Morning Madness!

I am posting this based on the sheer commicalness (is that a word?) of my morning yesterday. I literally felt like I was in a movie! Plus it was Wednesday…another huge PLUS (if you read my post this morning you know my fondness dislike for Wednesdays). Here we go:

Got to the gym and starting running on the treadmill. At mile 3 I faltered on my stride and hit the inside of my ankle with my other shoe…blood EVERYWHERE. I stop my run go get  a bandaid…stop the bleeding…get back on the treadmill. Mile 7: IPOD dies! Apparently the flashing battery means “charge me”…damn! Now I can usually run without an IPOD but not on a treadmill. Okay…get off the treadmill and finish up with the stairmaster. Fast forward a few hours (breakfast &  clients later)…finally heading home and I am drinking a red sports drink. (I am usually NOT a sports drinker but I was tired, grumpy and needing some electrolytes) I am at a red light and I grab the drink while bumping it on my gear shift…SPILL…bright red G2 all over my car!!!! Get home…clean up the mess and head up to take a much needed HOT shower. Get in the shower and am relaxing as the hot water streams down my head. I reach for the soap. Hum…THERE ISN’T ANY!!!! Do I get out of the shower and go to the cabinet to get more? NO! I say screw it and wash with shampoo!! (Hey…you’ve probably done that too!) I get out of the shower and need to go to my Dad’s house to pick up some tax documents. Drive all the way to my Dad’s only to discover I left his house key at my house! No worries…he works out of his house and is most likely home. Um…unless he had a dentist appointment that morning and isn’t home yet!!! AAAAHHHH!! I wait about 10 minutes and he shows up…yay! Drive home. Sit down on the couch to do a diet analysis on a client. I grab a water bottle and stick in the crack of the couch while I work. Hum…start to notice that my butt is wet. Water bottle has fallen over and spilled everywhere! REALLY?!?! Did I mention my fondness for Wednesday? That, my friends was my morning! All I can do now is laugh…I mean nothing was life threatening or a major ordeal…but it was all very annoying! I guess it could have been worse. I could have been this kid:

Have you ever had one of those day when nothing seems to go right? How do you handle it?

Okay so I need your help! I feel like I lead a very healthy and active life. Do I eat well? Check! Do I work out regularly? Check! Do I sleep enough? (Um..half check) Am I happy? CHECK CHECK! But I will admit that I slack SERIOUSLY in the skin care department. I think this is just as important as everything I mentioned above. Here’s my regime: Wash with Dove soap (twice a day: morning and night) and sometimes sunscreen. That’s it! Shameful…yes! But I am clueless when it comes to skin care and skin care products! Insert cry for help! What do you guys use and/or recommend? I know I am young (28) but I don’t want to look 60 when I am 40!!!

What is your skin care regime and what products do you recommend for me!!



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  1. I’m NOT the person to give you advice here…I consider it a “regimen” to wash my face in the shower and put on sunscreen when it’s hot. Agh. (See, I make you look good!)

  2. oh my…your day was comical. i think i would have given up by the time I got out of the shower and just hid in my room with curtains drawn. I SURRENDER!

    i used to have really bad acne and I use Proactiv. Only thing that has ever worked for me. I use a toner (step #2) at night after washing my face then I use a thin amount of repairing lotion (step #3). In the morning I skip the toner and just use the lotion and let that dry then apply sunscreen, neutrogena healthy skin (i think thats what its called). my system works well, but everyone has different skin.

  3. Yeah I’m a wash-face-in-the-shower-sometimes-sunscreen-girl too 🙂

    Sorry about the crazy day, hope today was better!

  4. Aghgh! Sounds like you had such a crazy day!!! I hope today was calmer.

    I use a mix of different products: olay lotion, cetaphil face wash, and a couple of different aveeno products as well. I’m also a HUGE fan of the St. Ives apricot scrub, but I find that people either love that one or hate it.

  5. I’ve tried a lot of different skincare products, but my current regimen is Burts Bee’s face scrub in the morning and Burt’s Bee’s Radiance (with royal jelly) face wash at night. I use the Radiance moisturizer with sunscreen during the day and a thicker olay moisturizer at night (Total Effects, i think). Seems to work well. The Burt’s bees face scrub leaves my skin feeling so soft!

  6. What a crazy morning!! You are a rockstar for even continuing to run after hurting yourself!! I’d have stopped right there – I’m kind of a baby…

    As for skin care – I used to LOVE aveda everything – I loved their outer peace line. Then I got a mysterious rash all over my face which I now know is not related, but long story short, my dermatologist made me throw it out. So I just use cetaphil face wash b/c my dermatologist said it’s best for sensitive skin. I moisturize with Eucerin’s Aquafor moisturizer b/c I have very dry skin. So unless you have sensitive skin like me, you’ll probably want to listen to the other comments.

  7. Oh My goodness!!! Your day sounded crazy!! I do find that whenever I decide to run, my ipod dies and like you, I hate running on the treadmill without an ipod, it’s terrible! But days like that that help you realize that every other day isn’t so bad! And exactly, nothing went terribly wrong, you just spilt some red energy drink all over your car (It’s not something you can’t clean up!…hopefully) I love the way you told the story too, everything happens so quickly and comically, just like your day… And for skincare, sunscreen is soooooo important (granted, I don’t wear it all the time either!) but thats #1 importance!

    • Absolutely…crazy morning but I just rolled with it. I couldn’t get too upset with the little just isn’t worth it. 🙂

  8. I hate days like that! Hopefully it ends better (and drier) than it started.

    I’m actually a skin care nut. In a past life I was a beauty editor so I’ve tried just about everything. I’m pretty obsessed with new creams and stuff. But I don’t know what to recommend…what’s your skin like? Oily or dry? Acne prone, sensitive, etc? It’s so important to know your skin type before you buy. Lemme know, and hopefully I can help!

  9. I am not at all knowledgeable here. I wash my face in the shower, and put on moisturizer with sunscreen after that. What ever time of day it happens to be. I never wash my face at night, which I rationalize by saying that I never wear make-up, so…

  10. Oh my, you certainly had quite the day! It’s those kind of days when you wonder why you ever got out of bed.

    My daily skin care includes: After washing my face in the morning, I apply a moisturizer with sunscreen, and then at night I apply vitamin E oil and pure organic Shea butter to my face. I concentrate on the areas that are more prone to fine lines and wrinkles (eyes and forehead).

  11. My skincare regime kind of sucks. I put on SPF moisturizer in the morning and use Aveeno facewash to get my makeup off and wash my face at night.

    I have eye cream but I always forget to use it!

  12. Get yourself to Sephora! They’ll personalize a plan for you. I wash with a gentle wash, exfoliate every other day, use a light moisturizer with sunscreen, use astringent if need be… and I love mud masks. Also, I stay OUT of the sun. Always.

    (I was going to be a dermatologist when you get to med school – ha)

    When I have one of those days, my puppy cures all!

  13. oh no! IM so sorry you were having such a rough day! yikes! Well at least its over though and many more awesome days to come, eh??
    I absolutely love Klean products. They smell awesome and really hydrates my skin without the greasies. I am so wishing you a great night!!!

  14. What a day! One of those you just want to put to bed! Your story made me laugh though – I would have fallen down on the floor and had a fit and cried, then said a prayer and had some hot chocolate. I use either cetaphil or purpose to wash my face. I have always used moisturizer with sunscreen. Now that I am nearing 40, I am using some other products made for skin that age (Olay and Roc) hoping the crow’s feet go away! But not really anticipating that, I am trying to enjoy where my skin is today, because in 10 years, I will look back and think how young I looked! Enjoy that young skin of yours and use sunscreen!!

  15. Oh my goodness, that is awfully hilarious. I hope your day improved from there on out. 🙂 Also, I’ve done the shampoo wash too many times to count.

    My skin care regimen sucks – except I do make it a point to wear sunscreen everyday. I’m kind of scared of wrinkles.

  16. ohhh gosh I’m sorry your day had bumps along the way!! you are one awesome chica to keep such a positive attitude! With the skincare regimen I would suggest using a good lotion before bedtime, and a daytime lotion with an spf of at least 15 in the winter and 30 in the summa! Have a great friday girlie! 🙂

  17. I have days like that ALL the time!! One morning, I was running late for work and throwing together a salad for lunch really quick. I always make my dressing, so Im mixing the oil and balsamic vinegar in a container, I turn around and knock my dressing on the floor. It managed to fall exactly flat and land on its bottom, throwing oil and vinegar EVERYWHERE. All over me, all over the kitchen, all over my mom white dog. I didnt have time to change completely, so I threw on a new shirt and had to smell like vinegar ALL DAY LONG! I feel your pain!

    I wish I could help you with the skin care thing – I still havent figured out my own skin!

  18. Pretty funny day, Kelly! Even when I am prone to breakouts (during pregnancy and nursing!) the Nuetragena Acne Face Wash is what works best for me. When my face is back to normal I just use their foaming face wash and I have used Olay Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 forever!

    I just found this cool exfoliater from Mark. It is dry and made with all natural stuff. You just dump a little of the dry particles in your hand and then mix with your cleanser. So you clean and exfoliate all in one step. Since I am lazy that is good.

    I don’t use eye cream, but I need to start. I find that any type of face cream is too thick for my skin and usually causes me to break-out. But I did just recently try a sample of Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar and I loved it. I am just trying to bring myself to pay $40 a jar….sheesh.

    Also, after I had Jax and started having trouble with my skin I switched to mineral make-up (Bare Minerals). It made a huge difference. It lasts a long time and I am still using it now. In fact, I tried to switch to a cheaper, store-brand mineral make-up and it took about 5 months to get my skin back to normal. I won’t be switching again!

  19. If it’s any consolation, you just made my day a little bit better by allowing me to chuckle at your misfortunes. 🙂

    And glad you were able to laugh about it too!

  20. Oh man, sorry about your morning! It’s like murphy’s law…anything that could go wrong, did!

    I have horrible skin (I break out a lot) but I use nutrogena to wash my face morning and night, I exfoliate twice a week or so, and later on lotion with spf in the morning and without it at night. I guess I can deal with the zits as long as I’m not covered in wrinkles!

  21. One word: Clinique

    Everything I put on my face, face wash, lotion, creams, make-up etc. is clinique. 100% fragrance free and allergy tested. Their products are soooo gentle. PLUS, if you use it and hate it they always take it back.

  22. 1. AHHHH!!!! I kick myself all the time while running but I’ve NEVER had that happen. That sounds so painful!
    2. I have totally washed all over with shampoo before. Soap is soap 🙂
    3. I LOVE that picture because it reminds me of a HORRIBLE story about when I was little.
    My mom was walking around pushing me in my stroller and people kept looking down at me. Her thoughts “oh, they think she’s cute!” then she looked down to find bird poo running down my face.
    EW!! lol
    4. I’m sure I’ve had days like that but I’m lucky enough to have the memory of a fish so I don’t remember it 🙂

    My skin routine… uh… I wash my face in the shower. That’s it. Oh and sometimes I use moisturizer… when I remember… and I use sunscreen… when it’s summer… and I remember… yeah, don’t take advice from me!

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