy Saturday’s with my hubby, or pizza!

  3. Sounds like a great start to a great day!! I wouldn’t give up…ice cream, wine, or cheese 🙂

  4. This is a difficult one! I wouldn’t give up my sleep. And what else? My family and health. I guess 🙂

  5. Gonna go with the three I posted yesterday
    1 wine
    2 weekend visits with the bf
    3 time to socialize on weekends

  6. Toughie!

    1. Donuts
    2. Walks with my dog

    Just some things!

  7. 1. Coffee…nobody that has to be around me wants me to give it up either 🙂
    2. nightly glass of red wine
    3. Sundays with J…the one day we both have off

  8. 1. ice cream
    2. quality time w/ family & friends
    3. pasta

  9. 1. Caffeine 2. Time with my fella 3. My day off every week! My body would definitely rebel without it!

  10. Dessert, sleep, and my knees. So, yeah, not looking likely for me!

  11. 1. carbs
    2. chocolate
    3. sleep

  12. quality time with the BF, 7-8 hrs of sleep, and ICE CREAM!

  13. sleep, carbs, and sugar free gum. not sure why anyone would want me to give up the last one, but i’ve gotta be on the safe side lol. happy wednesday to ya!

  14. 1. Family dinner time at the table
    2. My daughter’s gymnastics class
    3. Lost

  15. That acorn squash looks yum!

    1. coffee – I need it, I love it, it compliments my breakfast so well!
    2. dessert – sweet things are necessary for me, whether its healthy sweet or junk sweet, my mind would be so preoccupied with chocolate if I didn’t get my fix!
    3. time with family – I would go crazy without that 🙂

    Great question!!

  16. sleep

  17. Awesome run! and shoulder rub…jealous!

    I wouldn’t give up wine, lazy time in front of the TV, and my dog. Of course I wouldn’t have to give up my boyfriend because every event I’ve trained for, he’s trained too!

  18. I wouldn’t give up coffee either! Or sleep :).

    – Beth @

  19. I DEF could not give up coffee and just having play time off! Marathons and more high level races are just not my thing, because I like to workout for fun and I think doing those would take away that passion for me. I wouldn’t ever want to feel pressured to workout all the time!

  20. 1. WINE
    2. Coffee
    3. Cheese

    I know cheese is kind of random, the actress from My Big Fat Greek Wedding lost a bunch of weight, and said she did it by breaking up with cheese. I was horrified. I would NEVER break up with cheese.

  21. 1. Ice cream
    2. Coffee
    3. Time with my bf

    In that order 😉

  22. Wonderful run!!

    I wouldn’t give up:
    1. Time with my husband
    2. Coffee
    3. Chocolate (I gave it up for lent and that’s enough!)

  23. Coffee, chocolate, and time flexibility. I am so lucky to have such a felixible schedule (day to day flexibility and during the day flexibility) that I would never want to compromise!

  24. Mine are very similar to yours.

    Time with my family
    and a Rest day

    in no particular order 🙂

  25. omg yes i wouldn’t give up coffee either!! or rest. Rest is so important. & that meal looks deliciou stoo 🙂


  26. I love this! Doesn’t apply to me..but,

    1)ANY type of food
    3)Trashy TV watching :0…;)

    And, please, oh where can I get this job flexibility too?!!

  27. 1. Time with my boyfriend/family
    2. Ice cream!
    3. Rest. Which I feel is important for training, so it kind of goes hand in hand.

  28. I don’t know if I can pick three specific things, but I would not give up my health or happiness…which I think encompasses….all the important things!

  29. 1. Time with my eleanor. (sadly, over my bf.)
    2. veggie and hummus
    3. Going away on the weekends.

    Every day you amaze me with your ongoing will to workout. What time do you get up in the morning?

    • It just depends on my schedule…but usually between 4:30 and 5:30am. Keith wakes up at 4:30 every morning to go to the gym so I am up by default. But since we have been doing this for almost 4 years I am used to it! 🙂

  30. Great question!

    1.Time with my family.


    3. and big weekend breakfasts

  31. I answered this on her blog too.

    1. Socializing with friends
    2. Quality Sleep
    3…I forgot the third one that I said!

  32. Haha, my third one was blogging.

  33. 1.time with my fiance
    2. beer
    3. rest day!

  34. Thanks for the shout out, you are too sweet!!! You know mine…but i’m rethinking demanding 1 social evening a month. I think I’d rather have 8-10 hours of sleep a night instead. I hear I’ll need 10 hours of sleep on avg to handle all the training. Eeeeek.

  35. mmm amazing dinner!! I love acorn squash- I eat the whole dang thing- skin and all. I can’t believe I’ve never had orange roughy though! I’ll have to get some!
    My three things would be: peanut butter, oats, and blog reading (haha). No, I think chocolate should be on there too though!
    Have a great Thursday, my friend!!

  36. 1- blogging
    2- dessert!
    3-body attack!!

  37. i can think of one for sure & that is chocolate! and probably yoga, too.

  38. ~ nightly piece of dark chocolate
    ~ oatmeal
    ~ time for family

  39. Haha! This is a great post!

    I love coffee…..oh my goodness how many times have I tried to give it up and always go back. Why do we love it so much? LOL!

    And I agree quality time with your man is very important and I would not give it up either!


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