And The Winner Is…

Thanks to everyone who entered the Perfect Foods Bar give-a-way. These bars are seriously awesome and even I am jealous of the winner! haha! So are you ready? It is:


Congratulations girl! Shoot me an email with your information and I will get it over to the people at Perfect Foods so they can mail off your goodie box!! Woot Woot! Happy Tuesday to you!!  


Who do you admire and why? 

This is an interesting question. What sparked it was while eating my breakfast this morning, I overheard a conversation between two boys. They were probably 12 (give or take a year) and they were heatedly debating who the best basketball player was. One was insisting it was Kobe while they other held fast in his Shaq love. It made me smile a little as I remember having very similar conversations as a kid. Who was the best and why? To be frank, we still have them today. My husband and I are constantly talking about who’s the best in the NFL in their respective positions. Do we ever really grow out of the hero-worship phase?  

So I thought, who is my hero? I will say that I wish I could be uber lofty and say it was some famous political pioneer, or a famous writer, but really mine is an athlete. Kara Goucher to be exact. I find her to be an inspiration to me. She is a fighter, a runner, and a woman. I am in awe of her and she pushes me to do better in my own training. I find her relatable and very down to earth. Runner’s World did a huge spread on her this month and I devoured every word! Sometimes people just inspire you for all kinds of reasons and some of them can be personal. I only hope that on a much smaller level I can serve as an inspiration to people around me too!  


Kara Goucher

Who inspires you?  


Sparkspeople had a great article on Gluten today called, Gluten FEAR: Should You Go Gluten-Free? Lots of great information on what exactly gluten is and how to incorporate gluten-free changes into your diet. Go here to read it!


20 Responses

  1. Hello!! So glad you found my blog!! I’m loving yours too!

    My hero, as cliche as it sounds, is def my dad. He has seriously done it all: run marathons, flown air force one, got his MD, 2 masters degrees, embaraced baldness when he got alopecia in his 30’s, and been a great dad! He’s a jack of all trades and I’m his little Jill 🙂

  2. ooo love this!

    Honestly, I’m not sure who is the person I most admire! I’ll have to think about it!

    AND, I will have to look into Kara. She seems phenomenal!

    Also, The Meatless Monday people are sending me a logo to display on my blog to show that I’m a participant–if you want it, just email me @ and I’ll fwd it to you!

  3. I don’t think there’s really anyone I admire anymore? Used to be Princess Diana b/c of all the good things she did.

    I saw that gluten article yesterday. Very interesting read!!

  4. Thanks for the article link, I already bookmarked it to try. And your chili recipe from this morning is in my slowcooker already. Can’t wait for dinner!

    Oh, and I too admire my dad. Cheesy, but I am a daddy[s girl. 😀

  5. i devoured every single word of that article too. i couldnt take my eyes off the page. just kept reading and reading even though i was supposed to be getting dinner ready…you would never think that such an amazing athletes doubts themself or has their own inner demons. it was a well written article.

    the people who inspire me are fellow bloggers. my motto is ‘if they can do, so can i’ or at least to some extent.

  6. I’m inspired by my granddad, who went from milkman to successful company regional manager (wish that didn’t sound so Dunder Mifflin-y) and has never missed any of my big moments in life. I am also inspired by . . . wait for it; this’ll be a HUGE shock based on my background . . . former SCOTUS Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. She was the swing judge on many decisions that have shaped the US! And I like to read the opinions she wrote.

  7. I’ll balance out all the daddy’s girls out there and say that I’m inspired by my Mama 🙂

  8. Kara Goucher inspires me too! Usually when people ask me of an athlete I like I mention her, but they usually don’t have any idea of who I’m talking about. It’s nice to know that there is someone else out there that likes her too!

  9. Love the blog!!

    And I’m so glad you linked the to the gluten free article. I’m actually going to a gastroenterologist this month to be tested for gluten intolerance/celiac and lactose intolerance…it looks like I am going to have some big eating changes ahead of me.

  10. beautiful picture!! she IS inspiring.

  11. No, Kara Goucher is MY hero!!

    Hahah – kidding. But you know your stuff! She has literally been my idol since I was like 12. I got to meet her last year at the Reebok Indoor Games and my jaw was probably on the floor. I also really love Carrie Tollefson – she is a local, an amazing athlete, and honestly one of the most down to earth athletes I have ever met!

  12. I love Kara. She’s beautiful inside and out.

    I’m not really sure who my hero is. Maybe Hellen Keller. Not even kidding. I was obsessed with reading nonfiction books about her when I was a child. She’s amazing!

  13. I didnt even have to think about this, but I have two people. My grandparents.
    My grandpa passed away a few years ago, and there are so many things I didnt know about him. But what I did know was amazing.
    He had 6 kids and a wife, lost everything, the house the cars, all of it. Then got it all back and then some. His story is absolutely amazing, and if that wasnt enough, at his funeral one of his biggest competitors stood up and made a speech. He said that his business was going under and my grandfather, after work every day would go to his office, and helped keep him from going out of business.
    As for my grandma, she had a childhood that I just couldnt even imagine, and had every excuse to turn into a horrible person, but she didnt. She is the sweetest, most amazing woman Ive ever met.
    They inspire me.

  14. danggg that kara girl is a BEAST!
    the bible inspires me-it makes me want to be the best that God has for me..and to follow His plan and keep seeing what is in store
    best addiction? girl i FEEL YOU on coffee..mine are coffee AND chocolate! whooo!

  15. During last year’s Boston Marathon, there were “Go Kara” signs everywhere. We were really cheering for her when she took the final turn too!

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