Monday Shaker!

It is just me or do the weekends always seem to go by TOO fast!? I swear it was just Friday and now it is Monday morning?! What?! Oh well…embrace it right? How did everyone’s Sunday shape up? Ours went fabulously! We got through all 13 episodes of season 5 of Weeds! 13 (30 minute) episodes for a total of 6.5 hours of lazy couch time! This is a TRIPPY season and I will agree with some of you that it is really starting to get far-fetched (well for a TV show that is always pretty out there) It was good though…a nice way to spend a rainy Sunday for sure.

Did anyone watch The Oscars last night? We did. I am a sucker for the red carpet pre-show because I love to see all the fashions. Mainly because  I have NO fashion that I love seeing people who do! 🙂 I love Sandra Bullock but I honestly didn’t like her dress! 😦 My favorite dress was probably Diane Kruger (from Inglorious Basterds) I just thought she looked beautiful! She is the one in the middle!

Who did you think was the best dressed?

This morning I got in a great 15 mile run at 8:37/pace and now I am a sweaty, happy MESS! Woot! Sweaty and all, I did hop over to Starbucks to grab me a cup of their ‘perfect oatmeal’ and I must say…it is pretty darn perfect! I mixed in the dried fruit and it was awesome! Not something I would spend $2.50 on every day but a nice treat when you just don’t want to make your own. Plus I was too impatient to make my own this morning. So now I am happily shoveling spooning this goodness into my mouth before taking myself to a much NEEDED shower! Then….work awaits…ah! 

Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal Cup

I recently had a discussion with a friend regarding the differences between men and women qualifying times for marathons. For example to qualify for the Boston Marathon here are the times:

18-34 3hrs 10min 3hrs 40min
35-39 3hrs 15min 3hrs 45min
40-44 3hrs 20min 3hrs 50min
45-49 3hrs 30min 4hrs 00min
50-54 3hrs 35min 4hrs 05min
55-59 3hrs 45min 4hrs 15min
60-64 4hrs 00min 4hrs 30min
65-69 4hrs 15min 4hrs 45min
70-74 4hrs 30min 5hrs 00min
75-79 4hrs 45min 5hrs 15min
80 and over 5hrs 00min 5hrs 30min

My friend is a male and does not believe there should be a difference. I am in the camp that men and women should have different standards. I am not trying to put myself, as a woman, down by any means. But I DO believe that men and women’s bodies are different and men are in fact stronger than women. Their bodies can biologically handle more and therefore I believe they should be held to higher standards. We see this across in the board in ALL sports. In Tennis matches women play the best of 3 sets while men play the best of 5. In basketball the men play with balls that weigh between 20-22 ounces while women’s balls weigh 18-20 ounces. And women aren’t even allowed to play professional football because there bodies simply can not handle it. But I am curious as to what you think. 

Should there be different standards for men and women when it comes to sports?


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  1. Awesome job with the run. You impress me b/c I am simply not a runner and can’t imagine running that far (and liking it). Oh, and yes, Monday always comes too fast!

  2. I loved Diane Kruger and SJP! 🙂 Can you run some for me? Thanks!

  3. Wow! Great run!
    I think I agree with you here; it’s like why the NBA and WNBA don’t play on the same team

  4. I loved Sandra Bullock’s dress. It was waaaay better than her Golden Globes dress. My favorite, though, was probably Zoe Saldana. I’m sure it will get mixed reviews, but it was just so different.

  5. I didn’t watch the oscar’s but did see Sandra Bullock and thought she looked gorgeous as always!! 🙂 I totally agree with you that men and women should have different standards when it comes to sports. Isn’t that why they have separate teams??

  6. I fell asleep at the beginning of the Oscars! So disappointed. At least my boyfriend filled me in on what happened with Hurt Locker creator (he sent out e-mails for people to vote for his movie and not Avatar!!) – he had to stay home!

  7. loved the oscars! I was so happy the Hurt Locker cleaned up @ the Oscars. I was so sick of this Avatar hype.

    I think all three dresses are horrible….blech.

  8. Definately, it makes it challenging for men to have their own standard. If we were to fin a least common factor, it wouldn’t be worthwhile for men, it would be boring.

  9. I will watch the red carpet recaps on E!

    Thank goodness for that 5 mins at age 35. Mike was 33 when he did his marathon to qualify but since he will be 35 next year at the Boston he needed that extra time. His time was 3:11:00.

  10. SJP was getting alot of crap for her dress- but I kinda liked it! I actually didn’t watch the Oscars- but have already seen a hundred pics of the night and will be watching fashion police 😉 So I’m sure I didn’t miss too much! lol.

  11. I’m an awards show junkie, so I LOVE the red carpet stuff! I think Demi Moore looked incredible!!

    I think med and women should have different standards… our bodies are just built differently.

  12. I definitely understand the variation in standards and think that they are fair, for the most part. Men and women have different bodies!

  13. Wow great run! I didn’t like SJP’s dress really….

    I think there should be different standards for men and women, it’s a biological difference, not an insult!

  14. I agree—different standards for TOTALLY different bodies. As for the Oscars, I thought Sandra Bullock looked amazing though I don’t think her performance was Oscar-worthy. Kate Winslet looked great, too. I hated Jennifer Lopez’s dress. Oh, and if you watched the pre-show, what did you think about Kathy Ireland? She was so annoying I almost turned it off until the ceremony!

  15. Kelly, I LOVE your blog. I discovered it last week, and now check it everyday. In fact, I put chicken tortilla soup in the crockpot last night and enjoyed it today for lunch. Try it over a baked potato (we had leftover potatoes from last night) and it is to die for! Have you ever heard of the Eat Clean Cookbook by Tosca Reno? I think you would love her recipes!

    • No…I haven’t heard of that but I will definitely seek it out! Thanks!! I am so glad you like the blog…puts a smile on my face! 🙂

  16. I think that men and women should have different qualifying standards for Boston (men have more testosterone and muscle mass and can just run FASTER than women most of the time). However…I think that the 30 minute spread is a bit much. A 3:30 BQ standard for 18-34 year old women seems more reasonable than 3:40 – even if that means I have to run faster to qualify!

  17. i definitely think standards should be different, because it’s like comparing apples to oranges. we wouldn’t expect men to have the grace needed in the floor routine or beam in artistic gymnastics, nor should we expect their bodies to be able to do the same skills. it’s not saying one gender is better than the other, they’re just diff! i’m sad i missed the oscars but i’m glad bloggers are doing little recaps 🙂

  18. Weekends DO go by too fast. I think they should be changed from 2 days to 3.

  19. I like SJP – love the color. Hope your sunday went well – did you do a crock-pot meal ? TOUGH question about the sexes too…I wonder the same myself…

  20. I thought sandra bullock looked pretty and zoe saldana…i wasnt too keen on sjp or that middle girl.
    u are pretty amazing kelly – wow!

  21. The girl in the middle is actually Diane Kruger…her dress is super cute!

  22. I agree about males and females being built differently. And I tell myself that every single time a do a “girl” pushup on my knees!

  23. I think if you look at most finishing times, you can tell men run faster than women. I don’t like saying they should be held to different standards cuz I’m all about equality, but I think it makes sense in running. However, I have to say the 1st time I saw BQ times, I was shocked at HOW MUCH of a difference there is between men and women!!!!

  24. I just finished season 1 of weeds so i’m a little behind you but looking forward to catching up! i really like it so far..sounds like a good way to spend a weekend 🙂

    – Beth @

  25. Diane Kruger was my fave too! She always looks so elegant. I thought Amanda Seyfried looked beautiful, but her strapless dress wasn’t very flattering…they rarely are. I don’t get the hype about strapless! Anyway, I agree that men and women should have different standards, although I’m not really sure why!

  26. Good for you for running 15 miles. I took today off… my body is exhasted and my legs are screaming at me.

    I agree with you that men and women should have different standards… our bodies are designed for two different things…. their for hard labor (as in work) and ours for a long labor (as in giving birth) 😉 Next time he tells you, you should have the same standards tell him to give birth 🙂

  27. I watched the Oscars too! I was so happy to see that Sandra Bullock won, but I was bit bummed that Avatar didn’t win best picture. I really need to see “Hurt Locker” to see what all the fuss is about. I didn’t like Sarah Jessica Parker’s hairdo, what was going on with that??

    I agree with you, I think there should be different standards for men and women.

    Hope you have an awesome Monday 🙂

  28. you always amaze me with your runs! Seriously. Amaze-balls. X’s a million.

    Hmm…best dressed. I thought Kate Winslet looked great. Shes always so classy ya know? In my eyes, she can’t look bad.

    And yes, I agree with you completely on the different standards. Our bodies were made differently, therefore standards should be different.

  29. I also agree that men and women should have different standards, our bodies are different! I loved SJP and I thought Cameron Diaz looked beautiful. Was not a fan of Miley’s slumping shoulders.

  30. I totally agree with you Kelly. I honestly think men just have more power so they can run fast. Often times they are taller too, which means they have longer legs, longer strides, you get my point. But ya, I think we can’t really argue with science.

  31. Yes, the standards should be diffierent. If a higher percentage of women qualify than a higher percentage of men, then there’s a problem. But as long as those numbers are close, it seems pretty fair!

  32. I did not watch, but I do love the red carpet fashions! I could never be that daring! I do think there should be different standards for men and women in sports. I just think we are made differently. Great job on the run. I am not a runner, but I envy those that are!

  33. […] if you missed it…go back to my morning post and tell me what your opinion is on the different standards for men and women when it comes to […]

  34. Men and women are biologically different! We just can’t compete with each other. Men are capable of a higher oxygen uptake, they have a larger lunger capacity, lower body fat, etc. If a man and woman had the same VO2, the woman would be considered to have better cardiovascular fitness – the men’s standards are higher. And like someone else mentioned – they usually have longer strides too!

    I am extremely impressed with your 15 mile run!

  35. I am in the camp that believes that the female standards are maybe a little too lax compared to the mens…I do think the starting standard for under 35 should be a 3:30 for women. And that’s coming from a girl that has run a BQ, but not a sub 3:30…

  36. 100% agree with you. Our bodies are built completely differently and even with the same amount of training, nature has her way and men are just meant to be stronger (but did you know women have a higher tolerance for pain?). On another note, I’d like you to know that I think of you every day while on the treadmill and you are my motivation, so keep it up. Your speeds are incredible and while unfathomable to me, they keep me pushing…even if I’m slow right now!

    • You are too sweet! Thank you!!! And you are NOT slow!

      I did know that women had a higher tolerance for pain…I am constantly reminding Keith of this fact! haha!

  37. I didn’t watch the awards, but all those pictures you posted of those lovely ladies look beautiful. SJP always looks fierce.

    Also, you are a really inspiring runner – I want to be like you someday and just bust out 15 miles in the AM…last time I was in that routine (when I was training for marathons) I was a substitute teacher and I used to turn down teaching jobs all the time because “I had to run”…haha, if only that was the case now. 🙂

  38. Your friend is a……well, I cant say it here 🙂 YES there should be diff standards. Unless he would like to run 15 miles while pregnant, lactating, on his moon cycle, all while carrying around breasts and lots of estrogen and more adipose tissue and then say we’re the same. OMG don’t even get me started. Women: can grow people inside us. Men: cannot. Yes. We are different. In all aspects, athletics included! Dear lord dont’ get me goin 🙂

  39. Ooo loved those dresses. I really loved Sandra Bullock’s dress the best though. So sparkly and feminine. Fit her perfectly.
    I agree completely that women and men should have different standards for athletics. We are just physically created differently. The best male athletes are almost always faster or stronger than the best female athletes in the same sport. I know it sounds like a sad fact, but I don’t think it is. Women are still incredibly talented, they are just not built the same. And women can do a whole laundry list of things that men cannot do. It’s all fair in the end I think.

  40. When I first started running, I bristled at the different qualifying times for men and women. I’m not a hard-core feminist by any means, but I thought we all had legs, we can all run.

    But, after spending 9 months in physical therapy (with a therapist who is a runner), I learned a lot about fast and slow twitch muscles and just how different our bodies are from men. I’m now in agreement that there needs to be different time.

    Tell your friend “When you boys start pushing a baby out of your equipment, then talk to me about equality” 😉

    Oh, and I have zero fashion sense unless it’s running clothes. I would love to see an academy awards show where everybody pranced around in workout gear so I could get some good fashion ideas 😀

  41. Finally did the research for my response:

    Last year’s winners of the Boston Marathon, man ran it in 2:08 and woman ran it in 2:32. Twenty-four minute difference.

    That’s your answer right there! Yes, women and men are different. Should be held to different standards. The thirty minute difference in qualifying times is just about right!

    Incidentally, are you planning on running the Boston marathon ever? We watched it on TV a bit last year. This year we’ll be on vacation, though.

  42. i agree that their should be standards – but sometimes its frustrating that men are capable of more physically. i guess we have other non-physical gifts 🙂

  43. I agree with you on the different standards, although I played basketball for years with a man’s ball (snicker), so I think that one is kind of silly.

    I love looking at the dresses as well – I used to love to watch the Oscars as though it was my SuperBowl. But now, I just don’t have the attention span for it or the movies anymore.

    Love ya chica!!

  44. 15 miles at THAT pace??? Oh my! I’m jealous!

    My opinion is the same as yours. Women and men are just different. Yeah, I can probably outrun some guys my age; however, if that same person went out and trained, it’d most likely be a different story.

  45. I think Starbucks oatmeal is pretty perfect too. Not a fan of the nuts? Gotta get in your healthy fats after a 15-mile run : )

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