Ask Me Friday!

Thanks to everyone who submitted anonymous questions via my ASK ME! page. This was the last week for questions so I hope everyone enjoyed it! 🙂 I did have a problem with Springform this week though and I kept getting errors when trying to review my questions. So if for some reason your question was not answered I am SO sorry. They estimated that 4 questions were lost. It was a bad technology week for me! Don’t even get me started on the blackberry! 😦 But if it was a question you really wanted an answer to then just shoot me an email! With that, happy Friday everyone…enjoy your night! 

Question: Do you aim for a certain amount of calories a day? 

I don’t count calories but I just aim to go to bed happy and not hungry. I do wear a heart rate monitor when I work out so that I can see on days when I have REALLY long runs how much I need to eat to make up for that deficit. For example a 14 mile run usually burns me about 1100-1200 calories and I need to make that up! So on those days I aim for calorie dense foods…avacados, nuts, nut butters mostly. But usually I like to listen to my body’s clues when it comes to calories. If I don’t eat enough at the end of the day I will notice that my hands and feet are REALLY cold and then usually I tend to dream about food. Crazy? Maybe…but it is really just my body talking to me and I am getting better about listening. I have been known to wake up at 2:00a.m. and go eat! I hate to feel hungry and I don’t think anyone should. 

Question: I am getting married in a few months and I am worried about my husband’s bachelor party. Did Keith have a bachelor party that involved a strip club? Did you care? 

Keith did have a bachelor party that took place at a strip club. Honestly, it didn’t bother me at all. I am NOT a fan of strip clubs but I also know that they seem to be a “right of passage” for bachelor parties. I rolled with it. I trust Keith, I love Keith and I knew he wouldn’t do anything irresponsible or wreckless. He just isn’t that guy. If I were you, I would just not worry about it. Let him go and have a fun night with his boys and you go and have an equally fun night with your girls! He loves YOU and a strip club bachelor party won’t change that. 🙂 

 Question: I was wondering if you have always been as athletic as you are now? If not, what was your “path”? I know you’re a personal trainer and everything, but running like 10 miles in the morning is quite insane! How long did it take you to be able to run as much? I love running and do lots of other sports, but I have the feeling my progress is so slow (I’m training for a half-marathon). Thanks! 

I have been running my entire life. I think my first track meet was when I was around the age of 6! haha! (To see a picture go here) I grew up running track because it was the only thing I was good at and I was quite speedy! In middle school and high school I was a sprinter. I ran the 200 and 400 m dash and I ran the 1600 meter relay. I also was a high jumper. Once high school started I moved to doing track year-round. I did Cross Country in the fall (to build endurance) then club indoor track in the winter, school spring track and then club summer track. I maintained that for 4 years and it was intense. Once college rolled around I was BURNED OUT! I was offered some college scholarships but I turned them down. After college I was ready to get back into running and I started out slow! I couldn’t even run 3 miles without stopping. I just built up my mileage and started running some 5K’s and then I decided I want to run a 1/2 marathon and a marathon. I followed training schedules for both…to see them go here. It just took a lot of dedication and a lot of heart! 🙂 

Question: I have cellulite on the backs of my legs, do you think running can get rid of it? I LOVE running. Hate weights. I do try to do a bit, about 2 full body workouts a week but my true love is running. I just started seriously adding miles the last two months and I hoping this will help…what do you think? 

Running will definitely help but in order to build lean muscle mass (LMM) and replace fat you really need to lift weights. I don’t think running alone is going to do it but a combination of running and weight lifting will be ideal to lower your body fat and build up that LMM. I also tend to be in the camp that cellulite is genetic and sometimes even the most fit athlete will still have it. Keep me posted… 

Question: you have a serious six-pack in the picture with your husband! Do you always have one even tho you mainly just run? 

Oh goodness…that is so sweet. Thank you. I am not the best at doing strictly ab work. But I do try to incorporate functional ab/core exercises into everything I do. Like I tend to sit on a stability ball instead of a chair when working at my desk, I always keep my abs tight and engaged when lifting weights (I really focus on it) and I also keep my abs tight when I run. When I do ab exercises…I do a lot of planks and hovers…but I could definitely do more. Mostly my abs come from running.

Question: You have mentioed before that cereal is a trigger food for you. It is for me too and so I was wondering how do you beat the craving or do you just give in?

Cereal IS a big trigger for me. I can easily eat an entire box in one sitting. But for me, it isn’t usually a trigger unless I eat it. What I mean is that Keith likes cereal and we definitely have it in our house. I have no issues with it being in the house. It is when I say I am going to eat just one bowl and inevitably that usually turns into 3 or 4. I don’t know what it is about cereal…it just seems like it takes a lot to fill me up. But I have learned that if I refuse to let myself have cereal I WILL go nuts. So on those days when I want it…I just give in to temptation and go for it. Sometimes I can eat 1 bowl and be totally fine…other days I eat 3 or 4. But I just move on…I don’t do it very often and I refuse to feel guilty about it. Refuse!

Question: I love your wedding pictures and your dress. How did you know it was “the dress” and how much were you willing to spend? I am getting married soon and haven’t been able to commit to a dress yet. 

I LOVED my wedding dress too! Thank you so much! I actually had another dress picked out and when I went back to try it on one last time and make the purchase my mom spotted the one I got in the window. Apparently it was new and had just come in. I tried it on and thought…this is it! My mom agreed that it was perfect! And we got it! Ha! My dress was actually quite inexpensive but that was something I wasn’t willing to spend thousands of dollars on. I had a $1000 limit and the dress, shoes and alterations total ran me about that. You will find your dress…don’t worry! 🙂 

Question: Do you like candy? If so what is your favorite? 

I am not as much of a candy freak as my husband. I typically tend to crave the salty things…chips, pretzels, etc. But my favorite is the combination of both. I can put down a pound of chocolate covered pretzels in no time! YUM!! But as for candy I really like Hot Tamales (my usual movie candy) and my favorite candy bar is, hands down, a TWIX! 

Question: Do you have a tattoo? Does Keith? 

No, I do not have a tattoo. I always wanted one but I couldn’t ever think of anything I liked enough to have permanently put on my body. Keith has 1 tattoo. He has his fraternity emblem (Sigma Nu) on his ankle. I think it is cute! 🙂

Question: Do you drink alcohol?

Very rarely. I do enjoy a nice glass of red wine every now and then….usually when I am with my mom or out to dinner. Keith and I will sometimes split a margarita or drink a beer now and then but for the most part we aren’t big drinkers. No real reason….just a personal choice.

Question: I am new to your blog and am loving it! Could I please have the recipe for the meal you had last night (3-4-10) of chicken spaghetti? It looks yummy! Or are your recipes listed somewhere on your site? Thanks a bunch.

Dinner last night was really yum! All I did was brown ground chicken in a nonstick skillet. Then I added a jar of spaghetti sauce and about 2 cups of a frozen mixed vegetable blend. I served it over gluten-free penne pasta noodles from our favorite GF pasta company, Tinkayda. Also all my recipes are listed under the tab, ‘How I EAT’ on the top of my blog! Happy cooking and thanks for following!! 🙂

Question: Are you always so happy and if so can I have some of your happy drugs?

Thanks!! I definitely have my moments but for the most part I AM happy. I think being happy is a choice and I try really hard to choose to be happy everyday. With that said, I also think that your happiness is also affected by your circumstances. And right now, I am in a REALLY good place! I love my job, I love my husband, I am running great and winter is OVER!!! haha!! Plus…I really like to smile! I figure if I am going to have wrinkles in my older years I want them to come from smiling not frowning!

Happy Friday everyone!!! Enjoy the rest of your Day!


24 Responses

  1. cereal is my #1 trigger food as well!! i think you and keith have an amazingly solid relationship, that is so awesome! i also love that you don’t count cals, just aim to go to bed happy..that is the best attitude to have about food!

  2. “I hate to feel hungry and I don’t think anyone should.”
    One word: AMEN
    And I am 100% with you on the candy deal. If it ain’t chocolate, salty, and nutty all at once, it ain’t candy to me

  3. Happy Friday to you too!

  4. Great Q&A! I love my cereal too, I’m glad you don’t feel guilty about eating it!

  5. Loveee the Q+A answers! I’m a salty person too..I don’t remember the last time I ate candy or had a craving for it! But I agree w/ u on the cereals and not feeling full after 1-bowl!!! I rarely have it for b-fast but find 1-bowl is perfect pre-run fuel! And I usually add jay robb vanilla protein powder to it! Yum! I hope u are having a great friday lovee!! xoxo!

  6. Haha ahh Peanut Butter Puffins = I can easily clear half a box in one day, so I hear ya. Cereal is delish. Have a great day deary!

  7. You. are. adorable. Your excitement and happiness is so obvious in reading your posts. I am the exact same way with cereal. I have it at my ouse, and am fine if I don’t start. But I refuse to feel guilty when I eat 3 or 4 bowls. I workout damnit! And, yeah, right there with you on the 2 am feedings. Maybe we are toddlers in disguise?

  8. Awesome questions & answers 🙂 Really fun to learn more about you. I have the same problem with cereal. I still eat Cheerios, but I have them as a snack every day so I don’t really binge on them anymore- usually haha

  9. I love this “if I am going to have wrinkles when I’m older I want them to come from smiling and not frowning.” that should be everyone’s life philosophy!

  10. huh! You give such interesting and complete answers…thank you so much for them. I just started running and can’t even IMAGINE running 14 miles right now, but I’m getting to 4 and going strong! 😛

  11. I love your answers. I’m with you on both the cereal thing and the strip club thing. I don’t mind strip clubs at all. Of course, Jason doesn’t really go to them, but if he wanted to for his bachelor party, I wouldn’t mind.

  12. So many of my answers would be similar to yours. Makes me smile. I’m the same about drinking for sure. And I did NOT care what happened at TCL’s bachelor party because I am a trusting girl. And he deserves it.

    TCL was a Sigma Chi. We had Sigma Nu at our school (it was a pretty big Greek scene), too.

    • Thanks girl! That means a lot to me because lately I have gotten some “not nice” comments on my blog and it is nice to know that not everyone is a hater! 🙂

  13. I found myself smiling so big from reading all of your responses. Even just the way your write shows how positive and enthusiastic you are about life! I can’t get enough! Thanks for the great answers- so well balanced and encouraging!

  14. I’ll take some of those Happy Drugs too please! Send them to me ASAP 😉
    Great responses. I like that you got back into running slowly….I can’t believe that I just can’t now…and don’t want to…even though I know that would make me feel better most days…and it’s really hard when it’s nice out….I don’t know – I don’t think it’s something to be forced though – resistance is futile. Yesterday I was so tired, I just came home and did NOTHING nada not even a walk….I felt guilty because I knew that I would feel better or wake up once I got out in some fresh air – but I just couldn’t do it….so yeah, whatever.
    I honestly think work is sucking the life out of me ;)…oye.

  15. I totally hear you on the cold hands and feet! Gotta keep that internal furnace pumping!

  16. That’s too funny – that is EXACTLY what I say about a tattoo.

  17. I loved reading your question and answers and learning a little bit more about you! have a great weekend!

  18. Hi lovely lady,

    I did send u an email after…but maybe u didnt get it? no big deal. hope u are having a neat day .

  19. You got a lot of great Ask Me Anything questions. I loved reading your answers. 🙂

  20. you make me smile! i love your answer to the last question. i think being happy is a choice too… how sad would it be to choose to be sad all the time??? no thanks!

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