Ode to Peyton Manning…

COUNTDOWN TO THE SUPERBOWL BABY has officially begun! Yes, I care about the Superbowl!

Colts vs. Saints

I am a HUGE Colts fan. I love me some Peyton Manning (all my long term followers know this about me) but all my new readers…I have a slight huge crush on Peyton! Woot Woot!! So excited for this Sunday…and very nervous! Here’s another fun fact about me and my football life: Keith and I keep bets every year on EVERY. SINGLE.GAME. for the entire season. Then whoever wins at the end of the season gets MAJOR bragging rights for the rest of the year! (we are slightly obessessed…but we’re okay with it!) We’ve been doing this for 3 years. Year 1: KELLY WINS! 🙂 Year 2: KEITH WINS! 😦 Year 3….TO BE DETERMINED! Currently, I am down by 1 point and the Superbowl is worth 5 points. Keith is an NFC guy (his teams is the Dallas Cowboys) so he is picking the Saints and I am obviously picking the Colts. So WINNER TAKES ALL!

I actually kind of think my husband looks likes Peyton:


Peyton Manning


What do you think?
I also want to post another one of my favorite Peyton commericals (yes I have done this before!! haha):
I seriously laugh every time I see this! Keith just rolls his eyes! He is so good to put up with me!! haha!
Do you care about the Superbowl? Who are you rooting for?

27 Responses

  1. i knew i liked you for more than healthy living stuff….

    Everytime I see him on TV i just have to swoon. Hes so handsome. If I met peyton manning, I could die right after and have my life absolutely complete.

  2. I live in Peyton City and think he is a good ambassador for us. But… ::about to go hide::… I hate football. I lack the attention span. So I’ll be watching the Puppy Bowl instead.

  3. You KNOW who i’m rooting for!

    How can anyone NOT like Peyton? I love the commercial when he was little and they asked him who his favorite football player is and he say muh daaad. So cute!!

  4. Sorry Kel, but being a strong advocate for underdogs in almost every situation and a sister-in-law from New Orleans, I’m going to have to go with the Saints. And….seriously, don’t throw anything at the computer…but….I think Drew Brees is cuter than Peyton Manning…(ducking)

  5. That is an eerily similar looking husband you’ve got there….does he know you married him for his looks? 😉

    I’m a midwestern girl, so I have to go with the Colts!

  6. Eh, I don’t care too much for the Superbowl. (Shh…don’t let my husband hear that blasphemy). But I do LOVE Peyton Manning because I think he’s hilarious whenever he’s in a commerical, SNL, etc. So that’s why I’m rooting for him. That, and my team has Tom Brady who I disowned when he cheated on then dumped his pregnant girlfriend.

  7. I’m rooting for the Saints solely because I’m from Baltimore where the Colts snuck out in the middle of the night hahaaa

  8. Please don’t hate me. I don’t really care about football… 😦 Neither does Andrew, so we make a good pair. BUT, I do enjoy SB parties and we are going to one this year. I always pick a team and pretend I know what’s going on, but usually end up just chatting with other women who aren’t too interested in the game and then tune back in for the commercials. Don’t hate me, ok?! haha! 🙂

  9. Not that excited this year (I’m a pats fan), but I’ll be rooting for you!


    Love you, Kelly!

  11. So THAT’s who’s playing lol. I just went on Cindy’s blog and she was asking who everyone is cheering for and I was just like.. umm… not sure who it’s between lol.

    I have sprint so it looks like I’ll have to go for the saints 🙂 lol just kidding.

  12. I’m from New England… there’s nothing cool about the Superbowl this year… even if we were in it, there’s no point in checking out Tom Brady’s ass anymore… he’s married, and has kids… and has no room for me. 😦 😉 Enjoy the game!

  13. I believe we are going for the Colts!! I don’t pay too much attention to NFL, I like college. I’m ready to watch the game though!

  14. sorry to say i dont care about this bowl much :\ ill root for your team!! hehe


  15. I live in the town next to Foxboro, MA. 10 minutes from Gillette Stadium. GO PATS!
    Even though they’re not in the Super Bowl…

  16. I don’t care a WHOLE lot about the super bowl, but do enjoy the whole “game day” excitement. I also love Peyton Manning commercials…your husband DOES look like him a little!!

    Enjoy the game tomorrow!!

  17. Your hubby does have a resemblance to him=lucky gal 🙂

    Ummm if you’re ever in Indianapolis, let me know. My sis lives there and sees him and his wife out all the time at certain restaurants 🙂 I think she ever saw him twice in one wk. …while she is doing that I get to run into Rick Flair (the old wrestler) at the supermarket-not fun!!

  18. I don’t care about the superbowl because the Pats aren’t in it. I’m rooting (kind of) for the Saints!!

  19. as soon as the ravens are out of it. i’m bored.

    ps. email re: race this morning coming at you in a minute. 🙂

  20. I think you need glasses. Keith is obviously much cuter and in way better shape then Peyton Manning. I love your blogs Kelly and had to comment so that you know that I am reading them. Enjoy your lazy Sunday.

  21. So nice to find some other Peyton lovers! I have to say I’m crushed about last night, but still love my Man!

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