Change It Up!

How do you feel about change? To be honest, that 6 letter word might be the all time WORST word I have ever heard! I am not good at dealing with change. Even small things, like when I walked into the gym and the treadmills were moved (WHAT?!?!) Or when I came home and Keith decided he didn’t want the salmon I had thawing out (AND WHY NOT?!?!)Or, when I go to the grocery store exactly to aisle where I know almond milk is…and it has been relocated (WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THE OLD LOCATION?!?!)  These are very minor things that wreak serious havoc upon me! Now think of the big changes in life: marriage, break-ups, moving, buying a house, kids, etc. and how you would handle those. Change is a very scary thing for very routine people, like me. Even good change like buying my first house was scary and stressful! Over the course of my relationship with Keith he is showing me that change is not always bad and sometimes it is even better! (Gasp…better?!?!) I think the reason I am so resistant to change is the fear of what will happen! But I have starteed to realize that 99% of the time the fear of the outcome is always worse than the outcome itself. In my mind it is always a lot worse than it ever really is in reality!

Here are 4 tips, from Ariane de Bonvoisin, founder of, a site that helps people through transitions:

  1. OPT FOR OPTIMISM Wondering, How will I ever get through this? will only make you feel scared and paralyzed. Instead ask yourself a more positive question, like What could be great about this change?
  2. VISIT MEMORY LANE Create a “change resume” that lists all the stuff you’ve lived through, from moving to a new city to recovering from an accident. Give it a read and you’ll realize just how capable you are.
  3. GET MOVING It’s easy to feel stressed out during a big transition. To help keep your emotions in check and your mind focused, stay active. Try hitting the gym or going for a walk.
  4. DON’T GO IT ALONE People find change easier when they’re in a positive group environment. And be open to new people; often, those who help you the most are not your closest friends.

What about you, how do you handle change?

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14 Responses

  1. sounds like you have some great techniques to get the wheels turning for some change in your life! as far as the whole breaking up situation, you deserve to have supportive, healthy relationships. they are just as important as all the other things we do to take care of our bodies and minds 🙂
    i know youll make a great choice!

  2. lol– I’m not a fan of change either! I definitely get set in my ways and ONLY want things the way they are and have always been. Not exactly healthy, right? Oh well…I’m working on it! 🙂

  3. I actually LOVE change, I get bored easily if things stay the same. So I have to adjust to that, tougher than it sounds!

  4. awesome tips! I actually really like change. Sometimes it is hard because I get used to a certain routine of things, so breaking that feels weird. But I do like change and always try to embrace it! We cant ever move forward without it!

  5. The thought of change is usually scarier to me than the actual change. I recently learned this lesson at work with something and am trying to embrace it more and be much more flexible… not always easy for a Type A gal with OCD tendencies!! 😉 Thanks for the tips!!

  6. thank you for this post- i struggle with change in some ways, but not others. its weird. like i have no probelm going off to college and living independently but if i am used to running and for some reason can’t for a day- i freak!!


  7. Change can be tough for me… especially if I am really set into a routine. Having a baby has changed that some… but I still miss my Type A structured routines 🙂

  8. A coach (who was once my favorite) used to refer to everything as “an opportunity”. A challenge was “an opportunity to prove yourself” or “to find out how good you really are .” A failure was a “chance to get better” or “to learn your weakness.”

    if you treat everything as an opportunity to gain something and find what you will gain from the experience it can make things much less fear.

    Now, if I could only get myself to listen to my own advice…

  9. I love change, it’s so refreshing 🙂 I love the optimism note – it’s totally key to go into change with an optimistic outlook 😀

    Thank you for this – loved reading it 🙂


  10. Oh my gosh I have the HARDEST time adjusting to change. I always have. I love my same ol’ routine. Becoming a military wife has REALLY thrown me out of my comfort zone since it’s constantly changing. I have definitely learned the meaning of acceptance 🙂

  11. I used to hate change, but about four years ago, I learned to love it. OK, not every single annoying change (no one is that flexible, right?). Strangely, when I started practicing mindful breathing, I got better at change.

  12. This post cracked me up because it was so energetic– “What” “And why not?”
    Very funny stuff. I don’t really have an issue with change. I kinda like it actually. Seems like you and Keith really balance each other out.

  13. the BJ’s store CHANGED their setup and moved the firewood to the back and put summer garden/patio stuff in the front. But it’s a dang blizzard outside! I did not handle that change too well. Had to calm down about it.. But that was a blockhead of a change. Aaargh!

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