The Coupon Brat!

When Keith and I got married we registered for the 8 piece Calphalon cooking set! It is FABULOUS! What was even better was that we got it!! It included: 

  • 8 inch Omelette Pan
  • 10” Omelette Pan
  • 3 Qt. Sauce Pan with cover
  •  4 Qt. Sauté Pan with cover
  • 8 Qt. Stock Pot with cover

One of our BEST wedding gifts!

Also important to mention are these fun facts about Calphalon: 

  • You can cook with little or no oils, butter or fats.
  • 100% Dishwasher safe.
  • Handles stay comfortably cool on the stovetop.
  • Oven safe to 500ºF / 260ºC
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • So the lifetime warranty…how great is it? Pretty flipping great! We noticed that a few of our pans were not really up to par anymore. There was some flaking on the inside and it seemed like we were in need of some new ones. Well we contacted Calphalon and were promptly sent a brand new set (BRAND SPANKIN NEW) in return for our old ones! Um…yeah! DEAL!  

    Now I know Calphalon is REALLY expensive but I am here to tell you that it is 100% worth it (in my opinion…and no Calphalon is not paying me to say this). I just really like it and I really believe that investing in a good set of pots and pans is a must! Sometimes you pay for quality and with Calphalon is more than worth the cost!  

    With all of that said, OpenSky has agreed to offer a 30% discount to ANYONE who orders the Calphalon set out of my OpenSky Store. (That is a savings of $134.70!!) Just type in coupon code: healthy30 at checkout to receive your discount! This is an AWESOME deal people and really great if you were thinking about investing in a set of really good cookware!  


    Next I REALLY need to introduce you to someone. So without further ado….Hello, my name is Bratty. Bratty Bratterson. Nice to meet you. 🙂 

    That is my nick name given to me by my friend Heidi many years ago and, what can I say, it stuck. And don’t think Keith doesn’t call me that from time to time! What’s funny is that it is 100% completely true! I can definitely be a hardcore BRAT! It isn’t like I mean to be, but sometimes my inner brattiness just comes out. Need an example? Let me set the scene: 

    Kelly and Keith are playing a friendly game of Scrabble. There are only two outcomes possible: Kelly wins or Keith wins. So let’s start with Kelly winning! I win and what do I do? Jump up and down, fist pump, mock Keith and basically TOTALLY gloat all the way around! Brat? Most definitely! Okay, now Keith wins! What do I do? I pout, forcefully put the game away and give Keith the 5 minute silent treatment. Brat? Double definitely! So I have without a doubt EARNED my nickname! I am trying to work on my brattiness and usually I am pretty good, but every so often that ugly brat bug does rear its nasty head! 

    Do you have a nickname? Does it suit you? 

    With that….Happy Monday from Bratty Bratterson to YOU! 


    41 Responses

    1. I do not have a nickname. THANK GOD. I’m awful with handling teasing 🙂

    2. i have lots of nicknames…in my family i was gaga (the ORIGINAL lady gaga!! lol) bc my bro couldn’t say my name, with my high school friends/water polo team/ even my teachers my nickname was shaniqua. longgg story behind that one 🙂

    3. I don’t have a nickname… that I know of 😉

      I’ve been wanting to get a calphelon set for ages now! This justifies my reason for buying a set 🙂

    4. I can’t believe they replaced your pans! How awesome 😉

      love the nickname, I’ve been known to do some serious gloating after a scrabble win!

    5. I love Calphalon – absolute favorite type of pots and pans. I know that All-Clad is supposed to be better, but I stick with Calphalon.

    6. I don’t really have any nicknames, but your story reminds me of how my husband and I cannot play tennis together because every time we do it ends up in a gigantic fight! (usually because of me!)

    7. Sometimes I can get really pouty when things don’t go my way and my best friend and mom will call me “Princess Katie.” As in, “Snap out of it, you’re acting like Princess Katie again!!”

    8. I bought ONE calphalon omelet pan and LOVE it. Its one of those hippie, non-stick, non-cancer causing ones. Good to hear they have such great customer service!

      I’m a total brat. Sore loser, gloating winner. Yep, that is why I now stay away from organized sports. I’ve even had a run ruined by the fact that someone “beat” me. 😀

    9. Just the fact that it comes iwth a lifetime warranty makes it worth the money! geez thats nice! Id love to buy some, but, since Im still living witwh a roomie, Im not investing in anything nice till I get my own place…ahhh someday!

    10. Dishwasher-safe pots and pans? That’s awesome. That would make life about a gazillion times easier. Right now, the ones I have need to be hand washed. I’ve heard Calphalon is really nice. But that makes it convenient, too.

    11. brat I is! sounds just like me. If I dont get what I really want, I will pout and give Ian the silent treatment. Sometimes he caves and lets me have what I want, other times he just leaves the room. haha.

      oh my gah! that scrabble outcome sounds exactly like me and Ian. I always lose though so the pout and silent treatment is a given. He always wins, even against his parents. His mom was so mad when he earned a triple word score fo only using one letter “X” and making the word OX!

    12. Hahahh, my nick name is Muffin Head because I went through an intense period of baking muffin, after muffin, after muffin.

      Also, Beaner

      and Morgan. I tried to change my name to Morgan a few years ago but most people wouldn’t buy into it. My dad however, still calls me that.

    13. Hehe, hard to believe you could be a brat!! I definitely have my bratty moments… Andrew can tell you allllllllll about them!! 😉 My only nickname is Em, but used to nanny for some kids and the entire family called me Lou. I loved it! 😉

    14. my nickname is bubbles cause i used to blow spit bubbles when i was a baby. haha – mortifying. 🙂

      – Beth @

    15. Haha! Scrabble is a hard core game! My husband and I play all the time and someone is always gloating or pouting! Rena is the only nickname I have and that is from my sister who could not say her “S’s” when she was little.

    16. Oh man scrabble brings out the worst in everyone! So hard core! One of my good friends is getting married in Sept and just registered over the weekend. We were looking at her registry today and I am so jealous of all the cool kitchen stuff she’s getting.

    17. I’m a brat too…although my sister has started calling me “The real boss,” which is equally annoying 🙂

      Are you a younger sibling? I find that brattiness often goes along with that (and I can say that, because I’m a bratty younger sibling 🙂 )

    18. I have calphalon pans and LOVE them so much.

      My husband has about 200 nicknames for me, but one similar to yours is “Grumpface McGee”…when ever I’m grumpy (unfortunately too often), that nickname comes out. It’s totally deserved, and usually puts a smile on my face…thus ending the grumpiness.

      • Those husbands are smart aren’t they? Whenever Keith calls me Bratty Bratterson I instantly start laughing and the brattiness goes away! Pretty sneaky boys….

    19. whoa! a whole new set??? that’s awesome!

    20. yes i have a nickname my hubs calls me, no, it’s not printable 🙂

      the cookware and open sky. very cool. I see everyone doing the open sky thing, wondering if i should jump on or not…

      the GF Namaste brownies…NICE!!!! I am GF and vegan and not sure if those are vegan but they sure look amazing!!!

    21. Bratty Bratterson! I love that! I like to use a form of that, too… I give people a hard time and call them Whiney McWhinerson and Silly McSillerson and such…

      Considering I have such a short name, my friends get really creative. I’m apparently Sexy Bax (Imagine JT singing “I’m bringing Sexy Bax…” and also Amy got Bax (yes, that’s to Sir Mixalot’s Baby got Back). My personal fav is just “Miss Bax”, which is what my guy friends in college started calling me when my xbox Halo player was called Miss Bax. It sounds classy… even if I am not so much…

    22. haha I was called brat in high school by some boy I worked with. I have no idea why though…;)
      My real nickname is Jules. My aunt, one cousin, and random co-workers/friends call me it. I like it 🙂

    23. I’ve been called Mad Dog Madeline since I was a wee one!

    24. Haha, I love Bratty McBratterson! But really I can’t even imagine you being an ounce of brat. However, I can definitely be a bit of a pouter. My boyfriend and I are very competitive and we’re always joking about who acts like more of a sore loser, or worse- who shoves the win in the other’s face. I like to just leave it at: “I win.”
      Have a wonderful night!!

    25. What a fun question!

      My family (especially my mom) calls me Tini Thunfischli. Tini is a modification of ChrisTINA. Thunfischli is Swiss and means little Tunafish. You can pretty much put a LI at the end of every noun and it turns into a cute version of the word. They call me that because it sounds cute, they think I am cute (I am the smallest in my family, tiny) and I like food including Tuna (I guess I ate that a lot as a child).

    26. Nothing exciting, just Elle, which I like. In high school my friends called me Ellebow, except they said it like Elle-BOW! What can I say, we were kinda ghetto…

    27. I LOVE CALPHALON. We got it for our wedding, too.

      Nicknames: Norky, Chicky, Pumpkin, Ralph, Tank. Yep.

    28. At work they call me bubbles because I’m all over the place, and kind of airy. Lol so yah, it suits me.

    29. Hello. My name is Red Hurricane.

      Unfortunately, the name fits me well. Like my namesake, I’m pretty quiet but when I get mad, I simmer for a while, then just unleash. It’s not pretty and I’m still a work-in-progress.
      Before the hurricane, it was just “Red”. And often used in phrases like “look out, Red’s not happy”.

    30. hmmm that cookware is tempting….

      the paris food blague

    31. NICE score on the pans and pots 🙂 they look awesome!

      my nickname: Nums. It started when i was young and EVERYONE calls me that!…feel free haha

    32. So Scrabble deserves being Bratty!! 🙂 Cheers luv.

    33. haha. I can be a total brat too 🙂 I think my dad has that same set! Pots and pans aren’t really my thing (i live at home, so I don’t really have my own kitchen stuff) but maybe this would be a good investment!

      I don’t really have any nicknames. Just stuff like “sammi sosa” and “sam-oh” & one of the cooks at my work calls me “sam diggity” lol. Never really understood why.

    34. oh man, i am a total brat at heart…and i don’t like it! haha, but i try to keep the brattiness to a minimum 🙂 the only nickname i have is Scooter, and only my husband calls me that (don’t really know the story but I thought the nickname was cute!)

    35. HA! I’m totally the same way about winning/losing…:)

      Oddly…my work nickname is Pinnochio. Not because I lie a lot. But because this one client was really, well, not all there. And came to the office asking for Pinnochio Dumbar. (Not my first or last name). Pinnochio =/= Penelope either. 🙂

      But, now I have a sign on my office door that says “Pinnochio Dumbar, Esq.”

    36. My mom calls me Lulu. And my best friend’s family calls me Jeans, as in Lee Jeans.

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