You Asked…I Answered!

Thanks to everyone who submitted anonymous questions via my new ASK ME! Page. I am going to be answering all the questions every Friday so keep them coming!! 

Question: How did you and Keith meet? 

I have actually known Keith my ENTIRE life. He is older than me by 11 years so when I say Keith has known me my entire life I am literally serious! Keith’s family and my family are old friends and I grew up seeing Keith at various events (Thanksgiving, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties, etc…) throughout the years. I had a MONSTER crush on Keith when I was 15. I mean MONSTER! Now remember he was 26 and I was just this bratty, skinny legged, brace faced 8th grader! (What’s not to love…haha!) It obviously wasn’t until I was in college (maybe my sophomore year…so I was 19 or 20 years old) that we started talking via AOL Instant Message (haha..remember that?!?) and forming a friendship that wasn’t based around family/friend get-togethers. About a year and half after I graduated from college we officially started dating (July 3, 2004) and got engaged one year (to the day…July 3, 2005) later and then got married about 9 months after that on April 30, 2006. Here is a picture from our 10-day Hawaiian Honeymoon in MAUI! 

Hawaiian Honeymoon

Question: What has been the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome in your life? 

This was a tough question for me because it forces you to think about all the things in your life that have shaped you to be who you are today. I would have to say that for me it was my parent’s divorce. They got divorced later in my life. I was a sophomore in college when it all went down. But let me back-up, I had the BEST childhood ever! I mean really. It was my mom, my Dad, me and my younger brother, Josh. We were such a tight foursome! We had family dinners every night, went on family vacations, had family game night. Neither  me nor Josh were very rebellious kids and we had the best parents! All of our friends would always say we were the “perfect family.” My parents were cool and even in high school all our friends (and boyfriends/girlfriends) loved my parents. It was really nice and made those formative years really GREAT for me and my brother. I guess what was so hard about my parents eventual divorce was that I didn’t see it coming and it really rocked my world to the core. It made me question a lot of things and led me to make decisions that probably weren’t the best for me. But fast forward to now and things are FINE! My mom is happily remarried to my stepdad, Jim, and I love him so much! And my Dad is happily dating a woman, Jann, who I absolutely adore!! So all is well today….but it took a lot to get me and my entire family to this point! I will post a picture of me and my adorable brother: 

Me and my bro, Josh!

Question: What is your favorite “unhealthy, go all out” meal? 

Haha…love this question. I am going to go with Chinese Food, baby! And I not talking about gourmet Chinese. I mean greasy spoon chinese!! My favorite Chinese meal would be either cashew chicken or orange peel shrimp. I am not a fried rice lover so I would want just plain brown rice with lots of sodium laden soy sauce. Plus a cup of hot and sour soup! Oh…and I can’t forget the fried eggroll (with the red sweet and sour sauce for dipping) and the fortune cookie!! I am in heaven just thinking about all of it! 

Cashew Chicken Goodness

 Question: Do you live near your family? 

Thankfully, YES! We all live in Austin, Texas. My brother lives here too! He is actually in graduate school at St. Edwards University here getting his MBA! (Woot! Woot! Go BRO!) Keith is from Dallas, Texas (about 3 hours north) and almost all his family lives there (except for one sister who also lives in Austin) and when we got engaged I made it clear that he was moving here!! haha! Thankfully he wanted to move to Austin and was more than willing to come down! I am extremely close with my family…I talk to my mom and my dad both every single day. And I talk to my brother all the time too. I would miserable if I were very far away! 


 Thanks for all the great questions! Keep them coming and every Friday I will answer more of them! Like I said all the submissions are 100% anonymous so ask anything you want to know! 🙂 ASK ME!


32 Responses

  1. Aww, that’s cute how you guys met. I hear Austin is a great town, with a great music scene. I’d love to visit it someday.

  2. Cute story!
    Helloooo brother….how you doin? 😉

  3. 110% with you on the greasy chinese food. Even “healthy” fried brown rice is good with me. It just don’t fill me up!

  4. that is so sweet! re: you and your hubs. HOW COME I DON”T HAVE ANYONE!!! UGH!


  5. I here Austin is so wonderful! Did you guys get snow too, or was that just Dallas?

    Also–I LOVE soy sauce. I like to eat anything that services as a vehicle for soy sauce. Yum, sodium.

    • No snow here thank goodness!!! But my husband’s family is from Dallas and they got 9 inches and they have NO POWER!! ACK! This is some crazy weather!!

  6. Love the Q and A’s!
    You got engaged exactly 16 days before I did, but married 6 months earlier!

  7. That is so sweet that you and Keith have such a long history together!

    I LOVE Austin– I had my bachelorette party there last year, in fact! And I would MUCH rather live in Austin than Dallas (even though I have family there…lol)…you definitely made the right move making HIM come to YOu 🙂

    • I think so!!! Austin RULES!!! The next time you are in Dallas visiting family let me know…I could always go see the inlaws that weekend and meet the fabulous Anna!!! 🙂

  8. Cute story about you and Keith. I’m going to Maui on my honeymoon too. (And I still use AOL instant messenger!)

    I’ve always wanted to visit Austin. Seems like a really cool city.

  9. You guys make such a gorgeous couple. We have so much in common! 🙂

  10. That is such a great story about you and Keith!! I love stories where people have known each other their whole lives. Its so sweet!

  11. What a romantic story about you and Keith!! Do you have a TX accent?

  12. Awww, so much cuteness in one post, including *ahem* the brother. I mean the photo of you and your brother. Hehe.
    I’ve only been to Austin once, but loved it! It really shouldn’t be in Texas… 😀

  13. I’m such a fan of stories that involve marrying someone from your youth. HMM, wonder why?!

    You are a strong woman. I enjoy getting to know you!

  14. ahh very cool story!

  15. aww i loved reading this about you two! ADORABLE story!

  16. Your parents/family story sounds a lot like mine, and it is definitely also the biggest “challenge” I’ve faced in my life! My parents got divorced after 26 years, and they had just gotten back from their 25th anniversary backpacking in France. I looked at photos from that trip and thought to myself, “Dang.. they are so in love. I hope I can find that when I’m older!!” Maybe not!

    I like this new “ask me” feature!! I’ll have to come up with something 😉

  17. Great Keith story!! That picture of you on your honeymoon is absolutely beautiful! Also, my family is from Texas…Dallas/Amarillo, and you just talking about it makes me want to pack up and leave this cold state of Colorado!

  18. I love this post! It’s interesting to get to “know” you haha!! So Keith is an “older” man hey?! You guys are so cute together….your bro’s a cutie too ;)…have a great w/e AND V-Day tommorow if you guys are doing anything special 🙂

  19. My parents are getting a divorce as we speak and its been very difficult as an adult because we basically have to “parent the parents”. It’s so hard having to eb in the middle of it all.
    Also– you’re gorgeous. I love seeing pictures of you and the people in your life.

  20. I love older men, you go sista!

  21. You and Keith are so cute together – sweet to see you guys so much in love. He gets a twinkle in his eye when he talks about you! It’s great you are so close (both relationally and in location) to your family. My only sister lives here and it’s terrific having her in town.

  22. […] Don’t forget about my ASK ME page! All submissions are 100% anonymous and I answer all the questions I get through out the week on Friday. Want to see what you missed last week, go here! […]

  23. I liked reading your answers to the many questions you’ve received. And the Hawaiian Honeymoon picture is super cute.

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