What Is A Sport?

Okay seriously I have to post a few pictures of my house right now. Keep in mind the following things: 1) I live in Austin, Texas and 2) it was 76 degrees here on Sunday (that was only 2 days ago)!!!

Texas Snow

My backyard

 Now I know this isn’t ‘real’ snow to some of you, but to us…this is CRAZINESS!!!

 Alright moving on, with the Olympics in full force I have constantly been hearing the age-old debate of what is versus what is not a “sport”. Example, is Ice Dancing a sport? Is Curling a sport? These are questions I am sure you have heard too if you have listened to ESPN or just random conversations regarding the Olympics these past few weeks. So I looked up the definition of a sport. According to The Free Dictionary.com:

sport //  (spôrt, sprt) n.

1. a. Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.

b. A particular form of this activity.

2. An activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively.
3. An active pastime; recreation.
So, then according to this definition of a sport I would have to say that Ice Dancing and Curling are both sports. I may not completely get the whole curling thing but it obviously takes skill, it is obviously governed by a set of rules and it is engaged in competitively. So…sport?! I guess so.
How do you define a sport?

27 Responses

  1. lol– I feel like the weather EVERYWHERE has just been crazy this year. Who knows what spring will be like!

  2. Wow that is nuts, more snow than we have here in Boston!

    Curling feels more like a sport to me than ice dancing…but what do I know haha.

  3. Your house is beautiful!
    I think they are all sports–esp since they are featured in the Olympics.

  4. Love your house!! So pretty in the TX snow!! 🙂

    Andrew and I were JUST talking about this, so funny!! I said that I think anything is a sport if you are physically competing to win something. So to me curling, ice dancing, diving, syncronized swimming, bowling, pool, are all sports to me!!

  5. it’s like the age old question: is cheerleading a sport? (which I don’t have a real opinion one way or the other 🙂 )

    My rule is much like Em’s…it there are doing something physically as a competition…then it’s a sport. So curling, ice dancing, yep. All sports.

    But then I get into, well are my marathons considered a sport? And for some reason, I have difficulty categorizing my endurance events as sports now that I just do it recreationally. When I was in college trying out for the national rowing team and stuff, sure, it was a sport. Now, I just hope in a boat to clear my mind. Or, maybe I just really like to invalidate myself.

    • No…I think our marathons are sports! Although it is sometimes hard for me, too, to consider my running a sport. Because then does that make us athletes? I have a hard time classifying myself as an athlete for some reason. Keith argues that we ARE DEFINITELY athletes…but sometimes it is hard for me to see that in myself.

      On a side note…you were on the national rowing team?! WOWZERS!

  6. I’m kind of strict with this for no real reason–it’s not like I participate in a very physical sport. But I just don’t think curling counts. Sorry, but if that counts so does being a janitor. Harsh, I know, but I’m so sick of seeing curling on TV instead of something halfway interesting.

  7. haha you’re so cute with your snow! You’re house is beautiful btw. I LOVE the brick.

    Ive never understood curling, but its competitive and done with a team so I consider it a sport.

    What bothers me is that theyre trying to get pole dancing into the summer olympics. Really?
    Anything that requires you to wear stilletos is NOT a sport. It may be a workout, but so is wrestling in a pool of KY jelly and they would NEVER include that.

  8. what the crazy weather!?? wayyy crazier than mine (sunny days then POURing rain days!) I hope your 2xday is going fabulously!! I define a sport as anything that you compete in…i loveeee competition 🙂
    ~sadly my definition includes ice dancing…boring!

  9. Love your house! To me, sport means “fun.” And it requires doing more than sitting on the couch. Ice dancing is def a sport to me!

  10. i love sports! i don’t have a strict definition for them, but basically anything that requires athletic conditioning and talent qualifies in my book!

  11. Your house is adorable! What is up with this crazy weather?? Hope you get some consistency soon!

    The first word that comes to mind when I think of sports is competition.

  12. Ugh weather like that drives me crazy. It was almost 70 here in NC today and by Thursday its supposed to be back in the 40’s. I wish it would make up it’s mind!

    I think a sport is anything physical that you practice or train for. Simple 🙂

  13. i’d agree, as i’ve always been of the camp that bowling is a sport 🙂

  14. Exciting snow!! I’ll gladly send you some more from CO if you want it. 🙂

  15. When I saw curling on the other day I was like, HUH?!

  16. I don’t know…I think curling and golf and stuff are sports…they require more skill and coordination than you might think….and to be honest – who am I to banish what someone else enjoys to do for sport. I think for a “sport” there should be rules, regulations, etc…with a competition nature or such….there’s always a weird, fine line!! Like someone running the NYC Marathon for accomplishment and their own goals…that wouldn’t be sport….but those top elite runners running for money, medals, title, notoriety or qualifying times…well, that’s sport to them….
    gosh – I don’t know anymore – all confused! wow you get me thinking girl 🙂

  17. I think anything that gets your heart rate up is a sport.
    Your house is pretty!

  18. Your house is beautiful! Haha, and welcome to my life with your snow. We are about to get tons more. I kind of agree with all the other comments about what is a sport. Anything that involves competition between people? But um a pole dancing summer olympic event? No way!

  19. When I was cheering in college, I used to deal with the “it’s not a sport” argument a lot. But it fits perfectly with the definition!

    Plus after 5 years of intense practices and competitions, I don’t care what anyone else says. I was an athlete!

    (Ok, I run now so I still am an athlete!)

  20. Oh wow… is this the first time you guys got snow in Austin?

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