Love Me Some Saturday!

And no…I am not talking about Jeff Saturday (the Colts Center) although I do love him, and Peyton, and the entire Colts organization…okay enough! I know I am obsessed! (I am nervous for tomorrow!! ACK!) But no, I am loving me some Saturday today! The sun is FINALLY shining, albeit it is still cold, but I can handle cold and sunny a lot better than cold and rainy! I rocked out an interval workout on the treadmill this morning: 

  • 1 mile @ 7.0
  • 1 mile @ 7.1
  • 1 mile @7.2
  • 1 mile @7.3
  • 1 mile @7.4
  • 1 mile @7.5
  • 1 mile @7.6
  • TOTAL: 7 miles

Then I followed that up with 45 minutes on the stairmaster! It was a GREAT workout and I feel like it was the perfect ending to my week! (since you know I am a lazy Sunday gal!) 

Breakfast this morning was coffee as usual and then this coffee cup of goodness: 

  • 1/2 cup peanut butter puffins
  • 1/2 cup kamut
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tbsp. flax seeds

Breakfast of Champions!


Not much on the agenda today. I have my standards: laundry and a grocery store run but other than that I plan on catching some needed R&R. Plus I really need to rest my vocal cords for tomorrow’s game! I tend to have something like Teret’s Syndrome when watching the Colts play!! Yes…I am that annoying girl! 🙂 


I am solo tonight! Keith and bunch of buddies are going to some Ultimate Fighting event downtown. So while he will be home well past my bedtime I will still have the night to myself. So…I am thinking it is going to be a good eats and a good movie night! As for my eats…Keith hates Chinese food so I am thinking a good stir fry is in order and as for movies…I willl take suggestions…I like it all. My Dad suggested a movie called Quarantine…thoughts, ideas? 

What movie should I rent?  

What’s your best stir fry recipe?   


22 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great Saturday! I’m snowed in over here in D.C. so I would like to hear some t.v./movie suggestions too! I just rented the Hurt Locker and that was pretty good- kind of intense though fyi.. My boyfriend just saw Inglorious Bastards and said it was great too, so that’s another action one. I’ve been on a Sleepless in Seattle/Meg Ryan romantic comedy kick personally, so.. 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. Did you see The Proposal yet? I LOVED that movie but I also love me some Sandra. Not a huge Chinese food gal so can’t help you there. You had an intense workout today sister!

  3. Enjoy your night in!! When I’m alone I tend to watch the same girly movies – either Bridget Jones, Love Actually, or Under the Tuscan Sun. All 3 are my faves!! 🙂

  4. Try Whit It with Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore, I haven’t seen it yet but have heard good things! Have you seen the Michael Jackson movie yet? Try that one too!

    A colts fan in Texas?! What?

  5. haha, I’m actually watching Quarantine right now! I love bad scary movies!

  6. What a workout! Oh my gosh – I feel like such a bum…my legs have been dead for the last couple of weeks…I managed a 30 min walk on the treadmill…ugh…and it’s beautiful out now – but honestly I just feel like staying in reading, baking and watching movies too….which is wrong considering I ingested a large pizza myself last night and ….anyways, won’t go there….movies?! i have Gran Torino here i want to see; The Hangover is good for a laugh :)…I seen that that movie with Aaron Eckhart and Jen Anniston is out…I think it’s called Love Happens ? – …but I’m not sure if it’s any good or not….cheers 😉

  7. I can’t wait until my treadmill is fixed! There’s LOTS of snow outside right now 😦

    I saw Quarantine and it made me sick. The way they filmed it made me dizzy…i’m weird I know.

    I just watched the 6th Harry Potter and it was good 😀

  8. Such a good workout! So intense. Love it.

    You should rent either Julie & Julia – its a good chill movie, not too much thinking to it OR Four Christmases was pretty good too. Neither were great movies but good to pass the time with a little entertainment.

  9. 7 miles plus 45 minutes on the stairmastser? You are hardcore, girl!

    Have you seen 500 Days of Summer? I loved that movie. Some people found it boring though.

  10. I will most def. be cheering with you for the Colts tomorrow – the Saints took my Vikes out. >=[ hahah no sense of bitterness at all though…

    I love just throwing all sorts of random veggies into stir fries, but my favorite two are mushrooms and baby corn. I have this thing sitting in my fridge that I actually need to cook a stir fry up for (or so recommends the package) – it’s a “yam cake”. ? It’s what they make the authentic shirataki noodles out of… it looks like a big jelly fish to me. Hhaah I’ll let you know how that one goes!

  11. My husband is going out for the UFC fight too, so I’m excited to stay in by myself for the night. I rented The Invention of Lying. It got mixed reviews, but I’m a sucker for bad movies.

  12. im that annoying girl too. my coworkers wont be too surprised iff i come to work on monday with no voice.

    when the colts win, im thinking of celebrating thru monday! extra day never hurt…especially with the impending disappearance of my voice box.

  13. Sounds like a fun night, I love stir-fry! I guess it depends what kind of movie you’re in the mood for, we saw the cove recently which was great but a serious documentary. Julie and julia was fun for something lighter!

  14. Go for something girly tonight! Or, I’m a big documentary girl, myself. Food Inc is fantastic (and made me not want to eat any processed food ever again).

  15. Oh, you do NOT want to know my movie recommendations. I like either Lifetimes or prison movies — or a combination of both. Favorite movies, though, are The Firm and The Shawshank Redemption. And Good Morning, Vietnam!

    I’m glad you are pulling for my city’s team! One of the Colts came to our house at Christmas. It was a little bizarre.

  16. oh how I wish I had a treadmill. boo hoo! I shall whine for hours now. or just get over it? 😛

  17. Im probably too late for a movie suggestion, which is probably a good thing because I cant think of any!

    I will be rooting for the Colts tomorrow, I wont be watching the game – my boyfriend has abandoned me for the game and I apparently am NOT invited. lol
    Either way, I’ll be rooting for your team. Have fun tomorrow!!

  18. i was too late to recommend a movie:( boo! hope you had a good night
    breakfast looks so good

  19. Kamut…I need to try that. Looks yummy! How do you cook that little mixture or is it cold?

  20. i really loved that you increased your speed just a little after every mile!! im going to try that today – might make my run go by a wee bit faster.

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