It’s a TWOsday!

Good morning! This annoying morning blogger is back in action! haha!I just finished a fabulous 10 mile run and I have those post workout endorphins flowing! Woot! I am fueling up before heading to Body Pump. I gotta PUMP ME UP! (ha…wow I am even annoying to myself this morning! :)) I am not going to lie either…I was really craving oatmeal again this morning (and since I did not take myself to the store yesterday we are still out) so I went o Starbucks again (2 days in a row people!)  to shell out another $2.50 for their perfect oatmeal. Oh it is just so good! Okay, Kelly…this CAN NOT become a habit! Someone cut me off! 🙂

Dinner last night was salmon, sweet potatoes and green beans! It was really good. Although I am not a salmon lovah it was, again, all we had (does someone see a grocery store visit in my future today?) so I made do!

Dinner of Champions!

So let’s go back to something I mentioned earlier…post exercise endorphins. Don’t you love them! Better than any drug (not that I have a vast experience in that department) but it sounds right! So what are they? The word “endorphin” is a combination of “endo” and “morphine” — meaning endogenously produced morphine, or internally produced painkiller. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain reliever. It may be that the brain interprets exercise as a form of “pain” or it may be that the rise in fatty acids caused by long, gentle exercise acidifies the blood, which triggers the release of endorphins. In any case, you can get from exercise a natural high, similar to a drug high but with none of the bad side effects. People who do long, continuous, gentle exercise enjoy the most effective stress therapy known to man. So, to get your natural high, studies show that 20 to 30 minutes of exercise at 60 to 80 percent maximum seems to produce the best results, but longer duration and lower intensity will also work. The only thing that doesn’t work is short, high-intensity workouts.

What about you, does your exercise make you high?


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  1. Exercise makes me feel awesome! I have never experienced the ‘high,’ but I feel so much more confident and better about myself when I exercise!

  2. Maybe a little, but chocolate? Waaaay better. 😉

  3. I love the feeling after a good work out! I usually end up leaving the gym with waaaay more energy than what I had walking in!

    And I’m curious about the Starbuck’s oatmeal! But I like to stay away from there- I’m seriously not a huge fan of their regular coffee!

    • I don’t like their coffee either…to strong. But the oatmeal is GOOD!

      • I agree, their coffee is yucky! And they don’t have oatmeal at the Starbucks around here, boo. I have to say I’d much rather get it at starbucks then at McDonalds! (I just heard yesterday they are trying out oats at Mickey D’s….ewwww)

  4. Not sure I get exactly “high” like I’ve never experienced the runner’s high, but I almost always feel so much more energized after a workout (unless I’m starting to border on overtraining_.

  5. I do love the way exercise makes me feel, but I never get the same rush from other exercises as I do from running. There’s just this euphoric feeling after a tough run that can’t be beat!

  6. Running is the one exercise that really gave me that “high” feeling, it’s amazing! I wish I could bottle it up! LOL! 🙂

  7. i’m jealous you’ve already gotten in your 10mi run! woohoo endorphins 🙂 lovely dinner, too!

  8. I definitely feel happier and more awake when i get my run in!

  9. I’m usually much peppier after a nice workout so that could be it!!

  10. Exercise makes me happy and less stressed, for sure…I don’t know about “high” though, lol 🙂

  11. I love the high I get from a great workout…it makes those minutes after I’m finished the best minutes of my day!

  12. I love the way I feel after a good workout. I know if I can push through the feelings of not wanting to do it I will feel 1000 times better after.

  13. I’ve totally noticed that “high” after 30 or so minutes of running! I love it!! 😀

  14. I totally get a rush from a good workout. That feeling makes the rest of the day zip by.

  15. I get the BEST highs from exercise. It’s better than anything else – well…as far as I know. And, I’m like you…haven’t had much experience with other forms of “highs”. Last night, I got a high on the stair machine. That’s never happened before. Usually, I just get them when I’m running. Have you ever gotten one on the stairs? I’m waiting for the high while I’m swimming…

  16. I feel great after yoga and running, they both give me that awesome high!

  17. Starbucks doesn’t make the best latte I’ve ever had, but at least they are consistent and I always know what I am going to get (I have the same feelings about Subway)

  18. Love salmon. But wheres the sweet tater?! 😉
    Not going to lie…I buy the pre-cubed or sliced sweet potatoes in the bag often – I know – awful – but hey, they’re still potatoes, taste good, and healthy…I did buy a whole one the other day to bake myself …baby steps haha 🙂

    • The sweet potato was in a bowl…usually I take it out of the jacket and mash it up and then Keith and I just share. He was mashing it up for us when I snapped the picture. Haha…I didn’t even think about that.

  19. My exercise does make me high sometimes. Running gives me a rush and tae-bo too.

  20. I always say that exercise is the best therapy!! It can do wonders!!!

  21. Well, you could go for round three with the oatmeal tomorrow and hit up Jamba Juice for their $1 steel cut yumminess! If there’s one near you that is. I thought they had stopped doing the promo, but they extended it.

    Running is the best feel-good workout for me…especially if I have PUSHED myself. It’s the most challenging exercise, but coincidentally the most enjoyable, too.

  22. lol this reminds me of Legally Blonde and my favorite line from a movie EVER (and yes, I quote it ALL the time)
    “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”

    I find I am 100 times nicer to my boyfriend when I exercise. Running makes the biggest difference. But when I take a day off, we almost always fight. lol poor guy, I dont know WHAT how he managed for that entire year where I just sat on my ass all day.

  23. There’s such thing as Exercise therapy when the therapist actually works out with the client during their session. I would love to incorporate that into my practice some day. Swiss and Pb? Really?

  24. Best. Feeling. Ever. I love it.

    And I love Body Pump and miss it soo much. I used to go one or twice a week in my hometown, but when I moved to NYC I was devastated to learn there is no Body Pump AT ALL!!

  25. it definately does. Raymond calls me a workout junkie.. lol I just get this amazing I can do anything feeling after a good sweat session 🙂

  26. Am I the only one to note that those are not green beans, but asparagus? Are you trying to pull a fast one on us?

    I defininitely feel the endorphins from exercise. In fact, that is 80% of the reason I do it so much!

  27. Yum, dinner looks fabulous last night!!! Mmm mmm! I love the “me” time of exercise — I really feel like that’s what reguvinates me. So much of my day is committed to everyone other than me, that it feels great to take that part of each day to do something so rewarding for me!

  28. I understand the need for oatmeal in the morning, so I can’t say stop to the madness of the Starbucks oatmeal, cause ya gotta do what ya gotta do!!! I totally get the high from working out! I do intervals so I think the mix of high and low really gives it to me! It just makes me feel great!

  29. I love that post work out feeling! I tried to give up working out for a while and stick to walking but I missed that “high” you speak of way too much!!

    – Beth @

  30. I thought about getting the Perfect Oatmeal when I went to starbucks at the airport! Looks like maybe I need to try it soon 🙂 I’m sure we’ll probably stop at starbucks at the airport again tomorrow, so I think I may just buy one!

    I’m not sure if it makes me high exactly; however, it does put me in a very good mood! (most of the time at least!)

  31. I always feel better after working out!! 🙂 I’ve cried tears of joy many times after crossing finish lines!! I totally get a high!! 🙂

  32. Interestingly, I hate short, intense exercise, but it always works the best at giving me that high. Long runs never make me feel good. I always feel tired and worn out after I do them. In general, I think I experience an exercise high every so often. Maybe I’m just so used to exercise that the endorphins don’t effect me as much.

  33. so funny, we’re doing a unit on endorphins right now in my brain, mind, and behavior class! they’re peptide neurotransmitters…that’s basically all i remember lol

  34. I always feel my best after a good workout. I’m never sure if its the endorphins, sense of accomplishment, or just relishing my “alone time” after a busy day….whatever it is, it works for me!

  35. oh i def feel good after i exercise!! for many reasons! i LOVE the way it feels!

  36. Ahhh exercise does make me feel a world better. It’s the main reason I keep doing it. Thanks for the info!
    And excellent job on your 10 miler. You are one incredible runner!!

  37. Exercise makes me very happy, although this is kind of embarrassing — I get an even bigger high from work/school-type accomplishments. And by that, I mean an actual physical rush. Eeeks.

  38. I know that high! It’s the best drug ever! For me exercise makes me feel good about everything and during tuff times in life it helps me too. The real wisdom of life is to MOVE!

  39. Exercise most definitely makes me “high”! Love love love it.

    Wow, a 10-mile run + Body Pump!

    Do you work? How do you have so much time for exercise?

    • Yes…I am a nutriton manager and I work out of a gym and also on my own. But I get to make my own schedule (which I LOVE) so I can dictate what I have time for! Love it! 🙂

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