Sunday Lovin!

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great Saturday night! As you know, Keith and I saw The Blindside over the much debated Avatar! And the verdict: FABULOUS movie! I loved it! But I should tell you that I am a huge sucker for those feel good sports movies! It was totally right up my alley and I loved that it was a true story. Given my love for professional football I think it was a no brainer that I was going to like this. I thought Sandra Bullock was awesome and I hope she wins the Academy Award for her performance!! 🙂

Then we came home and watched the bronze medal hockey game between Finland and Slovakia. Keith is a big hockey fan. He used to play when we was younger and then he even coached a 12-year old league for a while. I am learning all the rules and speaking of feel good sports movies…I think I want to see Miracle next. When I mentioned it to Keith he told me that  movie is based on the story that inspired him to take up hockey as a kiddo! We also watched a bit of the Combine but we are both a bit unimpressed with the recruiting class (as a whole) this year. There are definitely some good individual prospects, but as a whole…eh…we aren’t too into this time around.

Of course we can’t watch all these good views without some good eats! I might have indulged with one of these that I stole off Keith’s Valentine’s Day candy card:

3 Musketeers Goodness

It was YUM and I didn’t share! haha!!

So I know all of you are wondering what my truth was from yesterday. It was #4! My Dad is a part-time actor and had a role in the movie Ms. Congeniality! Isn’t that a trip? Also a random fact…he used to be on the big airport billboard that said, “Welcome to Austin!” It was pretty funny!! But what can I say…I have a good-looking Dad!

Me and My Daddy!

I hope you enjoyed the game…I thought it was fun. And it was really interesting seeing what you guys thought was the truth!

What are your Sunday plans?

I have some laundry and a gold medal Canada/USA hockey game to watch! USA! USA! USA! And then closing ceremonies tonight. Should be fun! Enjoy the day everyone!


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  1. I’m a total sucker for those movies as well! I’ve been wanting to see the blindside so I’m glad that you liked it so much!
    That’s awesome about your dad! Now I want to go back and watch it to see if I can recognize him in it!

    Sunday plans… Ihop! then the movies (probably Dear John 🙂 the boyfriend let me pick the movie, obviously lol), then work at 4.. 3… no, 4… I should check on that. lol.

    Have fun watching the game! Hopefully the bar tvs will be turned to that channel so I can watch some of it!

  2. Go Canada!!! HAHA – sorry, we’ll have to agree to disagree. Wow – I have to watch Ms. Congeniality now to see your good-looking Pops ;)…oh and did Keith like the movie as well or was it more “sappy” like?

  3. My plans is to get back to campus after a family lunch(hopefully). I always liked how airy 3 Musketeers are

  4. I’m glad you loved The Blindside! It totally made me cry when I saw it…and I’m not a crier.

    Ok, I’m off for a quick easy run…and finally getting out on my bike for the first time since September. This may be vvverry interesting.

  5. You’re a sucker for sports movies . . . I’m a sucker for dad-daughter pictures. SO cute. I’m glad you have been having such a nice weekend. I’ve got to get my bum in gear for school today, but right now I’m watching a movie. 😉

  6. Your dad is so handsome! That is so cool that he is a part time actor. 🙂

  7. I can’t believe I guessed it right!

    We are going cross country skiing, then back here for the hockey game! USA!

    • That cracks me up that you are going cross country skiing…snow is such a rarety for me that I can’t imagine just waking up, strapping on skiis and going. Sounds awesome though!Have fun!

  8. a) I LOVE the movie Miracle!! All the boys in the family are big hockey fans, so even though I don’t know what’s going on, I still get SUPER pumped. l)

    b) Your dad is SUPER handsome!!

    c) I hope YOU have a SUPER Sunday!! Sundays are my favorite day of the week.. I have practice, church, a bloggy meet-up (!!) , a sprinkling of homework, and of course, HOCKEY tonight!

  9. That’s awesome!!! I love that movie. GO USA!!!

  10. Awww– what a great picture of you and your pop! So glad you liked the movie– I still want to see it!

  11. I ❤ 3 musketeers! They are so fluffy and refreshing. I'm really close with my dad too! Your picture makes me miss home! Sunday is going to be a lazy day… I should be doing work but it is cold and miserable out. My bed looks extra cozy today.

  12. I thought so! I didn’t get to read yesterday’s post till just before this one, but I thought for sure that had to be right…unless you are the most randomly creative person out there 😉

    Today? I just finished a run, later on a cookout with the fam and then getting ready for the week with hubby. Boo Sunday Nights!

  13. you do have a good lookin dad, it’s obviously genetic! very cool about the movie/billboard. my mom was on a billboard for a phone company, isn’t that random? glad you liked the movie, i’ll have to get around to seeing it!

  14. That is so fun about your dad! I loved Miracle, it’s definitely worth renting!

  15. oh, u are so beautiful kelly. really.
    i hope to add you to my blogroll if thats alright with u. u are a positive person, and i am trying to surround myself with good people.

  16. Definitely going to watch the hockey game!! Hopefully get to the gym for a quick lifting sesh before it too. That’s awesome about your dad!!

  17. aww love that picture of you and your dad! he is a cutie 🙂 and i lOVE hockeyt oo!


  18. Ohhh he is handsome! Roar!! kidding, kidding. On a serious note–in college I had a crush on my professor who was so old he used a cane. Hahah.

    Blindside was sooo amazing.

  19. I was totally right!! I love Sandra Bullock so much!! Did your dad meet her?? So cool that he was in a movie!! I’ll have to look for him next time. What part did he play??

    Have a LOVELY Sunday!! 🙂

    • He did get to meet her and he said she is REALLY down to earth!! Do you remember in the movie where she goes through her beauty transformation? He played one of the people who took her from ugly to beautiful! haha!

  20. Ahh, 3 Musketeers were my favorite candy bar!!! That photo is making me think they’d be worth the distress!

    Sunday is not a funday this week. Work work. Back to work.

  21. I LOVED The Blindside. It was really good eh?

    That is SO cool that your dad was in Ms Congeniality!

  22. Oh my gosh I LOVED the Blind Side SO much. Just so much!! I’m glad you liked it, too. Also – that’s very cool about your dad! He is a handsome guy 🙂

  23. Ohh I love Ms. Congeniality–so cool!

    I also love Three Musketeer bars, haven’t had one in forever. They are “healthier” than a lot of other candy bars. Random fact: I’m a triplet and my mom made us dress as the Three Musketeers for Halloween for like three years in a row. Alrighty then, I’ll stop while I’m ahead… 😉

  24. lol so cool about your dad! haha

  25. Miracle is a must-see. Disclaimer: I am a hockey player and I may be biased…but it is based off a true story and I just love it!! So inspiring 🙂

    You and your dad are SO cute!

  26. WOW your dad looks so freaking young! thats such an adorable pic!!
    i loved the blindside-SOOO GOOD!

  27. I loved Blind Side too- I am the same way about those movies, love them!

    That’s so awesome that your dad was an actor…too bad he didnt get you into the commercial at age 4 haha

  28. Great site girl! I can’t wait to read more. I have heard such great things about the Blindside, I’ll have to check it out!

  29. mmmm 3 Musketeers is such a delicious candy bar!! I love those almost as much as I love Reese’s PB Cups.
    Sounds like you and Keith had a wonderful day together! So glad you enjoyed the movie!
    Have a great night, Kelly!!

  30. OMG, I LOVED BLINDSIDE. Such a good story! Plus Sandra Bullock – dang her character was the shit & her clothes were soooo hot!

  31. The hockey game was very exciting!

  32. Love the picture of you and your dad! Now, I really need to see Ms. Congeniality again, so fun!

  33. If you like football and enjoyed the Blindside, you should read the book. It’s even better than the movie and provides a more analytical perspective of the Oher story. It’s great!

  34. That is too funny about your dad. Yes, I agree, he is a good looking guy. hehe.

    I don’t know if I have any random facts…I’m sure I do, I’d have to think about it.
    I do have a labradoodle named Licky and a crazy goldendoodle named Twix who is the size of a pony. hehe. ANd I got married in Vegas. I’ve met Jerry Springer and I was on Criss Angel Mindfreak. Oh, maybe I do have some random things going on. lol

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