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Good Monday morning everyone! I am a sad sad girl! The Colts lost, Peyton threw the game losing interception, and it is raining today! I am just peaches and cream aren’t I? Sheesh! But I am seriously sad! 😦 But I will tell all you “Who Dat” lovers congratulations! You earned it!

So moving on…according to Women’s Health, people are more likely to work out harder if they’re alone. (this according to a survey in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise) It’s easier to push yourself when you don’t have to worry about someone else’s agenda or pace. What do you think?

Do you exercise alone or with a buddy?

For me, it depends on the type of exercise. I usually like running alone…especially if I am going for a hard core run. But if I am going to an aerobics class or lifting weights I like having someone with me! But I do agree that, overall, I tend to push myself harder when I am by myself.


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  1. alone

  2. I exercise alone. It varies, sometimes when I work out with my friends, I chit chat, but also lift heavier. Just depends on the gossip. 😉

  3. Working out alone for me. I spend so much time around other people — and I love it — but exercise is the time I get to clear my head.

    Cheer up if you can . . . I have a feeling this isn’t the last year your boys will be an amazing team!

  4. I’m totally an aloner. Especially with running. In fact, I recently tried to go on a long run with a friend and it was miserable. I push myself harder and have far more confidence in my ability to finish a race/run when I’m by myself.

    That said, I like to find someone in a race and stick with them. I don’t want to talk to them, I don’t even need to stay side by side. But I just like to have someone to stick with…someone for me to not let get away. The last 10K of the Chicago Marathon, I ran with this random girl. We encouraged each other as we started to fade. And, I don’t think I would have finished as strong if it weren’t for her.

    I’m sorry about your Colts! I know the pain…I’m an avid Orioles fan and I cry every year when they break my heart over and over again.

  5. That’s definitely true for me. I work out both alone and with my husband. My burn is so much better when I’m by myself, I think because I worry too much about him and not enough about myself. Plus, he likes to do the same workout instead of each of us doing our own thing.

  6. I’m pretty much a loner except when my husband and I run together or I need him to spot me with weights. I’ve tried to round up workout partners, but have had them flake out too many times. Don’t have time for that!

  7. Mm I can definitely see how that might be the case, but there’s also something to be said about having “competition”- someone to push you more than you would push yourself. And you may push harder if someone’s watching 😉

  8. I usually prefer alone. Otherwise I find myself not pushing as hard and socializing more.

    Although I am working on finding a running buddy with a slightly faster pace than me. I’d like to have the extra “push” to get me where I want to be!

  9. Sorry about the game!!

    I am definitely an alone person, especially when running. I like to just focus on myself and I think I work harder that way!

  10. 😦 We are all blue here in Indy. The Saints did deserve it.

    I work out alone. As Jessica said, if i’m at the gym with a friend i’m just walking and talking. Here at home i’m grunting and puffing and don’t care what I look like.

  11. I’m a loner. Exercising with someone else slows me down. My husband and I go to the gym together, but we part ways once we’re there. I’m much more focused on my own.

    Sorry for your loss. 😉

  12. I was definitely thinking about you last night when I was watching the game! I’m so sorry it didn’t go like you wanted 😦

    Running is the only thing that I do with other people; however, I like running races by myself. It’s so hard to find someone that perfectly matches you and I don’t like holding anyone back nor do I like feeling held back.
    I’ve never worked out with anyone else for anything other than running though so I may actually prefer exercising with someone, I just don’t really know lol.

  13. I exercise alone, but I’m always competitive with the person on the treadmill next to me. I always want to run faster or further than them. I’m a dork!

  14. most of the time i exercise alone, but lately, a friend is inviting me/asking me to come in on his workouts. so it’s fun both ways.

  15. I always exercise alone. If I’m with someone else I get distracted, plus I love zoning out to my music.

  16. Sorry for your Colts loss….but you looked super cute and festive in your jersey. I wore Mardi Gras beads and my dog wore a Patriots jersey. Haha!

  17. I find it interesting how these studies are always so contradictory – I’ve read 4 different studies now that say you do better solo, and then others saying with a partner/group. I guess it really is about the individual hey? Some people need the motivation from others or the commitment to not ‘bail’ on another – but I guess that has more to do with consistency than how hard you work out. But I can see how people chat and waste time too. Oh who knows!
    Sorry your Colts lost – I imagine it’s not cool for true footballer fans….this too shall pass 😉

  18. I excercise alone. I have tried workout buddies, but I am always frustrated by end of the workout. I don’t work out with my husband either, because he is taller and stronger and sometimes he forgets and wants me to keep up to his pace or strength level.

  19. BOTH!! I love working out solo, but if I have the right workout partner (ie my crazy Oz pal who is as crazy as me) then I push myself way beyond my limits, especially if I have one of those off-days where you need a little shove!!
    great post

  20. definitely alone! i slack off too much & get way to easily sidetracked when i’m w/ a friend! i do like a buddy for less intense workouts like hiking or rollerblading though!

  21. I used to prefer to workout and run alone, but then my hubby started doing it with me and I loved that time with him.

  22. I totally prefer to workout alone. Sometimes when I ride my stationary bike my boyfriend will be over, and I also do some weights when Im on there. Keeps me from getting bored. He watches me and it makes me SUPER self conscious. I hate it. He also tries to talk to me while Im counting. Drives me crazy!

  23. Ooh, both. Running I can do by myself (we know the story on THAT one!), or with old running partner that is a little faster than me. Cycling, alone. Swimming, alone (although I swim with the team, but we can’t chat!) And lifting I need my trainer, he pushes me like I won’t do if I’m by myself.

    Sorry about the Colts, we were a sad household as well. 😦

  24. i definitely think i push myself harder when i am alone. i remember when i was becoming kinda obsessive about exercise, i HATED when friends would ask me to exercise because i felt like they would bring me down (stupiddd) but next time i start working out, iam going to force myself to go with a friend so i don’t push myself too hard = mkae sense? 🙂


  25. I do better by myself. I guess because I can focus more on what I’m doing instead of chatting. I do however, like to do classes at the gym with a friend. 🙂

  26. I prefer to work out alone. If I have to stick with someone I find I am influenced by their time schedule and work out decisions and I like to be the one in charge!! ha.

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  27. sorry for your superbowl loss! maybe next yr 🙂
    i like to work out alone when doing cardio; i have my mental focus goin on!
    when doing bootcamp, i like the support of others who are suffering along with me!

  28. im just like you! i only like running alone too!! i do like weight training with people tho-its more enjoyable that way!

  29. I hate running with other people. but mostly because a) I just hate running in general and b) I am slow, so i feel like I am holding the other person back. At the gym, I definitely pushy myself harder when I am alone. Unless I am with my brother (a college football player). Then I try to outdo him, which never happens. 😀

  30. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I made your chili from the other day. So AWESOME! I’m eating some leftovers for lunch today…

  31. I need people around me – I am much more motivated and the time goes by faster.

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