PUMP ME UP Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! I loved reading all the fun facts you guys had to share yesterday. I don’t know why stupid trivia like that interests me…I think I get it from my Dad. He is always filled with random facts…love you Dad! 🙂

Today was good…another good run. 10 miles (8:30/pace) baby! Woot! I am fueling up now because I have Body Pump in a few hours. Another day to “feel the burn” and I absolutely love my Tuesday instructor. She is awesome and very relatable! Which I think is important! It also makes me realize that I am lucky not to have EE’s Horst!

What’s the worst group instructor you’ve ever had?

On a really quick Body Pump side note: Does it bother anyone else when people (like the ones in the FRONT row) can’t stay on beat? I mean really how hard is it? I definitely don’t have rhythm but this is pretty basic! And can’t you tell when you are off when everyone else in the room is squatting down and you are on your way up? Okay..rant done! 🙂

Dinner last night was a tad boring..even by my easy to please standards! Boring but not tasteless!!! We had salmon (and yes I actually ate the salmon this time around) with green beans and a brown rice pilaf. The rice pilaf was a gluten-free version from Lundberg and if you haven’t ever tried their rice blends…I highly recommend it! You can find them usually at any grocery store in the rice aisle.

Dinner A La Kelly

Someone asked me the other day if I cook every night. Without even thinking I said yes. The woman said, “wow that is so impressive I only cook about twice a week.” That got me thinking…Keith & I do cook almost every single night of the week and weekends too. I guess I never thought this as novel but maybe it is! So I am curious about you!!

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40 Responses

  1. Ugh, the one instructor at the gym I used to go to was so perky and annoying. I understand you’re supposed to be motivating people, but she was just motivating me to want to punch her.

  2. Oh gosh, when I taught in college there was one step instructor who NEVER was on beat. Her rhythym was AWFUL and it made everyone crazy. People would always just walk out!

  3. I’m with Kelly- the perky and overly cheery girls just freak me out. Especially early in the morning… it’s not natural.

  4. I’m with you on the random trivia. Although I couldn’t think of one for yesterday!
    Oh yeah, and I do have rhythm, so YES IT BOTHERS ME!! I mean most of the tracks should have a nice strong beat, how hard is it?
    Very impressed with your cooking. I actually enjoy it; I think it’s the motivation to get up and do something that’s hurting me.

  5. Fun poll! Yeah, we cook usually 6-7 nights a week…but some of that is because there aren’t very many good restaurants in Altoona, PA! 🙂

    Ugh– I had some bad group ex instructors in grad school– girls who were WAY too peppy…but using the pep to try to make up for what they obviously lacked in actual knowledge of the exercises!

  6. Too funny about the class thing and people being off beat. I danced (mostly ballet) for over 20 years. So for me, it’s like how can you not freaking get it. And if you can’t, move to the back!

  7. My answer to the cooking question is affected by my SAHM status. I my and baby’s breakfast every morning, lunch six days per week, and dinner about five days per week. Frozen meals and cans of soup are very rare around here these days! I can’t imagine cooking dinner only twice per week!

  8. Confession: That off beat person in the class is me. I’m so uncoordinated when it comes to following the instructor and getting the moves right. That’s why I haven’t taken a fitness class in years. The only classes I’ll do are yoga and Pilates because I can keep up with that. Body pump, zumba, step aerobics? Forget it.

  9. Yeah….I never thought about that but I think it’s part of my “family culture”. My mom cooks almost every day too. I never really liked to cook until I met my boyfriend and it also helped that I started reading food blogs! Now, it’s fun…

    And…if we’re “ranting”…what about those people in yoga class who always seem to be turning for facing the wrong way? What’s up with that?!?!

  10. omg i hate when front row peeps can’t stay on beat! also a reason why i never go in the front..i’m scared that I’LL be that person lol! hooray for cooking every night! 🙂 lundberg makes great wild rice cakes, they’re so dense!

  11. oh crud, you would totally hate my uncoordinated self in gym classes. but i hide in the back, so maybe that makes it better…:)

  12. I am a cyclist and I took a spin class from a lady who kept yelling out things she thought were cycling specific but were wayyyy off the mark. Needless to say, I didn’t go back to that class again!

  13. Haha, my eyes are usually glued to the instructor the whole time, so I don’t notice others being off beat. I will say though, Group Power (same thing as Body Pump but by Body Training Systems) is a bit more difficult to follow at times. Sometimes they have some strange beats and moves, so I’m often off! It doesn’t help that our instructor gives little verbal cues as to what is coming up.

  14. Yes, I always go to the beat the instructor is going and I find it distracting when people are doing otherwise 🙂

  15. There’s an awful spin instructor at my gym. I refuse to go back to her classes. She actually threatens to turn the music up. Umm, please do! It motivates me! 😦 This woman is crabby, cranky, and just doesn’t make her classes fun at all.

    I take my BP class w/ a lot of older women. They’re always off from the beat. Haha.

  16. I am always curious about people who say they don’t cook. If you don’t cook, what do you eat!? I think dining out or eating cereal every night would be horrible!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  17. Oh no! Does that really bother you? I’m usually in the front row so I can see the instructor and not be obstructed by other people in the class. I’m DEFINITELY the only one who’s not going with everyone at the same time 😦

  18. I feel like I’m ALWAYS cooking. I would have asked the woman “you mean you don’t”?

  19. I only cook about twice a week…that is, if omelettes and chicken with veggies count 🙂

    I recently had a terrible step instructor. It was a mid-level class and I’m pretty coordinated, but I kinda needed a bit more instruction than he was willing to give. He hardly demonstrated ANY of the moves and declared, “I’m not the one that needs the workout, you do!” I was thinking, “Based on that beer gut, buddy, you need this waaay more than me!” I hate when instructors get lazy :/


  20. I had this instructor for a pilates class that was SO perky and annoying that I actually left in the middle of the class. There were about 100 people though, so she might not have noticed, but yeah. Terrible.

    I am always shocked when I hear people don’t cook. And then I think of how much time I’d have to do other things. Even on days I eat leftovers, it seems to still take at least 30 min!

  21. Oh dear heavens, try INSTRUCTING when the front row peeps are off beat. It’s not fun!

  22. hahaha, clearly you get annoyed by the off beat peeps. I wonder if that would be me… haha. I had an awful spin teacher who yelled the whole time in this pitchy ass voice. I wanted to break my seat off and jam it in her pie hole

    I do cook but my meals are often simple with few ingredients. Whenever I do cook and actual meal that takes some time, I feel really pleased with myself.

  23. I’ve had a few instructors who CANNOT COUNT TO FOUR… that should be a Pump-requisite. 😉

    You are great with your weekly mileage! WOW! Some day I will get there. Some day.

    Horst is hilarious. He just cracks me up.

  24. I love salmon. Could eat it 6x a day 🙂

  25. The worst instructor I ever had was in a spin class – he would count down EVERY. SINGLE. INTERVAL. in 5 second increments — “okay, 90 seconds left on the hill…85…80…75…” — it drove me crazy, and made the workout seem a million times longer! 😦

  26. That pilaf looks awesome!

    I wish I could afford to cook onc or twice a wk–financially and healthwise.

  27. Hi Kelly 🙂 Like you, I am an avid runner and love the feeling that I get from exercise. Do you ever wonder, or worry, if you overtrain and/or are addicted to exercise? I think it is probably very rare to run 10 miles and do a lifting class in one day and was just curious if you ever second guessed yourself? I am not, in any way, accusing you of anything…just wanted to get your feedback since people have questioned me.

    • Am I addicted to running…probably. Am I okay with that? Yes. I make sure that I fuel up properly and maintain a healthy weight (for me) with a healthy BF % and BMI. I have found that when I weight too little I don’t run as well so that is motivation for me to keep myself healthy. I realize that my workout schedule isn’t for everyone but it works for me. No one usually questions it because the people around me see how hard I try to keep my body heathy via food and rest. I try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night and I rest a lot during the day since I have the luxery of making my own schedule and basically work from home. 🙂

  28. Sounds like a bummer class 😦 I’m impressed that you cook every night! I try to, but we usually end up having leftovers every other day, which isn’t too bad 🙂

  29. One of the main reasons I try not to do classes in my school gym is because of the instructors. The instructors are all students, though some are really awesome, the majority lack enthusiasm! I had this one spinning instructor whose attitude and music mix was terrible, I have never again taken her classes!

  30. …does using the Microwave count? …or the George Foreman?…or premade pizza crusts? ;)…

  31. I had a really terrible instructor at my old gym– she was very distracted throughout EVERY class she taught! She would tell bad jokes, laugh at herself, and lose count of what we were doing! We ended up getting really off-balanced workouts, or practically no workout at all. So annoying!

    Oh, and I cook almost every night, too! 😀

  32. Kelly, are you kidding me? THAT is your “boring” dinner??? hahaha.
    I’ve only been to 2 group workouts so far and both of them went pretty well. The only issue with the last one was that during the stretch portion, I couldn’t see the instructor. I missed most of the stretches because I couldn’t tell what was going on at all.

  33. I love taking polls!! 😉 We cook at home almost every night and go out to eat about once every 2 weeks. This weekend will be weird b/c we’re going out twice in the same weekend… it’s Andrew’s 30th birthday weekend!! 🙂

    Worst fitness instructor I had was in a spinning class and she was so boring and monotone and her music sucked.

    Your dinner looks wonderful!! 🙂

  34. […] I’m a foodie. I run, and I like to run, but I looove to cook and eat. My gut reaction to this post from Kelly was “You mean people don’t cook every meal?!” like it was a shock to […]

  35. The worst group instructor I had was for a spin class. I had heard about this new spin instructor who was “soooo cute”, so I was looking forward to taking his class. I was very disappointed when I did finally have his class, because he thought he was cool when every other word out of his mouth was f***. Not only was that a turn-off, but it did not make the class very enjoyable. Once or twice is fine, but he must have said it 20+ times in a one hour class.

  36. I don’t like instructors that are not taking contact with the class, they seem to be there just for their own workout. And I like positive encoragement not yelling when doing exercises.

    Since I am instructor myself I know it’s a hard job to please all 🙂 I don’t like people who come to the class but never follow the instructions I give. Why to come if you don’t want to follow the flow or that the instructor helps you to do the moves correctly.

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