A Calorie is a Calories is a Calorie

And the week keeps on trucking! Happy Thursday! Okay seriously it is FLIPPING cold today! It has been “snowing” in Texas! YES!!! I mean it isn’t sticking or anything but seeing snow flakes (in any form) coming down from the sky in Texas is definitely cause to say, “WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!” I have one word: BBRRRR! I am not one of those people who is thinks this is cool…rather I think it is cruel! I mean I live in Central Texas for the fact that we DON’T HAVE SEASONS! I don’t think this is neat, or novel, or cause to celebrate. I think this is just plain crazy and I am ready for my 100+ temperatures! (Okay so when it is 115 in August and I am complaining…remind me that I said this! haha)

Working it out…being that it is so cold…me and the treadmill are best friends today!! I had a quickie 8 mile run and then followed it up with about 45 minutes of weights. (BIG groan…but I did it!!)

  • Band Walk (front, back, side)
  • Push-ups (20)
  • Knee Taps (25)
  • Speed Skaters (25 each side)
  • Front Plank (2 minutes)
  • Wall Squats (25)
  • Russian Twists (20)
  • Crunches (50)
  • Box Jumps (20)
  • Lunge w/ Medicine Ball Rotation (15 each side)
  • Bench Dips (20)
  • Cheerleader Squats (10 each side)
  • Supermans (25)
  • 5 minute elliptical interval

I wanted “kid food” last night and I opted for a tunafish sandwich. But of course I made it a little more grown up! 🙂 I had it open faced on a sandwich thin with grainy mustard (on the bottom), sprouts, tomato slices, avacado, tunafish (made with low-fat mayo and dill pickle relish) and grilled onion. It was deeelish! I was a happy camper with this in my belly! Sorry the picture’s not great.

Tuna Sandwich

I need some help! For the Superbowl, Keith insisted that I buy him a 6 pack of Bud Light. Now…Keith and I never drink and I KNEW that he wouldn’t drink 6 beers. But he insisted. So guess how many we have left?! 5! haha! I googled a beer chicken recipe that I have going in my crockpot right now (details tomorrow on how dinner was!!) but that only used 1 bottle!

So does anyone have any good beer recipes? If so please email me….or else I am going to be donating Bud Light to our neighbors!

I read an article on Women’s Health online about nutritional myths. Here was one I found very interesting:

The Myth: Shut the kitchen down after 7 p.m. to prevent weight gain.

Why it’s useless: After a long day at the office and a trip to the gym, you either eat dinner at 9:30 or starve. The real deal: The no-food-right-before-bed rule was meant for the nighttime nosher who mindlessly wolfs down a bag of Oreos while watching CSI: Miami. If you get home long after dark, a late dinner is perfectly fine. A calorie is a calorie, no matter what time you eat it, according to Katie Clark, R.D., M.P.H., assistant professor of family health care nursing at the University of California, San Francisco. But do keep your evening meal light–along the lines of a chicken breast, steamed broccoli, and brown rice. Too much chow will keep you up at night: To break down all that food, your gut has to churn like a cement truck.

My opinion? I 100% AGREE! I have always said that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie no matter if you are eating it at 7:00am or 7:00pm. The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume…period. Now granted I am not saying that you can eat cookies at 10:00pm every night and not gain weight. What I am saying is that following a healthy diet, exercising, and making smart lifestyle choices is the way to successfully and sustainably lose weight. Eating my dinner (like the one I showed above) at 5:00pm versus 8:00pm doesn’t really matter. Again…this is simply my professional opinion.

What do you think?


48 Responses

  1. I agree…er, at least I hope so! I eat right up until bed…I don’t know. It’s ridiculous – people work late hours, etc, go out and socialize – so what – they’re not allowed to eat after then??!!

    I love your attitude about your snow – hahah – wish I were in Texas snow or no snow though!!

  2. I add a beer to my chili.

  3. Beer-braised beef on the Cooking Light website and the Ultimate Beef Chili from eating well.com are both excellent. Jensen loves both, and I am making one or the other tomorrow night. Great comfort food for cold weahter.

  4. Yep – totally agree. A calorie is a calorie! Someone can lose weight by eating only chicken or only cake. The cake has so much fat that the calories add up quickly, though, so one can’t eat as much.

    All in moderation! 🙂

  5. I totally agree!

    And this weather is crazy– my mom said that they are expected to get 4-5 inches in Louisiana!!! Stay warm, Kelly!

  6. I definitely agree with you!! If you’re hungry, you need to eat! You need to refuel! It doesn’t matter what time it is- and setting a specific time doesn’t help, because everyone has a different schedule. Now, if you’re eating late at night because you’re bored, that’s different.

  7. I agree! I think people just use that “rule” as a way to cut cals! eat when you get hungry…and if thats at 1 am, then do it!

    • I remember when I was doing my marathon training I would wake up at 3:00am STARVING and I would have t go downstairs and eat something or else I would just lay in bed miserable.

  8. I hate the snow and I live in the Northeast. I’m screwed!

  9. I agree–it doesn’t matter when you eat them, it just matters how many calories you take in during the day. I think the reason so many people think late-night eating causes weight gain is because we’re more likely to splurge when it’s been hours since dinner and we’re starving. And most people spend after-dinner hours in front of the TV, so mindless pm eating means over-snacking and added calories you wouldn’t get during the day.

  10. I eat before bed every night! Now i’m not eating cookies and ice cream, well I am but my version 😉

  11. totally agree….i used to do this before but then i woke up and realized it does not make any sense, so i just changed my eating habits and still sneak into the kitchen after hours. lol

  12. I am always hungry around 9 so I do have a snack. Sometimes a small bowl of cereal (comfort food for me!) or cottage cheese or greek yogurt. I too am really tired of being cold and wet. Good news for those of us in Austin – sunshine next week!!
    And to use up the beer try this drunken meatballs appetizer: Mix together the following and form bite sized balls: 3 lbs ground beef (I use turkey), 1 large onion grated, 2 tsp salt, 1 tsp black pepper, 1/8 tsp garlic powder; In a sauce pan heat 1/4 c water, 1 can beer, 1 (14oz) bottle of catsup ( I use one with no HFCS) and drop meatballs into liquid. Boil slowly for an hour. (makes 50-60) (From Let Us Entertain You by the Germantown Performing Arts Guild.)

    You can also save the beer to lure pill bugs into containers in the spring if you have them in your garden…. Good luck with it!

  13. I think there is sensibility on both sides of the argument. Obviously, eating all your 2000 calories at one meal isn’t very smart or sensible. If people just knew to eat when they’re hungry, that’s the simplest way to know when a calorie is just a calorie

  14. Totally agree as well! Not a believer in that no eating after 7pm crap.
    Yes, this weather bites!! Not liking either my friend. When’s that 70 degrees coming back??

  15. No beer recipe I can give you, but question about Texas: Lubbock… in mid April. Water? Cold??

    To the point of your post – I’m on your side. If there were some “magic hour” where your body decided that calories in would be stored, I would literally be HUGE. Because of my schedule, the majority of my calories are eaten at night time, and that means eating basically right up until I go to bed.

    Your body recognizes calories as calories, regardless of the hour on the clock. If your calories in are more than your calories out, you will gain weight. Easy equation.

  16. I LOVE tuna fish but get grossed out by it so I def. would have hidden it under those sprouts, etc. Is sure looked good. I am totally opposite as I LOVE the seasons, except summer. Those high temps (and by high I mean 80) make me miserable!

  17. I agree, sometimes I go to the gym after I get home from work once I have take the dogs out and ate a bar to fuel my workout then I don’t get home until around 8:30 so I shower put on pjs and eat dinner around 9. I would never skip dinner because it was late!

  18. I would definitely try whole wheat beer bread- you can make it from scratch pretty easily or grab a mix at the store! It’s a good substiture for your regular bread/pita/thins in my opinion!

  19. My problem with eating a late dinner is that it keeps me awake! My body takes the energy thing seriously lol. If I get home late and need to be asleep soon, I try to keep it suppperr light. Usually some protein so I don’t wake up at 3 a.m. starving, like you posted above.

  20. I totally agree that eating late is not good for you at all. But a friend of mine, who is another personal trainer, once told me that as long as you stay within your calories, it’s ok for you to eat late. some people work really late hours and they don’t get home ’til 10pm, which makes them eat a late dinner. Staying within your calories won’t make you gain weight even if you were to eat a late dinner. what do you think?

    • I totally agree! I don’t think it matters what time you eat. Your body needs fuel and as long as it is healthy fuel then you need to eat when you are hungry.

  21. I couldn’t agree more! I used to be so terrified to eat after dinner, but I always get hungry around 8:30 or 9pm…that’s after I’ve eaten dinner. So I snack. No harm done, no weight gained, no problems whatsoever. Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re full. End of story.

  22. I totally agree with you. Its not when you eat, its what you eat, end of story. When I had my horse I wouldnt get home for dinner until like 8:00 and I lost weight. People think too much.

    As for beer recipes, the potato cheddar and beer soup I made is pretty fantastic. I can send you the recipe if you like.

  23. YESSSS this is so true!!!! omg i tell this to all my friends hwen i hear them say they dont want to eat after 7.. im like idiots. LOL. gotta love soem bud light!


  24. AGREED-i always eat before i go to bed! it works for me!

  25. I’ve always wanted to cook with beer. Hopefully I wouldn’t drink it all while cooking. Can’t wait to hear how it turned out.

  26. i completely agree! i actually read that on womens health and was, like, amen. i know my body (er, stomach) neeeeds food at night. i have so much more of an appetite for dinner/post-dinner than i do throughout the day–so that whole 7 pm cutoff thing has always seemed absurd to me. honestly, i eat within an hour before going to bed most nights, and i’m doing just fine 🙂

  27. I’m sorry you don’t like the snow! I’m not a huge fan either- we have a good deal of it here, though… certainly annoying to walk to class!!

    I definitely agree that a calorie is a calorie, I actually think it helps me sleep better when I eat before bed- nothing too crazy, but some fruit/ a bowl of cereal really help. It’s also great for my workout the next day- keeps my energy level up!! Thanks for posting that!

  28. Wow! Amazing workout!!! Do you want to move to GA so we can be workout buddies?!

  29. I agree. I think that so much of the advice out there is bunk. I like the approach of let’s do what our ancestors did.

  30. if Im hungry! I eat…I dont care WAHT time it is! I never go by the ‘dont eat after 7 rule’ pshh what does that even mean? I mean if im hungry at 9pm, I eat!! my body is way better off!!

  31. agreed!!! i eat when i’m hungry… regardless of what time it is! if you normally go to bed at 10 pm, but are up until 2am one day, of COURSE you’re gonna be hungry again.

  32. I was just talking about this with Andrew last week. He said that he always heard in high school health classes that if you wanted to gain weight, to eat a PB sandwich before bed. And so he asked if I thought maybe b/c I eat oatmeal with PB sometimes for a nighttime snack could be why my weight won’t budge. (haha, yeeeeaaaaaah, big mistake buddy!! haha! 😉 ) Anyway, I informed him that what he learned in HS is partly correct b/c guys who want to bulk up have been eating more than I do during the day and what they’re eating is “extra.” Mine fits into my day and isn’t an “extra” meal – just a snack that I can eat b/c I either haven’t eaten enough or had a big workout.

    Anyway, thanks for bringing this topic up!! Such an annoying myth!!

  33. Totally agree! I eat A LOT of calories at night. And guess what? I’m not overweight!!

  34. I agree with the study. I think most people are likely to consume their daily calorie “budget” by 7pm so anything they eat after that time is more than their body needs. It’s not that your body processes those calories an differently.

  35. I will eat before bed if I think I need to. Sometimes I get that tiny empty feeling late at night, but I usually wait until morning. That tuna fish looks so good!

  36. I always eat right before bed or I wake up in the middle of the night hungry. And I am definitely not looking to lose weight! I can’t stand being hungry. But I also work out first thing in the morning, often before eating, so maybe my eating schedule is all kinds of messed up.

    Beer bread!!

  37. I think that a calorie is a calorie, but I think that sometimes setting a time limit puts a stop on late-night snacking. Like If I eat dinner at 6 or 7 and I tell myself that I’m not going to eat after 10, it just prevents needless snacking.

  38. I eat like 30% of my calories at night which isn’t good to say the least but it proves that you dont gain weight from eating at night. On most days of the week I eat within 15 minutes of going to sleep. It’ll be something like dry roasted peanuts, a slice of toast with pb, a yogurt or an orange. So at least they’re not unhealthy things.

    LOVE your tuna sandwich. It’s weird knowing that I used to hate tuna. I take that back. I never hated it but I just never had any interest in it. Looks like catfood! Haha but now I LOVE it!

  39. […] February 12, 2010 by Kelly Haha! Happy Friday! So I am sure most of you read yesterday about my beer dilemma! In case you missed it, Keith wanted me to buy him a 6 pack of Bud Light for the Superbowl even […]

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