Well good morning!! I am a happy and nervous girl right now!!! Woot Woot!! So excited about the Superbowl tonight! Although, I do wonder (and if anyone knows please enlighten me!) why is the Superbowl on Sunday versus a Saturday? I mean it seems like it would be a lot more beneficial to have it on Saturday! But whatever…I will be a grumpy and tired girl tomorrow if that means my Colts will win!! 🙂

So can you tell I am ready?

Yes, I have a Peyton Manning Jersey!


This was actually a Christmas present from Keith!

Even Mr. Bear knows what's up!

Haha! I also have a Colts baseball cap, a beanie, and some gloves! Keith has finally said ENOUGH! I am officially not allowed to purchase any more Colts goodies! DANG!

Okay so I can’t leave you without a good Superbowl party recipe, now can I? I love this recipe because it is EASY and it looks really impressive! Enjoy!


1 jar artichoke hearts, in water, drained

6 slices center-cut bacon

Cut your bacon strips in half. Wrap a half slice of bacon around each quarter of an artichoke. Spear with a toothpick to hold it together.

Place in a foil-lined jelly roll pan and bake at 425 for 12-15 minutes (until bacon is crisp).

Yields: 12

25.2 CALORIES; 1.4g FAT (0.4g saturated fat); 6.2mg CHOLESTEROL; 102.1mg SODIUM; 1.8g CARBOHYDRATES; 0.8g FIBER; 0.1g SUGAR; 1.6g PROTEIN

Bacon Wrapped Artichoke Hearts

 What’s your favorite party food/recipe?

Alright…I’m out! GO COLTS! GO COLTS!


25 Responses

  1. lol– you crack me up 🙂 May the best team win!!! (as long as it’s the Saints)

  2. Have fun watching the game! My favorite thing to bring to a superbowl (or any) party is this avocado-feta salsa. It’s from and so good.

  3. Enjoy the game you hot thang! Great recipe!

  4. I love artichoke hearts ad haven’t had them in months now. I love this wrap with bacon. Maybe I can make some for my friends party this afternoon.

  5. Haha!! You are definitely ready for some football!! 🙂 Those artichokes look great!! We had some just steamed last night and Andrew and I both thought they were kind of boring by themselves. I will have to try this out for him soon – he’d love these!!

    P.S. I had a big mug of strawberry tea this morning!!!!! It surpassed my expectations!! 🙂

  6. Love the football jersey!

    For football parties I love the classic seven layer dip and wings!

  7. i am so jealous over your jersey. i have a matt hasselbeck jersey (seahawks) but my hubby says i bring bad luck when i wear it. lol.

    the hubs answer to why its played on a sunday is because it just is. lol.

  8. Mike’s already sporting his jersey. I’ll wait a bit before I put on my attire.

    Those treats look good!

  9. Super-cute, Kelly! I hope you enjoy the game thoroughly!

    I think I like to make seven layer dip the best, too, although I’ve never tried to veganize it… hmm.

  10. Those treats look PERFECT! Only 5 and a half hours left until kick off…

  11. Those bacon wrapped artichoke hearts look awesome!
    Even though I don’t really watch the game, I look forward to the superbowl every year because it means chili and cornbread! 🙂 Gotta love some cornbread!

  12. You look so cute in your jersey!

  13. i love how excited you are for the super bowl 🙂 you are so cute!

  14. Try not to get too stressed by the game! I always make hummus and veggies to bring to parties. It’s easy and it is pretty much expected of me at this point! Cute jersey!

  15. Sheesh…Keith wouldn’t even take the pics for you?

  16. LOVE your enthusiasm over the Superbowl! Your jersey is adorable!! I think it’s on a Sunday because Superbowl Sunday just sounds so much better than Superbowl Saturday- too many syllables! haha

    Good luck today! 🙂

  17. I’ve been wondering the same thing about Superbowl Sunday vs. Saturday. It would be so much more convenient. I’m also a HUGE Peyton Manning fan. GO COLTS!

  18. Great jersey! I am pulling for the Saints this time though! I have to admit I really only watch the game for the commercials. For apps for a party – I like to eat the 7 layer dip. I like to make an artichoke dip (not healthy though – too much mayo and cheese!) I have a friend who makes a great salsa with the raspberry chipotle sauce, mandarin oranges, cilantro and chopped red onion. It’s delicious with chips/crackers.

  19. oooh it sounds like you are going to have so much fun!!! Love those artichokes too 🙂

  20. You are too cute!!! Love the jersey! I was just listening to a conversation on the radio the other day about how it should be “SuperBowl Saturday” and not sunday – less hangovers @ work or calling in sick, more able to enjoy the game and stuff, and local businesses would probably benefit more if more people came out….although I’m thinking that the whole sunday thing really isn’t stopping anyone anyways!! 🙂

  21. What movie did you rent?

  22. Ok those bacon wrapped artichoke hearts are pure genious. Everything is good with bacon eh?
    My grandma made bacon wrapped water chestnuts one year for our Christmas gift exchange, they’re now my favorite thing.

  23. you loook soo cute in your jersey! love it!

  24. you look so cute!!! sorry the colst didn’t win 😦 but Im a pats fan so we can say together, screw New Orleans!!!

    those look so good! I don’t eat bacon so I would maybe make them with turkey bacon?? mmmm do delish!!

    my favorite treat at a superbowl party is artichoke/spinach dip with pita chips!!

  25. haha, you are obsessed 🙂 hope you aren’t too torn up after the loss! i bet those bacon-wrapped artichoke hearts made it better 🙂 what an awesome idea!

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