Sure, I’ll Take A Friday!

Holy cow…can you believe it is already Friday? I am shocked at how fast this week sped by! Goodness! This week was crazy (weather-wise) for me too. It started on Monday in the 70’s, by Wednesday it was snowing, and today we are back in the upper 60’s. Good lord…anyone want to move to Austin?! haha! 

Workout was awesome this morning. I am definitely sore from Body Pump (I apparently have  shoulder muscles!!) and from my 14 mile run from yesterday. So today was definitely a day for a lighter load. That lighter load was a 7 mile run followed by 25 minutes on the stairmaster. Side note: I ADORE the stairmaster! Anything that works my booty is a machine I heart! 

So dinner last night…TACOS! I simply put a package of frozen, boneless skinless chicken thighs in the crockpot with a jar of salsa (mango black bean salsa) and let it go on low all day long! The chicken literally shreds and makes the perfect filling for some taco goodness. Add some black beans…and you are good to go!! 

Who Doesn't Love Tacos??

So movie update! After some helpful comments from you guys yesterday and some MAJOR convincing the hubs has agreed to forgo Avatar on Saturday afternoon and instead has agreed to seeing The Blindside! I am SO excited about this selection and (um) grateful to not have to sit through a 3 hour movie! Because really that sounds AWFUL for a mover and shaker like myself! haha! 

I will be back this afternoon with my ASK ME! post…lots of great questions this week. You will really like it! Promise! 

Do you have any fun Friday night plans?  

Not us. We are typically not Friday night “go-outers” so we will be home watching the Olympics…hockey!! Woot Woot!


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  1. I think I’m being a boring old granny tonight… 🙂 Your tacos look so yummy!

  2. Lol– your “light load” would do me in 🙂

    I stll want to see The Blind Side!! I’m hoping to see it before the Oscars!

  3. The Blind Side is EXCELLENT!

    I’m no longer a party animal. We will pull out our old people blankets and snuggle on the love seat watching a movie.

  4. Keith is a KEEPER for sure to change his mind girl!! Hey – there’s still football in the film right ;)…oh my LORD – you have sooooo excited about my slow-cooker – I am so excited to try so many things I don’t know where to start!! Do you just melt the cheese in the taco fillings then at the end when you “assemble” them?

    • Yup! I just fill the tacos and then add the cheese. It melts because the chicken mixture is hot. This is such a good and easy recipe and you can alter the flavor based on the type of salsa you use! Enjoy!

  5. I loved Blind Side! I’m going to a party to celebrate my friends’ 1st wedding anniversary!

  6. Isn’t it funny how you find “new” muscles from time to time!!! LOL. We aren’t really go-outers either. We’ll typically meet up with a few friends for happy hour right after work. And I mean like 5-6, not 7-10. Then home, into PJs, make pizza, play pool.

  7. In the 70’s?! I want to move to Austin!!

    Love body pump. But I am ashamed to say, I have not gone for a while. And the longer you wait…the harder it is to go again. 😦 You inspired me though. I will just GO! Thanks!

  8. I could totally go for tacos tonight. Those sound great.

    I have to be honest, I thought Avatar was so much better than Blindside. Not that it wasn’t cute and all, but I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. Sandra Bullock seems like the nicest actress, but she’s really not that good.

  9. Oh I wanted to see The Blindside too! Can’t wait to see what you think of it. I love making tacos that way. I do most of my dinners in the crockpot and that’s one that my husband loves. To me it tastes just like chicken tacos in a mexican restaurant. Minus all the grease 🙂

  10. One of my favorite lolcats is about tacos: “TACO CAT is a palindrome.” Those tacos look great.

    My Friday plans are so killer: FINANCE TEST STUDYING. Um…

  11. Those tacos look so easy!!! Yum! As for Friday nights, we’re usually on the couch with an adult beverage or two, or we may go out and get really wild – grocery shopping!!!!

  12. I’d love to go out for a movie, but I think we might be stuck inside with takeout and a movie if this snow keeps up much longer!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  13. hey hey gorgeous girlie!! umm I loveeee your “light-load” workout day…can I please come visit and be your workout buddy for a week! haha! Our intensities match beautifully!! I was actually sitting down to plan my workout today and was contemplating the Stairmaster+SpinClass combo…hurts soooo good!! 🙂 Have a great evening watching HOCKEY!! ahhh I’m excited already..gooooo USA! xoxo!

  14. I’m usually a stay in kind of gal on Friday night. Gotta rest up from the long week ya know?! I’ve been craving tacos and I think that will be my big meal of next week–yum!!

  15. I have NO friday night plans because of this huge snow storm we just got in NY. Hopefully I’ll get in some type of at home workout because I can’t get to the gym. Have a great weekend!

  16. YUMMM !! Those tacos look great. I love the blue corn hard shells! And I’ve done the same thing with the chicken and salsa in a crock pot! Isn’t it amazing how tender and flavorful it is with only two ingredients?
    I’m the same way about Friday nights- love a good relaxing night on the couch with my love and a good movie.
    Enjoy your weekend! You’ll love “The Blindside!”

  17. My boyfriend and I are going to see Shutter Island tonight! I love scary movies, so I’m pumped!

  18. We usually have a bunch of the kids friends in for dinner and a movie. Not this weekend though – the house will be full of 30 (YIKES!) 7th and 8th graders for a church retreat. That starts at 9pm tonight. This afternoon before the madness begins though, I am taking daughter #2 to see The Lightening Thief and out to dinner. Have fun at The Blindside – I haven’t seen it but daughter #1 liked it so much she saw it twice. I loved Avatar – the 3 hours passed in a blink.

  19. I surprisingly LOVE avatar and that typically isnt my type of move. at all. LOVED The Blindside too. It will make you want to be a better person. Not that you’re not already great. The more I see awesome recipes with meat, the more I want it. AHHH!

    Happy Friday!

  20. nice work on the movie persuasion! i heard blindside is really really good. even my brother and dad liked it, and they much prefer things like avatar. lord only knows why. men. yay friday, have a great one kell!

  21. I amazed at your physical workouts. It should be something to aspire to! I’m stuck in my 4 days of physical activity right now, due to studying. Anyway, we ARE Friday night “date night” people. Now just to find a restaurant for the evening.

  22. Oh the Blindside, I want to see that so bad! Your tacos looks majorly yummy. Also, your workout schedule amazes and inspires me.

  23. I have such bad luck cooking with chicken thighs, although I’ve never done them in the CP. Yummers! Friday nights…nothing exciting as T works in the am and that is my long ride with T3, up and at ’em early!

  24. Who doesn’t love tacos? No one that I want to be friends with. Mango Black Bean salsa is the best!
    3 hours in the theater in an afternoon sounds like torture to me! Unless it’s raining…or snowing. Then, sign me up!

  25. the blindside was SUCH a great movie!!!

  26. I missed commenting yesterday so I didn’t cast my vote. I haven’t seen the Blind Side, but Avatar was a visually amazing movie. The plot isn’t strong and it reminded me of that old cartoon movie Fern Gully, but the computer images are gorgeous. I saw it in 3D and was entertained for the entire show.

  27. I LOVE tacos….I think if I had to chose one food, to eat for the rest of my life, Taco’s would be it.

    I might just add something like this to my menu for next week.

  28. I’m going out to a dinner for my friend’s b-day then EARLY to bed!

  29. I have been looking forward to Friday since Monday 9 AM!

    We aren’t doing much tonight either.. got a ride tomorrow so have to up and ready for it early in the AM.

  30. The Blindside was great! And I can’t do 3 hour movies…I primarily go to disney and other childrens movies because they tend to only be 90minutes long. Unless I’m racing, I have a 90minute attention span. 🙂

  31. I don’t go out on Friday night either. It’s my night of rest after a long ass work week!!

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