Support Me Baby!

Haha! Not THAT kind of support! I couldn’t resist! No I am talking about a support system to help you with a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that people who have a support system (be it a spouse, a workout group, a friend, or even an online support team) lose more weight and manage to keep it off longer. The idea is that when trying to make positive changes in your life, having a support system in place is a key element Knowing that you have people who will celebrate your successes with you can keep you motivated; knowing that they’ll offer you comfort and advice can keep you going when you’re struggling.

Sometimes it can be hard to reach out for support, especially if you tend to go at things and tackle problems alone. I tend to be one of those people who thinks she can handle everything all by herself and I do not like asking for help. But recently I have noticed that relying on others is a good thing. The difference being that I don’t rely on anyone to do things for me but rather I rely on people to do things with me. The same is true for healthy living. Whether it is Keith or a running buddy or a class partner it is nice to have people around who can offer advice, opinions, motivational tips or just toss around ideas.

What about you; who is your support system?


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  1. That is such a great distinction– no one can eat healthy for you, and exercise for you, but it’s a lot more fun to do those things if you have someone doing them WITH you 🙂

  2. Mine is definitely my husband. We keep each other motivated to work out and deal with stressful situations together. Sometimes it’s even nice just to have someone else say, Yeah, this sucks. He’s definitely been my crutch as I’ve struggled to overcome knee injuries.

  3. As far as staying motivated to eat healthy and take care of myself, food blogs are my support system. Don’t get me wrong, my husband, family, and friends are all GREAT, but they don’t totally “get” my desire to be healthy and fit to same point that my friends in the food blog world do. Friends in my “real life” only want to hear so much about my latest kabocha recipes or yoga workouts… 😉

  4. hahaha, great picture for this post 😛

    My support system is definitely my parents…mostly my mom. Whenever I’m feeling in a RUT (which, unfortunately is pretty often lately) they’re always there to listen and give advice. I’d love to have the blogging community as a support system as well, but to be completely honest I’m still a little wary about opening up on the internet, you know?

    Love your blog, by the way….and this positive post =)

  5. your husband 🙂 (just for those who don’t know me, Kelly’s husband is my trainer 🙂 )

  6. I am like you; just recently discovering the importance of asking for help, and more importantly, admitting when I need it. I always call my mom. But, she never says the thing that I want her to say, which is maybe the point?

  7. I find that food blogs have really helped me stay on track. My friends don’t understand my desire to be healthy, and my parents support me, but they’re no help either. My mom keeps trying to feed me chips and crap. Lol
    As for my boyfriend don’t even get me started on him!!

  8. My support system is my husband. He pushes my limits and when needed tells me that I need to back off… We don’t workout together though.

  9. I agree with everyone who said that other blogs are my support system. I don’t really feel like my friends and loved ones really get why I strive for such a healthy lifestyle.

  10. What’s interesting to me is since moving to a town where I don’t know anyone, I’ve started relying far more on blog friends for workout support. I just don’t have people in town with me and there really isn’t a vibrant active community here (people like their fatty southern cooking toooooo much).

    And, I love all of my running buddies, but I don’t have a single female running buddy here. So, especially to connect with healthy fit females, I reach out to the blog community. Thank gosh for the internet!

  11. This is a great post…I tend to “shut myself – or true feelings” off from my friends though – so noone really knows how I really feel or what I’m going through…probably b/c alot of my friends also work with me..and since my job is a big part of my dis-contentment – or so I think , because honestly it’s just me and my MIND….- it’s hard to talk about. But, yeah, friends…I’m very independent though and like to have control…although sometimes it’d be really nice to have someone else just have dinner on the table or take care of the car mis-haps or the bills…

  12. Well, I prefer Victoria’s Secret Angels . . . oh yeah, not about the bra. I use my friends and blogger world as my support system now. The BF is very supportive, but doesn’t follow, so it’s a bit of a balancing act.

  13. My hubby, my family, & my friends are my support system. 🙂

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