Did you HEAR me?

I get a lot of emails from people wanting to know what songs are on my IPOD that I listen to when I run. I have a wide variety of music on my IPOD! Seriously. Knowing that I could never pick my favorites I grabbed my IPOD and randomly just picked ten songs. And they were:

1. Kelly Clarkson: My Life Would Suck Without You

2. Lady Gaga: Poker Face

3. Akon: Beautiful

4. Leona Lewis: Bleeding Love

5. Pink: Please Don’t Leave Me

6. Black Eyed Peas: Let’s Get It Started

7. SlumDog Millionaire Soundtrack: Jai Ho

8. Journey: Don’t Stop Believing

9. The Ting Tings: Shut Up & Let Me Go

10. Lady Gaga: Let’s Dance

NO JUDGING!! haha! What are some of your favorite IPOD songs?


35 Responses

  1. Jai Ho is SUCH a great workout song! So is anything by Kelly Clarkson 😉

  2. Just did a really similar post, but I must add Jai Ho! Never thought of that. I like techno, pop, stuff I don’t like to listen to other than when I’m running (or dance partying)!

  3. Great songs to run to!!! I’m always looking for new additions to my “Chariots of Fire” playlist 🙂

  4. I LOVE to run to the glee soundtracks. I know, lame!

    7 out 10 songs on your list I have 🙂

  5. Jai Ho is one that found it’s way on to my playlist as well randomly… loved the beat! And of course Lady Gaga… she gets me through some rough miles. 😉

  6. Oooh, fun! I love the Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack! And Journey = swoon. I actually couldn’t pick out a Lady Gaga song if you offered me money. I’m lame like that.

  7. I like to run to hip hop songs, currently loving ‘how low’ by Ludacris and ‘bedrock’ by Young Money. They pump me up! The side effects are often badass facial expressions though. haha

    • I feel that! I can only imagine what my facial expressions look like! Also…thanks for the sunshine award. I got it a few weeks ago so I am not going to do it again but it meant a lot to me that you nominated me for it! Truly…thank you. 🙂

  8. Ok, I just downloaded Jai Ho for my run today! 🙂 I LOVE lady gaga to run to…I also (don’t laugh) will listen to really campy musicals while I run. 🙂 And sing and dance along! 🙂

  9. I definitely have all but one of those songs in my playlist right now!!

  10. I have at least half of those on my ipod. It’s so cheesy and so six months ago, but I still really like Party in the USA.

  11. I love all of those songs!! 🙂 Great ipod choices!! Umm, can you believe I dont’ have an ipod?? Andrew gave me a shuffle a few years ago, but I don’t even know where it is now. He has an ipod and uses it all the time, but I’m just not that into them… I know, I’m weird. 😉

    • Not weird…it always takes me a long time to adjust to new technology. And Keith doesn’t even use email! Can you believe?!

  12. oh i love Please Don’t Leave Me. Did you see her sing that on Oprah??

  13. Haha….I’m certainly not judging, but we have way different taste in music 😉

  14. The Jai Ho song always makes me feel paranoid. I am NOT sure why. Where’d I get so weird?


  15. Great playlist!! LOVE it!

  16. SINGLE LADIES!! I even learned a bit of the dance from the video.

  17. you and i are music twins, total iPod soulmates! I LOVE jai ho, and of course all the gaga on here blows my mind. and the ting tings! you’re awesome. great post!

  18. anything by lady gaga rocks
    i have journey on my ipod, too!
    and i have black eyed peas
    and seriously, we could swap ‘pods!!

    thx for the pb cookie action this a.m. 🙂

  19. I love posts like this, finding new music is the best! I’m a fan of angry music for my runs…gotta love Linkin Park!

    • Definitely have my share of LP! And what run is complete without those guitar tracks?? What about Staind? They’ve got a huge selection of angst.

  20. Love Jai Ho and Shut Up and Let me Go–got both of those on mine!

    I will admit my guilty pleasues on my ipod—Cant Touch This, Bust a Move, Ice Ice Baby and Copacabana–there I said it!

  21. Any song with the Black Eyed Peas or Lady Gaga, check my iPod and you’ll find it! They’re music is so upbeat and awesome to run to.

    Right now I am loving the song by Jason Derulo, “In My Head”

  22. I have journey and pink on my ipod too. And I won’t lie, eye of the tiger is totally on there.
    Ok-and Ill admit it- remember Otown and B44? Yah. They’re on there too.

  23. I have 8 of those songs! I just uploaded some Rhianna. “Hard” “Rude Boy” and Lady GaGa “Bad Romance”. They made the long run on Sunday breeze by.

    I’m very much a fly by the moment itune uploader. If I hear a song and it sticks with me, I’ll get it.

  24. Have all these songs…I find I get bored so easily though and always need a change…plus my “ipod” that I got for free (part of apt deal) – is EL CHEAPO and blanks out after an hour…and the volume is crap. I guess that’s what you get for free!

  25. No judgment here my friend- I felt like you were reading songs off my ipod! I love them all! One of my favorites is Kelly Clarkson, “Since You’ve Been Gone.” I know it’s so overplayed and done, but I just have such fond memories of being with my best friends and listening to that song, so it makes me smile and feel giddy everytime!
    Have a wonderful Friday!!

  26. Ah! Don’t Stop Believin is always one of the last songs on my playlists to pump me up at the end of a run! I’ve recently switched from the Journey version to the Glee version though. hehe

  27. Hi Kelly

    I wanted to say thanks for saying I could shoot u an email sometime…I have sent u a couple…but no response? I used the email above…i understand if u dont want to chat…just thought i could throw out a few word via a “private way” so no one else can see…can u send me an email to my email address ? Thanks lovely lady. (you can delete this comment once u get it 🙂

    • OH NO!!! I am so sorry! It must have gone to my junk mail. But I have officially marked you as a SAFE contact now!! I would love to chat…I think you are way cool and sound like my type of gal!!! 🙂

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