Give Me A F-R-I-D-A-Y!

Happy Friday! Let me say that again with some feeling…HAPPY FRIDAY!!! 🙂 I can’t believe it’s Friday but I am not complaining…I will take a Friday any day! I feel really good from my workouts yesterday and I breezed through a very relaxed 10 miler this morning (around 8:45-8:50 pace) When I say relaxed I mean I could have talked the whole time. In fact at one point I might have started signing ‘I Will Survive’ with Gloria Gainer on the IPOD. Ha…oops! I am sure the other people running near me were NOT amused. The thing is, I sound bad in the shower. To quote my husband, “It aint pretty people!” haha! Have I NO shame? Apparently not because I think I seriously got through about 4 minutes of the song before realizing I was in fact singing OUT LOUD! Ah heck it’s Friday…show some love!  

Dinner last night was good! We had chicken spaghetti! Ground chicken mixed with marinara sauce and mixed vegetables over gluten-free pasta noodles! I think I need a shirt that says, “I run for CARBS!”  


gluten-free pasta goodness


Okay it is time for Friday confessions! I am fully addicted to the following ‘crap’ TV shows: 

  • The Millionaire Matchmaker
  • Say Yes To The Dress
  • What Not To Wear

What TV Shows are you willing to admit that you secretly love? 

Thanks to everyone who submitted anonymous questions via my new ASK ME! Page. I will be back this afterooon will all your questions and my answers!! 🙂  


48 Responses

  1. The Hills and The City are faves. AND Make it or Break It. I think MIOBI is my favorite show right now. Lame, I know. I’m almost 26!

  2. I love so much trash TV – EVERYTHING on E and VH1 pretty much. Same with MTV. Love ’em!

  3. I LOVE Say Yes to the Dress (I secretly wanted to go to Kleinfeld’s to shop for my dress 🙂 ) and WNTW. I just watched the Millionaire Matchmaker for the first time this week…I was both intrigued and disgusted…which means that it’s doing what it’s supposed to do, I guess 🙂

    Happy Friday, Kelly!!!!

    • I know…wouldn’t that have been fun to shop at Kleinfeld’s?? Although there is no way I could have afforded a dress from there! ha!

  4. OMG I LOVE all of those shows. I made Joey watch Say Yes To The Dress once and I thought he was going to gauge his eyes out. haha.

    I also love Jersey Shore and Celebrity Fit Club 🙂

    Also your sing/run reminds me of this morning when I was jumping around singing that Tonights Gonna Be a Good Night song by the Black Eyed Peas almost immediately after the alarm went off this morning. Joey does not understand how I am such a morning person!

  5. Loved to hear your story of singing out lout – if it’s pretty or not, belt it out girl!! That’s awesome!

  6. I’m an aweful singer!! So bad!

    I LOVE Real Housewives!!! Its my fav!

  7. I have s shirt that says “Will Run For Beer!” LOL That’s carbs right?

  8. The Real World, Intervention, The Hills, The City, Teen Mom…I could go on. Pretty much everything I watch is crap. And Im proud of it!

  9. I love Millionaire Matchmaker! Sad, but true. Glad to hear I’m not alone. I can actually get into the Kardashians and the random Real Housewives of Orange County if I’m home and bored.

  10. Tool Academy, The Real World, You are what you eat, The hiils. oy.

  11. Luckily, I really don’t enjoy that much reality tv. And I used to hate The Hills. But now I watch it religiously…

    And if I’m home, I’ll totally turn on the soaps- Days of Our Lives is my favorite! 🙂

  12. I laughed at your “relaxed” pace. Oh, Kelly. You’re speedy. My relaxed pace would be three hours. That’s IF I ever finished the 10 miles. 10 miles!!

    I don’t watch too much junk TV because I prefer dramas where life or the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Reality TV just isn’t that suspenseful. I prefer Lost and 24 and Fringe!

  13. Oh god, I watch Say Yes to the Dress religiously from 6-7 every day. Even though I’ve seen all the episodes a million times. It’s kind of ridiculous. I secretly love The Vampire Diaries, and yes I am almost 25 years old, haha.

  14. I’m with you on the Millionaire Matchmaker…its addicting!!

  15. I love Say Yes to the Dress!! I also love watching Intervention and Sixteen and Pregnant. So embarrassing, but sometimes I really need a brain drain 😉

    Happy Friday!!

  16. I’m addicted to so many and I’m not ashamed to admit it. hehe. Celeb Rehab, Real Housewives (all of them), All Food Network shows, Millionare Matchmaker, etc, etc, etc…..

    Question…do you onthe treadmill or outside? Do you have a trail or a park or something? Austins so beautiful, I’m sure there are tons of places.

    Heather @

    • Oh yes, Intervention too!

    • I run both outside and on the treadmill. In the warmer months I try to run outside as much as possible. But in the colder months I am treadmill bound! I live right by an amazing park and I love running there. There is a trail with 1, 3, and 5 mile loops so I am easily hop on there and go. It is about 1/2 mile from my house so I just run down there and choose my loops and then run home! 🙂

  17. I love Millionaire Matchmaker, too! Patti and her vocab words crack me up. (Ie. “He’s a bragasouris.”) I also really love all the Housewives shows—the catfights are addictive!

  18. TCL is SO into The Millionaire Matchmaker.

    I like Teen Mom. WOW. Let’s see — I also like anything about prisons, like MSNBC documentaries. That’s probably not junk.

    I REALLY liked this old Lifetime Real Women show called Gay, Straight, or Taken? Hahahaha.

  19. I would love the I run for carbs t shirt! HAHA!

    Lets see…tv shows.

    Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, Anything on HGTV, Diners, Dives, and drive-ins or whatever thats call, What Not to Wear…

  20. I watch a TON of tv. Seriously, it’s a lot. My guilty pleasure one is the secret life of the american teenager though. It’s so lame that I like it 🙂 I don’t have any problem admitting the other ones though! Such as… Grey’s Antomy, Ugly Betty, Make it or Break it, CSI (the las vegas one), Army Wives (LOVE that show!!!)…. etc, etc, etc…

  21. I watch Say Yes to the Dress, too! Love it!

    I watch Jersey Shore…I admit it!

    The pasta looks wonderful!

    Happy weekend, Kelly!

  22. you always seem so happy – its admirable..
    i am a sucker for reality TV..silly and stuff …but whatever 🙂
    I also like that new ABC comedy The Middle.

    Nice pasta dish – great idea.

  23. You’re too cute. Sometimes on a run I find myself ‘air drumming’…too funny. I LOVE Celeb Rehab (T does too!) and of COURSE WNTW and one Saturday after T went to work I spent the entire afternoon in bed watching the ‘Say yes to the Dress’ marathon. Loved it.

  24. I love, love, love Millionaire Matchmaker…and ALL of the Housewives shows 🙂

  25. I’ll admit that I still watch The Real World. It is not real and it is really bad, but I can’t help it! As for the gluten free pasta, have you tried quinoa pasta? Seriously, you would never know it is gluten free! By far my favorite pasta! Have a great day!

  26. Oh honey, it’s no secret….GENERAL HOSPITAL!!!

  27. Hey just found your blog…and I have to say that I love watching Tool Academy and Tough Love. They’re like train wrecks that you can’t turn away from! 🙂

  28. I miss tv…I’ve definitely done the singing out loud thing before. Also, the talking to myself out loud thing. I’m kind of a freak.

  29. I watch Say Yes to the Dress like it’s my job. And my boyfriend gets really into it too! What dress will she choose?!?!

    And What Not to Wear is the best. I completely love Clinton.

    Seriously… T-G-I-F!!!!

  30. i secretly love “make it or break it” on abc family. brings back memories of my gymnastics glory days lol!!

  31. I love WNTW and say yes to the dress!!! They have marathons on Saturdays 🙂

  32. Me too…Clinton totally rocks! New episode TONIGHT! Woot!

  33. […] last night was really yum! All I did was brown ground chicken in a nonstick skillet. Then I added a jar of […]

  34. LOVE say yes to the dress! actually staying in on a friday night and watching that show is my favorite way to kick off the weekend! haha <– lame.

    – Beth @

  35. A friend had me hooked into Little Miss Perfect for 24 hours. I knew I had to go cold turkey or I would be calling child protective services in every state to report over-zealous parents.

    I love What Not To Wear – but the British version. Trinny and Susannah are so much fun!

    I also love Celebrity Fit Club, Ax Men (so unintentionally funny!), American Idol, The Real Housewives of OC and ATL.

  36. […] Keith finished off the last of the enchilada casserole and I polished off the last of the chicken spaghetti. We, personally love leftover! I think almost EVERYTHING taste better as it um…ages! […]

  37. I love Save Yes To The Dress! I had to make sure my boyfriend understood that I watched it because I loved seeing the different style of dress and made sure he knew that I was in no rush to be married. LOL.

  38. i love what not to wear. I have always aspired to be on the show…mostly because i want a shopping spree… unfortunately, everyone tells me that I’m not an unfortunate enough dresser…sigh.

  39. Love the blog. I have a shirt that says “I only run so I can eat more chocolate cake!” 🙂 I actually am not that big on chocolate cake but love the idea behind the shirt! It’s a conversation starter for sure…
    That pasta dish looks delish…I’m going to have to try it.
    I love what not to wear, house hunters and (blushing here) the bachelor!

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