Ask Me Friday!

Thanks to everyone who submitted anonymous questions via my new ASK ME! Page. I am going to be answering all the questions every Friday so keep them coming!!       

Question: What do you consider to be your most annoying habit?   

I would say my lack of self confidence. I tend to doubt myself A LOT! It completely surprises me when people say they are inspired by me or that they admire me. The first thing I think is, Why? I am just really bad about giving myself any credit and I tend to consider myself a failure if I am not “perfect”…I am working on it…with a lot of supportive help from the hubs.   

Question: Do you and Keith have any pets?   

We do! We have a very old dog named, Kodi. He is actually Keith’s dog and he is 14!!   


Question: How long have you and Keith been married?   

We will have been married 4 years on April 30th! I can’t believe it has been 4 years!! WOW! But I have enjoyed every minute of it! 🙂   

I just LOVED our wedding cake! I wish we still had some…although it would probably be quite freezer burned after 4 years!


Question: You reference your mom’s cooking a lot, do you have a favorite mom recipe?   

My mom is a GREAT cook! She has so many great dishes it is definitely hard to just choose one. Um…I guess if I HAD to pick I would chose her shrimp creole (although she does make a mean King Ranch Chicken). This past January we went to the beach and she made it for us! Isn’t is it pretty?   


Question: What is the one kitchen accessory you can’t live without?   

Ooh…I am going to go with my toaster oven. I know that sounds crazy but it is a lifesaver! I don’t use the microwave a whole lot and this is so much better for reheating things or cooking for just me and Keith. We have a Black and Decker
TRO651. (Picture below)   

Our Toaster Oven

 Question: What type of running shoes do you wear? Do you run and workout inthe same shoes?   

 I wear Kswiss. I like two different styles: the Kanejo and the K-Ona. The K-Ona are lighter and so I typically like those for my races and the Kanejo’s are typically what I use on my cross training days. Both are awesome! I do NOT wear the same shoes I run in to lift weights or do cross training. So I have like 4 or 5 pairs of shoes all the time. I have my Kswiss Kanejos for running and then another pair for cross-training and weight lifting. This extends the life of your shoes and I think it is important to keep your running shoes as truly running shoes…that way you can see the patterns of your foot strike and get a good idea of your stride pattern.   


Question: Here’s a question from some of the ladies in our body pump class. It seems as though all of us want to increase our weight during the squat track. However, it just adds more pressure on our back and we end up with a sore lower back. Not from the back track! Is there any postitioning tips you can give us? Our instructor just said not to use as much weight. But we all feel like the weight we are using is too easy. What do you or your husband think?   

When doing any kind of squat movement your stance and posture are the MOST IMPORTANT. I think you can add more weight as long as when you do you still maintain proper form and technique. Really focus on the following things:   

  • Keeping the  core tight and locked in. Always!
  • Sitting WAY back into the squat. Pretend you are sitting onto a chair that isn’t there. The more ridiculous it feels the more right it is! Really push that booty back!
  • Make sure your knees are at a 90 degree angle. You should always be able to see your toes. If you can’t then your knees are too far forward.
  • Push through the heels. You should be able to lift your toes in your shoes while squatting.
  • Control the squat descent and don’t just drop into it.

Hope these help…and keep me posted!   

Question: Do you always take a rest day? What are yours thoughts on overtraining? I want to push myself but am afraid of going to far…   

Yes! I always take Sundays completely 100% off. I sleep late, relax and eat! I have found that my body works really well with one day of complete rest. That doesn’t mean I don’t do anything…but I don’t do any form of traditional exercise. For me, Sundays are a natural rest day. But I have friends who take a rest day every 10th day and that works for them. Personally I think rest days are important and beneficial. I think once you find a pattern that works for you and your body you need to honor it and do what is best for you! My advice would be to experiment with different intervals. Some people need a rest day every 3 days, some every 6, some every 10…just play around with it and see what makes you feel the best and allows you to have optimal performance.   

Question: Two questions, do you do your long runs on the treadmill or only outside? Also do you ever workout with kettlebells?  

I do my long runs both places depending on 2 things: the weather and the time. First I need to say that I HAVE to do my run first thing in the morning. That is just how I roll. So, if the weather is pretty and I can run after it gets light out (around 6:30 – 7:00am) then I definitely prefer to be outside. But if the weather is gross and if I need to run early (like around 5:00 – 5:30am) then I stick to the treadmill. With that said I have never run longer than 14 miles on a treadmill. Anything longer than that…I just suck it up and go outside!  

As for kettlebells…yes I have done them and HOLY WOW they are a sick workout! Oh my gosh I have never been more sore than after a kettlebell workout. Keith is an awesome instructor and his classes are hardcore! Keith loves kettlebells so we have a set at the house and we take them with us on vacations…haha!  

Question: Do you do core work/abs? Everyday? What typically?  

I don’t do specific core work everyday but I do try to get in core workouts at least 2-3 times a week. But I also always try to engage my core when I am doing other things. When I run I keep my core pulled in, when I lift weights I make sure the abs are tight and alot times when I am working at my desk I will sit on a stability ball instead of a chair. This forces me to have good posture AND it engages the stomach and back muscles! When I do core work I do a lot of planks/hovers and more functional exercises with medicine balls versis traditional sit ups or crunches.  

Question: Do you strength-train?  

It is no secret that I HATE lifting weights but I know it is important. I have started doing Body Pump twice a week as a way to get my weight lifting in. Truthfully this is the only way I will do it. (Yes…even though my husband is a personal trainer and I am also certified…crazy I know! haha!)  

Question: What do you think of soy products? Seems like a lot of controversial research.  

I agree that there is a lot of controversial research regarding soy. But this is true for almost everything on the market (diary, organic foods, kombucha, teas, caffeine, etc…)  I treat soy like I treat everything else…everything in moderation. I don’t eat it all the time…maybe like 2 or 3 times a month. But honestly, I found that cutting out soy really helped with my digestion. About a year ago I was eating it like 2 or 3 times a week and once I cut back things go a lot more smoothly…shall we say! 🙂 So as a personal choice I don’t eat it a lot.  

Question: Two things – what taco shells did you use in last nights dinner and when and why did you choose to eat gluten free? 
 The taco shells are blue-corn shells from a company called Garden of Eatin and they are both gluten-free and organic.  


 As for going gluten-free. I do not have Celiac disease but I do think I have a gluten sensitivity. I do not have very good digestive system and I always noticed a slight bloat in my lower abs. So I removed gluten (about a year ago) and here is everything that got better almost immediately:  

  • My skin cleared up! I have never had acne but I always thought my skin was a little dull and after removing gluten my complextion brightened and I NEVER get pimples anymore!
  • I used to always get canker sores inside my mouth and I just thought it was normal. Since removing gluten I haven’t had them. Whenever I do go off the wagon and have a gluten-fest I will immediately get a canker sore.
  • I had lines (ridges) on my teeth and nails…remove gluten…ridges gone!
  • I have more regular bowl movements. This might be TMI but I used to only have a bowel movement about once a week and now I have 3 or 4. (still not great but getting better)

With that said, I am only about 90% gluten-free but it has changed my life! And now that America is becoming more health savvy there are a lot of gluten-free options and resturaunt menus now available!  

Question: What is your favorite run distance and have you always been this fast? 

Oh too sweet…I am blushing! My favorite distance is without a doubt the half marathon. I love it. To me, it is the perfect distance to really push yourself and also allows for some slight error. Meaning if you get stuck behind a slow pack, have a bad start or stop to grab water you still have time to make up lost time. As for my speed…I ran competitively in high school as a sprinter but didn’t have much endurance or long distance speed. That has taken a lot of training and work to get to where I am today. But I love it and sometimes wish I could afford a professional coach…just to see where that could lead me. But then I fear the “fun” of running would be lost. I don’t know…it is something Keith and I often talk about. 

Great questions this week! Thanks to everyone and keep them coming! With that, have a GREAT Friday night everyone!!


50 Responses

  1. I loved reading your question and answer, so fun! I probably should get more sneakers than just having running sneaks and wearing them all of the time. I want to get the bike shoes for spin next! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I was going to email you – but I figured I’d write it here – I have been looking into doing something with nutrition (I’m an elem. teacher now) how do you like the certification you got from the assdn?

  3. Shocks me that you doubt yourself….Well we all do I guess, it’s part of being human. Just goes to show how much everyone in the blogging community thinks of you. You would seriously keel over if you saw my running sneaks. I’ve been wearing them since Christmas in 08. Yep. They are actually too small width wise and my feet have actually busted through the fabric.

    • Oh PLEASE get new shoes!!! haha!

      Thanks for the kind words. It does amaze me sometimes that people are inspired by me. I love the blogging community because I have been blessed to meet so many amazing people (including you my friend!!!) 🙂

  4. Wow, going gluten free sounds like it was good to you! I wish I’d see those results

  5. Wow, GREAT Q&A!! Thanks for taking the time to answer so many questions!

    Do you know that we don’t even own a toaster oven? I guess we should get one!

  6. i have really bad lower ab bloating too. maybe ill try the gluten free thing for a week and see what happens. what do you think? and same thing goes for the bowel movements.

    • Definitely try it. I would say give it a good 10-14 days of going 100% gluten-free to let it work its way out of your system.

      • did you do a post about going gluten free so i have some kind of guidelines?

      • YES! I have done a bunch…just go type in ‘gluten-free’ into the search box on my blog and will pull up all the posts I have done about gluten-free products. Also if you go to the Top Posts Tab at the top of the blog there is a post where I do a whole review on all GF products! I hope this helps!!

  7. Your wedding cake was beautiful! Toaster oven is my go to appliance also.

  8. Lots of great info about you in this post!! Thanks for sharing so much about yourself with us!! 🙂

  9. first of all, thank you so much for your encouraging comment!! seriously, you are awesome and i LOVE YOUR BLOG

    love these Q and A’s!! yay for being married 4 years! aww

  10. Everyone says that they see their belly bloat dissappear after going gluten free. Any idea why that is?

    Great answers! Your wedding cake was beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh my gosh I LIVE by my toaster oven. My husband thinks it’s the stupidest thing I registered for (he likes pop up toasters) but seriously, I couldn’t live without. (You can tell my hubby doesn’t do the cooking…)

  12. Great questions and answers 🙂

    I HATE weight-lifting too! Hate, hate, hate it!! I’m really bad about lifting now that I workout from home. I need to improve on this!

    I hate my toaster oven…I don’t think I’m very good at using it. I need to improve. I know so many people just love theirs!

    Have a great weekend, Kelly!

  13. aw your anniversary is coming up! i LOVE my toaster oven too, couldn’t live wihtout it! and lack of self confidence ismy most annoying habit as well. kodi looks great for an old man! re: soy: i think the problem with soy overdosing is when people consume a lot of processed foods. soy is in EVERYTHING these days; a lot of junk food is pumped full of it because it’s a subsidized crop so they have to get rid of it somehow! to me, soy eaten in forms like edamame, tofu, etc are totally safe and beneficial for health. asian cultures have been eating lots of soy like that for years and years and it has been proven to be healthy!

  14. Great post Kelly! I love those blue taco shells – I’ll have to keep a look out for them!

  15. One bowel movement a week? You poor thing! I’m pretty sure I’d be dead.

  16. Great Q&A! I also hate strength training but force myself to get to a class once a week 😉 You should think about getting a coach, that would be so awesome!

    And you are an inspiration to me 🙂

  17. Can I just say I love the Ask Kelly days!

    An epiphany occured while reading the “why gluten-free” part. I eliminated gluten about a month ago, and had to look at my nails after reading your comment…no ridges! I never knew why I had them and thought I was a freak of nature! And while we’re oversharing, my gluten sensitivity manifested itself in the opposite manner in terms of BMs…if you know what I mean. Not sure which is worse!

    I use my toaster oven to make small batches of cookies!

  18. You are so wise! 🙂 I love reading all of your answers!

  19. I have often thought about reducing my gluten intake. My digestion is poor also. I completely understand about the BM issues. Eating higher vegetarian has helped out a lot, but I still have bloating issues in the lower stomach area. I’m wondering if gluten causes this, because I eat bread often.

  20. What a great Q&A. Very informative about the squatting position and the different shoes. Also, April 30th is one of two days we’re looking at for our wedding! HOW FUNNY!

  21. great Q & A sesh!
    i am also GF and it has helped every symptom and random thing i couldnt put my finger on…and then some. that and being about 95% soy free too.

    when i first went gf i tried to replace traditional foods with a gf food. how expensive and tasteless! now, i dont bother and just eat my plant based high raw diet and am happy 🙂

  22. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I liked Julie and Julia but I went into it knowing that a lot of people didnt like it. My main reason for liking it was Meryl Streep. I just love her!

    Great blog! I was reading your answer about going gluten free I’m very similar to you. About a couple months ago I took out gluten and I no longer have stomach problems! I used to be constantly bloated and very irregular, if you know what I mean. I also always had bad stomach reactions to a lot of foods. Now I will occasionally have something with gluten in it and I have a little bit of a reaction but I find that if a stay mainly gluten free then I recover from stomach upsets so much quicker!

  23. I love your answers and hope that today you realize there’s no need to doubt that you are indeed someone rational people would admire! You seem to carry yourself with such friendliness, humility, and joy. Those are always things I like! Just sayin’, you know…

    I am sort of slack-jawed, realizing that perhaps I, too, might have some gluten issues. I definitely need a gastrointestinal intervention.

  24. Kodi got a haircut!

  25. You’re so right about the squats. If your knees are more than 90 degrees you run the risk of injury. I liked hearing that you hate lifting weights. It makes me feel better. I’ll never run even half as fast as you, but I do enjoy lifting. Makes me feel a little less lame!

  26. Ok, the body pump/back question totally made me think of a question I’ve been wanting to ask someone!

    Do you have tips on getting the weight onto your back in order to set up for the squat track? I know I can up my weight, but I can’t get the dang bar over my head! I’m totally afraid of injuring myself. I’ve asked others in the class for help with the lifting before, and my asking was not received well. Usually I use a “clean and press-like” technique, but the weight is dangerously heavy.

    • Hum…you must have super strong legs missy!!! I would say that the best way to lift the bar is the clean and press method (Keith agreed) any other “slinging” motion is liable to put way too much strain on your back!

  27. Hmmm…I’ve been wondering for awhile if I should cut out gluten. I had allergies when I was younger, my parents said we couldn’t have gluten, but now I’m wondering if that was just what they looked for to know something was wheat free. I know my egg allergy is still kicking around. Its not as severe, but I’ve been eating eggs this week and I’ve had a constant headache. Its more annoying than anything else.

  28. I love this Ask Me editon – so interesting! I can’t believe you’ve been married 4 years!! And what kind of wedding cake is it? Vanilla? I don’t think I’d be able to decide what I would want!!
    Interesting about the lower ab bloat…but I’m ALWAYS bloated no matter what it seems…bah…
    Have a great weekend and hope The Blind Side is good! I’m on course all weekend…again.

    • HAHA…we couldn’t decide either on the cake. So the bottom tier was chocolate with a cappacinio filling and then the other 2 tiers were white cake with an almond filling. IT WAS AMAZING!!! 🙂

  29. Half marathons are my favorite distance too!! You can really push yourself without completely breaking yourself down. And it takes a lot of work to be prepared to do your best, but you don’t have to completely abandon the rest of your life to fit all the running in. I’m with ya!

  30. Awesome Q&A, Kelly! Such thoughtful and elaborate responses!
    And I looooovee your wedding cake. When I get married, I’m bringing a picture of your cake to the bakery!

  31. I understand the struggle with self-confidence, but you are totally a smart, healthy, funny, beautiful role model and should be very proud of that. 🙂

  32. Hmm.. you’ve really got me thinking about gluten sensitivity! Ever since I was little I had trouble with bowel movements..only once a week like you! AND I have lower ab bloat. If you get a chance, I’d love more info!

  33. It’s late for me to comment on this post but I just read it and wanted to add a thought…
    You said that when you cut out gluten you had more frequent bowel movements… that is great! Same thing happened to me. And when I started eating mostly raw veggies and fruits and green morning smoothies it helped as well. But recently I started juicing almost every single day and have been for about a month now. I am now having about two bowel movements a day, if not more. It’s fabulous! Going my whole life constipated (I know, probably way too much info!) this is the key for me!
    Just a thought.

    Have a great day!

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