Toenails Are Overrated!

Happy Saturday everyone! I am one happy gal right now! I have finished my last run of the week. All 10 miles of it! (Happy dance is ensuing) and I am showered and drinking my coffee! I have an egg white scramble going on the stove and I am pairing that with a protein brownie. Sheesh…am I predictable or what?!?! This week was a GREAT week for me! I logged 61 miles, 2 Body Pump Classes AND 1 H20 Water Fitness Class. What a GREAT week! 

What was the best part of your week? 

So I am giving myself an award! Yes! A very well deserved award! I am giving myself the UGLIEST FEET AWARD! Don’t believe me? Check these puppies out: 

Yes, I am actually posting a picture of my feet! What on earth am I thinking?

 These are classic (or so I tell myself) runner’s feet. As you can see, I am missing toenails on both feet and the tops of my toes (I am sparing you pictures) are so calloused and rough. But I love my feet! Why? Because they are fast and they get the job done!! And they are actually quite small! I only wear a size 5.5 shoe but I am 5’6″ tall. Crazy huh? Let’s just say that grace was never my forte and I tend to be a tad klutzy! 🙂 

 According to Jeff Galloway, running Guru, almost everyone who runs gets a black toenail. Getting your first one is a sign that you’ve moved your training into a higher level. So I embrace my black toenails! I have actually had 4 total. They don’t hurt at all….they’re just ugly! So all you runner’s out there, I ask: 

Do you “Got Toenails?”  

P.S. I totally NEED this shirt: 




43 Responses

  1. I love that shirt! Cute. And – you DON’T have ugly feet…I’ve seen ugly feet….huge praise for you crazy running week.

  2. My toes are knobby and look like fingers. Haha, ballet turned into running will do that to ya.

    Had a great BodyPump this AM — yeah!

  3. How rude of me. Meant to say WAY TO GO on your running week. The best part of my week thus far has been learning more about my new ed-in-chief position. Simple!

  4. Your toes are like your little trophies that you carry around!! They show all that hard work!! 🙂 I used to run all the time, but never got a black toenail. Clearly I wasn’t working hard enough, haha! 😉 You definitely need that t-shirt!! 🙂

  5. My friend from high school is a professional ballerina. You should see her feet!

    Congrats on your trophies! I have all of my toenails, although they are tiny little nubbins.

  6. Haha, awesome shirt.

    Losing toenails makes you hardcore.

  7. my feet could compete in ugliness, oh trust me 🙂

  8. Cannot believe, also, that I forgot to add you to my blogroll until today. Please accept my apology!

  9. Girl you make me smile : ) Thanks for that!!

  10. Ugly feet are worth it for being such a great runner!!! And yours aren’t that bad– I’ve seen worse!! 🙂

  11. I wonder if this would qualify for a discount on your next pedicure??? 😉

  12. you are such a stud that you’re posting your feet on the internet! You should be PROUD of those toesies! All the things you accomplish on those 2 feet are ammmaaaaazing!

  13. haha, cute shirt. i’ve totally lost a couple tonails 🙂 right of passage!

  14. My husband always makes fun of my calloused feet. I think there should be any ugliest feet contest among runners.

    I love the t-shirt. I was actually excited to lose my first toenail. It made me feel like a real runner. 🙂

  15. I love that t-shirt!! 😀

  16. Toenails may be for sissies but I’m glad I still have mine (for now!) 😉

  17. You have tiny feet! I’m 5’0″ and I wear a 5.5 or a 6 🙂

    Who needs toenails, they get in the way of training. Haha. Love it.

  18. hahaha, totally ballsy to post a pic! my feet are HEINOUS! And so big. My boyfriend calls them Shrek feet. When I trained for my marathon I lost about 3 or four toenails and the tops were totally caulosed. So gross but kinda cool. Bad ass feet.
    You rocked your workouts this week girlfriend!

  19. haha this post is great! i can relate…years of ballet and gymnastics has fugged up my feet in a major way, i think they’d be a contender for ugliest feet award!!

  20. Hi. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog. I love books too. I read your About page and am really amazed by you. I used to be a runner. And well…lots of stuff have happened. Its been hard seeing others excel with running and stuff, but I admire people for it now. I am blessed just to be able to walk if I have that motivation 🙂
    Your feet are fine…who wants to be perfect 🙂
    By the way you and your husband are so gorgeous!

  21. HAHA, I would never post a picture of my feet because they look even worse than that!!!

    I do have all my toenails though. I used to lose toenails a lot, but since I’ve found the Asics 2110 series, I have kept them all! Those shoes fit me so well.

  22. Girl… I think you might need a pedicure 😉

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are so sweet!

    Ha, I totally need that T-shirt, too! I have yet to get a black toenail (maybe I’ll get one after my 10-mile run tomorrow?) but I, too, have some terrible-looking feet! I think it’s from years of dance and running!

  24. You DO have tiny feet! I feel better about my nasty blistered up feet now…thanks 😀

  25. Great job on your workouts this week! You’re such an inspiration to me 🙂

  26. Awesome idea! I am giving myself the “best neighbor” award for making my neighbor TWO batches of cupcakes for his birthday party. They were from a mix, but still… 😀

    Awesome workouts girl! I’m jealous of your tiny feet. I bet you get all the good shoes on sale.

  27. hahaha my feet are GROSS! from running.
    YOU ARE A BEAST at working out. GET ITTT!

  28. I lost 3 toenails training for chicago last summer…but i haven’t lost any this marathon go round. I hope it doesn’t mean that I’m not training hard enough. 😉

    And, 61 miles? You are AMAZING!

  29. I am sooooo embarassed by my toenail and feet, I refused a pedicure on our trip to Vegas. My 7 yr got one instead while I sat and watched!!! Wouldnt trade them for the world. My own little trophy I suppose!

  30. 61 miles? OMG. Why so much? Are you training 4 something…or are you just nuts? =)

  31. Im pretty sure my moms feet are way worse than yours. Probably because she was a runner since high school, and only stopped last year. Theyre really just gross. When I was little I was terrified my feet would wind up like hers. Awful I know.

    The top of my big toes have big giant callouses on the outer corners, they look so gross. I always thought it was from my shoes, but Im glad other people have the same thing.

  32. Hi, really great this blog, thanks for the inspiration!

  33. Your foot and toes kind of remind me of a childs hand…is that weird?! lol

  34. wear your black toenails like a badge of honor! way to go on your mileage this week.

  35. THanks for stopping my blog and glad to find yours! I am loving this post! I have recently embraced my feet too, but have never had a black toenail yet, but surely by the end of my marathon training I will!! 🙂

  36. THanks for stopping my blog and glad to find yours! I am loving this post! I have recently embraced my feet too, but have never had a black toenail yet, but surely by the end of my marathon training I will!! 🙂

  37. This picture made me laugh out loud! I’m with you on loving your runners feet (ok, me loving mine, you loving yours … no offense). 🙂 I’m almost tempted to have you blow up your black toenail because I’ve had my second toenail turning darker and my husband, who has toe fungus (sorry to gross everyone out!) is telling me, “Yep, that’s toe fungus.” I think it’s a runner’s toenail! Especially after seeing yours.

    He’s always trying to freak me out (because he knows how grossed out I am by his, his brother’s and dad’s toe fungus!)!

    Thanks Kelly for another great post!


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