The Interesting World of Food Blogging

I debated whether or not I wanted to post this but in the end I feel like it is important! I definitely do not consider myself a strictly “food blogger” meaning I do not post every meal I eat or take pictures of everything that goes into my mouth. I typically post a good dinner recipe and then other than that I feel my blog is just my personal “diarrhea of the mouth”. I blog about my exercise, running, movies, etc…but it is does not revolve strictly around food nor do I want it to. There is a lot more to me that just what I eat. With that said, I know a lot of food bloggers DO post every meal and snack that they eat throughout everyday. That is totally fine and I see no problem with that either. I think everyone has a blogging style and when they find it they go with it.

So, I find it so heartbreaking when other bloggers give themselves a hard time when they eat what they consider to be “bad foods”. They compare themselves to other bloggers and feel like a failure if their eats aren’t gluten-free, raw, organic, or healthy. Who ever said that pizza and beer is not okay? Or having nachos at the bowling alley was bad?! Or, gasp, busting out a TV dinner when you are too tired to do anything else? Who said?! Certainly not me! I have had my fair share of TV dinner nights and pizza and ice cream moments. It is OKAY! Really, it is!

I think the food blogging community is such a good one because I find recipes, tips, friendship and love. But I DO NOT compare myself to other food bloggers. Everyone has different eats and sometimes I see something that someone posts and I think I HAVE TO TRY THAT and other times I think…well if they liked it…good for them! But the point is, I am Kelly and that doesn’t mean I have to be like “Sally” or “Jane” or “Susie Q” I just need to be me. I need to eat for me and enjoy the things I like. Yes, I chose to eat healthy and gluten-free 90% of the time. Yes, I avoid dairy and soy and yes I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. But I do the “traditional crap food” too just not all the time.

So I just want to tell all of you followers out there (whether it is my blog or someone else’s) don’t compare what I eat or what someone else eats to what you eat! If you want to make a recipe of mine or someone else’s YAY! Do it. I love that! But don’t label yourself aΒ failure simply because you don’t follow my same eating patterns. No one is perfect and everyone has those days where they just don’t care. Everyone. Everyone. Everyone.

The food blogging community is AWESOME! (let me repeat that, AWESOME!) But I think it can also drive you crazy if you are constantly in some kind of internal competition with yourself and your food. Enjoy the community but be YOU! Take the tips you read and apply them to your life if it makes sense for you! Try new ways of eating (Vegan, Gluten-free, Raw, etc.) and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t…that is OKAY. It really is!

Okay…that’s it from me today. I hope I didn’t offend anyone! I just hate to see people beat themselves up for not being like someone else!

Love you all….


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  1. Preach on sista! Love it!!

    PS—I was doin my 3 mile run the other day for my 10k training and I totally thought of you and that thought inspired me πŸ™‚

  2. SO GLAD you wrote this! it makes me sad when i read about people feeling guilty/upset because their eats don’t measure up to “blogging standards” or they feel like they eat unhealthily compared to vegan, clean eats, etc. no need to compare! i can honestly say that i enjoy reading all kinds of blogs without ever comparing my meals to theirs (unless it’s about why peoples’ pancakes always look WAY prettier than mine haha!)

  3. So glad you posted about this! Sometimes I can’t help but compare even though I know I just NEED to have ice cream πŸ˜‰

  4. I totally agree! I love reading about all the various “lifestyle routines” people have. And I talk about all the indulgences I eat (sometimes more than the healthy habits- oops), and even though I’m trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, people need to realize it’s ok every once in awhile!

    If anything, the little chocolate here and there keeps a person sane! πŸ™‚

  5. Such a great reminder! I hate hearing about when bloggers lose themselves for others. A person’s blog should be a window into their life, not an invisible hand!

  6. I just blog. I talk about everything. So much more fun not to classify myself. πŸ™‚

    I never understand the incessant comparison, but my heart hurts for those trapped in that world.

  7. Totally agree! I hate reading entries where bloggers moan about how badly they ate, when 90% of the time, they eat great! Let it go! Seriously.

  8. Good post!! I like looking at what other people eat and getting new recipes, but some things are not for me. I really hate it when people criticize a blog. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. πŸ™‚

  9. Wonderful post! I think people need to be reminded not to compare themselves. (And to remember what’s on a blog is only what that person chooses to reveal…) To be honest, I usually stop reading as soon as someone starts complaining on and on about the bad foods they ate. LIFE includes indulgences and enjoyment!! πŸ™‚

    • EXACTLY!!! A person’s blog only includes what they CHOOSE to reveal! Excellent point Heather!! πŸ™‚ And I totally agree that LIFE does include indulgences and if it didn’t we would all be miserable!!!

  10. I recently thought about reformatting my blog to a food blog. Originally, I started my blog to stay away from facebook and all the other social networks; however, really find your blog and several others as totally inspirational. I have a passion for food and health. Is having a blog such as yours worth the hassel? I don’t mean this to hurt your feelings or as a “put-down”, but is it worth it? Just curious.

    • No I LOVE LOVE LOVE my blog. I just get upset when I see other bloggers out there beat themselves up when they indulge in what they consider to be “bad foods” and I want them to know that it is totally okay!!! It breaks my heart when people beat themselves up for eating pizza or cookies. I was just trying to emphasize that it is normal and okay and it doesn’t make you a failure.

      • Thanks! I don’t mean to brown nose or anything! I actually find your blog more informative than my monthly “Self” magazine. Keep doing what you’re doing. Really, I wouldn’t have known to buy new running shoes otherwise:)

  11. I laughed my butt off when you said, “well if they liked it…good for them”. That was funny. I think most people feel that way about the way I eat, or at least the people I actually hang around with it. I love the food blogging community too for the same reasons you said. I actually started my blog as a way of keeping track of recipes that are dairy free. My other interests are health and fitness, so I recently found a whole community that revolves around that too! I love seeing what other people do and eat! Life is too short not to enjoy everything it has to offer…even in moderation!

  12. Great post!!! It’s so tempting to play the comparison game in the blog world, but the truth is, you’ll always lose. There’s always someone out there who’s healthier than you/a better runner than you/a better cook than you/ a better WHATEVER! It’s so important to blog first for yourself.

  13. Great post! I actually like when people don’t eat the same old blog food that everyone else is eating. I mean, how many bowls of oatmeal and acorn squashes can I look at a day? It makes it interesting when people have other foods on their blog and even better when they have more to say than I ate this, this and this and that’s all. I’m not putting anyone down, but I think people should be who they are and let their personalities shine. I have trouble doing it myself sometimes, but I think my blog is better when I let my freak flag fly you know? Again, great post!

  14. I couldn’t agree more! great post!

  15. Amen. I have seen so many comments comparing, and it kills me. I can’t imagine being stuck in that world, and it breaks my heart. I’m a scientist, so I like to see what kinds of crazy experiments people are doing. And I love recipes, and food blogs to me are just more personal cookbooks.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to do an anonomous survey about what people thought was the “main point” of our blogs? I certainly wouldn’t classify mine as a food blog, but I really don’t know what I’d call it. I like diarrhea of the mouth. That about sums me up!

  16. Hi friend,
    I totally agree as I’ve often found myself feeling guilty for drinking a diet soda. Point is, there are bigger things to be concerned about. I too LOVE this community but have to use it wisely or I can see myself going deeper into my ed.

    Hope you’re having a great day Kelly!

  17. LOVE THIS! You are so right.

  18. Everyone (all the bloggers and readers) should read this post!

  19. Oh Kelly, I know you’re talking about me! You’re probably sick of hearing me complain about my lack of willpower and lingering guilty about the 3am pizza I had this weekend. I don’t blame you, I am too πŸ˜‰ I do compare myself to food bloggers a lot, but more than anything I feel inspired. Ohh and it would be nice to hear about those times you indulge in beer and nachos!

    • Oh honey…I am not talking about you specifically! NO WAY! You are fabulous just the way you ARE! And if it will make you happy I will definitely post my “fun” foods just for YOU! πŸ™‚

  20. Love you Kelly!! You said it perfectly!! I LOVE food blogs and don’t ever see myself leaving this community, BUT I do constantly need reminders not to compare myself to anyone else. Like you said, I must live for ME and not try to be like anyone else. Thanks for the reminder!! I can’t promise I won’t need more reminders in the future, haha! πŸ˜‰

  21. Amazing post, Kelly! You are so awesome and I totally agree with you! I genuinely admire your strength in sense of self to be confident with who you are! You inspire me!

    I do occasionally (ok, often) struggle with sizing myself up next to others. And, I know it is silly because I’m me and everyone else is themselves. And we are all different. And often this happens when I am feeling very insecure (which is all too often) and I’m seeking validation. BUT, I need to be ok with me. And yep. Eat like I want to eat. And when I want to eat! πŸ™‚

    Fabulous post and well said! Love you!

    • Thanks Pen! We ALL struggle with comparing ourselves to others! ALL OF US…even me! I needed this reminder just like everyone else. None of us are perfect and I think this community can be really special if we all just accept each other and try not to be someone else! πŸ™‚

      And I inspire you…please…right back at you!!! SERIOUSLY!! πŸ™‚

  22. I know I loved my RR Donut today. πŸ™‚ Went there to order the cake for Trent’s baptism – and you can’t go to Lone Star Bakery w/o a donut!!!

  23. Kelly, this is a GREAT post! I just started my blog and I made the decision to avoid posting all of my eats. I plan to post things that others might be interested in, but not every bite! I love the fact that we can use blogs as a way to share our, thoughts, ideas, and passions. I’ve learned so much from reading them! I keep reminding myself that no one aspect of your life defines your being, including what you choose to eat!

    • Oh my goodness…I love that you just said this, “I keep reminding myself that no one aspect of your life defines your being, including what you choose to eat!” LOVE THAT!!!!!

  24. Love it. If I could “like” this ala facebook I would.

  25. I never compare myself to other food bloggers but definitely let people know I don’t eat healthy all the time. I think it’s good to let other bloggers see I eat french fries and bacon! Not that I eat veggie sandwiches everyday. No one is perfect and I when I mention eating bad foods it’s only because I don’t want people thinking I eat perfectly all the time.

  26. GREAT post! I started my blog Jan ’07 and it was about my weightloss journey. I just discovered food blogging last year and I do LOVE them. I am not a food blogger either. Never will be. I take random pics but I like my blog to be more about entertainment and making people laugh. My main goal is working out and eating clean!

    We’re all made different and have different lives. I’m NOT a vegetarian therefore i’ll eat mean. I can eat cottage cheese so I will. I do get new recipe ideas and ideas about superfoods and I love that!

  27. You are so right Kelly! I’m so glad you posted this because it’s such an easy trap to fall into to compare yourself to others. You are so special and open and I love that. Thanks for always encouraging others to be themselves!

  28. Unfortunately (as you might have read) I did find myself comparing myself to others in the drinking department recently. It’s so weird because I never, ever have done that.

    I do like diet coke and am not ashamed!

  29. I love this post. It’s so true! I’m not a food blogger, so I don’t really compare my blog to those. I admire the healthy foods some health bloggers come up with, and it gets me in the mood to eat healthier, but in no way do I expect to eat like that all the time. And it’s so true: No one eats like that 24/7. Ultimately you have control what “you” to present to the blog world.

  30. you know what we also need to include? judging others via blog. myself included in that, I mean we all judge. But who am I to say what is right/wrong for another person. Sometimes just thinking about that makes me feel guilty, but i think its an important thing to remind yourself of from time to time

  31. Great post!!! However I wish you would have posted what you are for dinner πŸ™‚ JK

    Some people are down with posting a picture (or eight) of every single morsel that has entered their body and others don’t. I say, your blog is your blog….there is a reason you created it, own it and make it yours.

    Personally–I had Japanese Hibachi for dinner tonight and it was frickin fantastic! The only reason I haven’t wrote about/posted pics is because of laziness πŸ™‚

    All I know is I work 40 something hours a wk and don’t want something that I enjoy to become something that seems like work to me.

  32. I’m glad you wrote this. I’m one of those who get bored of eating the same diabetic boring food so now I eat the same boring diabetic food but I take a bajillion pics of it so everyone will see them and feel sorry for me. j/k

    I want a donut!! I want ice cream!! I want to swim laps in chocolate brownie batter!!!

    And I will not apologize for the genes that generations of my choc-o-holic family have passed down to me… big feet and red frizzy hair. Thanks, Mom. 😐

    I just found your blog and love it! Have a great night.

  33. AGREED 100% !! i DEF dont eat all natural foods (hello easy mac velveeta!!) great words..we are all different and its OUR lives!

  34. God…I really needed this….:(….I made my own pizza last night – yeah even after the stupidity I had the other night – but anyways – homemade better right?? yeah but I kept stressing because it was while white wheat flour….and i discovered 1/2 way through that the flat bread was gone moldy!!! ughh….and i ate it anyways….so now i’m convinced that i’m growing fungus in my insides…and i feel all yeast-y…yeah laugh…i’m not sure anymore….i feel AGAIN ALL GROSS today….ugh – and yes i know these are issues that i’m dealing with….i just feel like there is no “new day” or startover….like i should be gluten free – that it’s affecting everything…and that it’s too late cause i keep eating it every night…

  35. Very well said…or typed. hehe

  36. Great post Kelly! When I began my blog I made the decision to only post once a day for this very reason: I do not want to start obsessing! I eat delicious things, not so delicious things, healthy and unhealthy and I really only want to share the best of my eats. I think that if I felt obligated to report everything all the time I might start getting too wrapped up in food blogging. I think the activity should be fun and positive and for me, this was the best way to make sure it stayed that way.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    – Beth @

  37. great post kelly. i love blogging about everything like working out or school AND food but you’re right, i think some people (including myself) feel “bad” sometimes about the things we eat. i used to get obsessive thinking that i have to post about every morsel that goes in my mouth (especially after my “dessert”) but now i just thinking…mehhh, good enough. no one needs to know about the handful of peanuts i just ate. they’re just peanuts, everyone knows that they look like. lol.

  38. THANK YOU for this post. Amen!

  39. Agreed! πŸ™‚

    I like to try new things and read about what others do. But I blog what MY life is…cuz I like to think of myself as a healthy living blogger. It’s not just about food. And I’m not going to care if something I eat isn’t “healthy” or “clean” or whatever.

  40. Well said! I couldnt have said it better myself πŸ™‚

  41. I have to agree… when I started blogging I realized that all the food bloggers are posting a picture of everything that they are eating and I did that for a couple weeks and I just can do that.. I never compare my eatings to others.. I eat what I think is right for me.. but from time to time I get a comment here and there that makes me feel like I am being judged..

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