Snore Over!

Me and Keith

Do you snore? Would you even know if you did? I am not a snorer but there have been times when I am really tired that Keith says I have snored. But like a good husband he reassures me that it is cute. (What a good man) Now Keith on the other hand is a snorer when he is really tired too. But there aint nothin cute about it! I am talking loud, all out, full-blown, is there a pig in the bedroom snoring! Itis so bad! Thankfully, like I said, it only happens when he is really tired but we have tried EVERYTHING…breath right strips, sleeping on his side, mouth guards…etc. So now I am turning to you…HELP!

Does anyone have any good snoring remedies?!

Also, if you missed it…go back to my morning post and tell me what your opinion is on the different standards for men and women when it comes to sports!


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  1. Um, my hubby snores TERRIBLY. Seriously, it keeps me up at night. Breathright strips sometimes work, but not always.

  2. I wish I did! I just found out a minute ago that my husband left for the guest bedroom last night! I’m a horrible snorer!

  3. Oh, wish I could help with the snoring…I talk in my sleep.

  4. Thankfully i’m the snorer. Mike has never snored in the 10 years we’ve been married. Mike has video of me snoring so I could hear it LOL!

  5. i don’t snore, but i kick!

  6. I’m so thankful that neither Andrew nor I snore, BUT Andrew says I elbow him all night long and complains that I take up too much room! 😉

  7. Oh yeah, but Andrew DOES talk in his sleep a lot, haha! I love talking back to his gibberish, so funny!!

  8. Your fashion cant be any worse than mine sister! No snoring from myself or the boyfriend, but my bulldog makes up for both of us. Ridiculous. And worst of all, we still allow her to sleep with us. Suckers for parents.

  9. that completely wanst a joke though.. i take a pair after spin class since *someone* sounds like a bear when he sleeps.

  10. Nope, not I. And I’m beyond glad my husband doesn’t either. Otherwise we might have had to pull a Lucy and Ricky and get separate bedrooms.

  11. I’m the snorer in the family! I need some good tips!!

  12. Aw, I have no advice. I do occasionally run into Brennan snores, which are absolutely adorbs.

  13. omg I am so happy that both me and my BF are silent sleepers! I cannot stand snorers! it keeps me up all night, my brother used to snore and on vacatio in the same hotel room I would just turn him over and sometimes being in a diff position helps!

  14. my ex bf would snore so loud but we never found a cure for it, instead I would put cotton balls in my ears, I even used these little rubber things that construction workers use; I got them at home depot…they were a life saver.

  15. Kelly,
    Noticing your shoes on your blog, and was wondering what type of shoes you wear. I have been getting bad shin splints. I went to a running store in September and they said I needed neutral shoes (i had been wearing a stability shoe), so I got them. Then, I have recently had shin splints again, so I went to a different running store and they told me I needed a stability shoe (light stability- I pronate very minimal). So, now I don’t know what to do. I currently wear asics and they said they probably aren’t the shoe for me since I am having shin splints in a stability & neutral shoe. So, long story short what do you wear? I want to make sure I am in the righ shoe before my very first marathon 🙂

  16. My mother in law has problems with my father in law snoring. I never thought it was such a big deal until we went on vacation and stayed in the same hotel room. WHOA, All I can say is that I did not get any sleep during that trip, haha. His problem is that he is a tiny bit overweight so it causes him to snore. The doctors say if he loses 10 pounds then it should go away but really who knows? I don’t think that there is any one reason or one way to fix snoring, I think your husband should go to the doctor if you want to truly learn how to fix the problem.

  17. My boyfriend snores like WHOA. Usually he stops if I nudge him a little, but some nights I definitely have to head to the couch!

  18. I usually just elbow the bf till he wakes up and then tell him to roll over, haha. As long as he’s not on his back it’s usually not so bad. With an ex who snored super bad tho I used to sleep with cotton balls in my ears.

  19. Ooo the snoring can be so difficult. I don’t snore and thankfully Daniel rarely does. But I’m really sensitive to any noise at night so I feel like I’m crawling out of my skin when I’m sleeping with a snorer. It’s agonizing. So funny because I actually feel like I’m starting to hate the person. THen in the morning I realize how ridiculous my thought process was! Haha.
    But seriously, I hope you can figure out a solution – it can be so frustrating!

  20. I don’t snore and neither does my bf. Luckily! The only annoying thing I’ve been known to do in my sleep is steal pillows. My bf will wake up in the middle of the night with NO pillows, while I have two under my head and one under each arm. I LOVE pillows under my arms. Weird, huh?

  21. Ugh. This is a rather timely post. I’m a closed mouth breather normally. However, when sick–like now–pneumonia and sinus inf–, I can’t breathe and sometimes WAKE MYSELF with snoring. The only way to stop it is to get well and go back to sleep with my mouth closed.

    Love love love your blog! It’s been on my feed for a couple of weeks now and you’re always so positive and upbeat. 🙂

  22. I have sleep apnea and snore sometimes if I’m on my back. Matt says that he never hears me, but I think that it’s because he is a VERY sound sleeper. Very rarely am I asleep and he’s awake.

    The only cure that I’ve heard is lose weight, but I don’t think that it is a good suggestion for you. Maybe try the breathe right strips?

  23. earplugs, then the guestroom! Now, my beloved husband did not snore the first 2 yrs of marriage, he is not overweight. He saw an ENT, did the strips, mouth guard, you name it, we have tried it! So now if the earplugs dont work for me and my Melatonin has not kicked in….either he is banished to the guestroom, or I go sleep in Bella’s room with her. Again, after 9 yrs of marriage, you take the good with the , ummm, not so good. I guess I snored when I was pregnant!

    Got some new Mizuno’s yesterday. Like slipping on Cinderella’s slipper. My first shoe was a Mizuno, dont know why I tried to change it?! I was way overdue for some new shoes!

  24. This is going to sound super crazy! My hubs use to be the WORST snorer (is that a word? oh well) So bad, I’d wanna cry! I tried ear plugs and all that jazz but it was never enough. Well, he went to have accupuncture for his elbow (long story, baseball injury). It didn’t help with his elbow, but he hasn’t snored again. Well, maybe a few times, but it’s like they cured it! Crazy right!

  25. My boyfriend rarely ever snores during his sleep. That or maybe I’m always asleep when he does! It is kind of funny when he snores though. I can’t help but lay there trying not to wake him up with me laughing!
    I’ve been told before that I snore, but I’m not sure if it’s all the time or just every now and then.
    Unfortunately, I don’t have any snore remedies 😦

  26. The best advice I can give you on snoring is always find out the cause of your snoring. When you understand what causes you to snore, then take the most suitable action that can help you.

    Snoring might be caused my aging, tiredness, asthma, sinus, having breathing, lifestyle etc.

    There are many cases where the lifestyle, i.e eating habit that has been the main cause of snoring. So find out what causes you to snore and look for the right remedy. I am a strong believe on natural remedies, so naturally I would suggest that you try the numerous natural remedies before trying out the snoring devices.

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