Water vs. Sports Drinks

When you work out do you drink water or sports drinks?? I am always just a plain jane water girl! But here are some good tips for what to choose:

For exercise lasting under 45 minutes, water is your best choice. For the recreational athlete who may exercise 30-40 minutes per session, water is sufficient! Here is why water is so great:

  • Water is easily absorbed
  • Water is the best choice to drink before moderate length exercise
  • Water is readily available and less expensive than sport drinks

Research suggests that for workouts consisting of at least 45 minutes of continuous exercise or high-intensity workouts of any duration – running, aerobics, biking and intense weight training – a sports drink may be beneficial in delaying muscle fatigue by providing your body with additional energy:

  • Sport drinks will replenish fluids while containing a small amount of carbohydrates and electrolytes
  • A steady source of carbohydrates during prolonged exercise fights off fatigue and enhances performance by fueling the muscles
  • Studies show that a solution containing electrolytes and carbohydrates may be absorbed more quickly and helps to retain fluids consumed after prolonged intense exercise
  • The taste of a good sport drink may encourage you to keep drinking

So what about you, are you a sports drink or a water drinker?


26 Responses

  1. I’m a water chugger…lots of water 🙂

  2. Definitely water! The only time I drink sports drinks is during long runs where I can’t eat before.

  3. Thanks Kelly! I’ve never gotten into sports drinks…I’d rather just drink water, and then get my calories from wine 🙂 Okay, not quite the same thing, but…you get what I’m saying 🙂

  4. Water, please! Actually, if you could slip a little decaf in my sports bottle, that’d be even better

  5. I much prefer water, I’ve never liked Gatorade or any other sports drink. I also agree with Anna above, haha.

  6. usually water, unless i’m out there for more than an hour, then i’ll have some watered-down sports beverage. i don’t use it enough to have a favorite…

  7. I love water… My husband drinks propel everyday… He always says he’s replenishing his electrolytes… Whatever 🙂

  8. To be very honest, I drink Crystal Light most of the time. I hate plain water… hate, hate, hate it! I know, it’s not the healthiest of preferences, but I guess it’s healthier than diet soda and juice all the time??

  9. I’m a water drinker! I love water, don’t really like sweet drinks. Which is shocking, since I love sweet food!

  10. I do both. I’ve found that in a race, however, when I’m really concentrating on trying to run fast, sports drinks hurt my stomach.

  11. Water all the way! I had a really bad experience with Gatorade once — NEVER again.

  12. I never, never drink gatorade (you know my guilt with drinking calories) except when I trained for a marathon. Anything over ten miles would include gatorade…it actually made the runs more enjoyable. Anything for a treat. 🙂

  13. i loooove water waaaaay too much. the hubby and friends actually have to force me to drink gatorade when i run for more than an hour. i must admit sports drinks are a life saver when you have to do your long runs, they definately help you replenish and give you a boost of energy. I still prefer water over sports drinks though.

  14. Just water, I’m not a fan of drinking my calories…unless it’s coffee…or wine…or beer 😉

  15. I always go with water. I don’t like to drink my calories; I much prefer to eat them instead.

  16. I always drink water. The only way I would ever drink a sports drink is if I’m training for a marathon… even then, I’d do diluted gatorade.

  17. “High Quality H Twoooo Ohhhh”

    Haha. I always drink water, all day every day. The only time I’d reach for a sports drink would be after VERY strenuous exercise if I felt really dehydrated. But most of the time, water works for me. 🙂

  18. Yep, water for me too! I actually used to drink sports drinks because I couldn’t make myself drink plain water. But then I got one of those kleen kanteens, and they make water taste so crisp and GOOD.

  19. thank you so much for the information- i am a water drinker all the way!


  20. plain water, I like to put some ice in it so it is nice and cold. I don’t like the taste of Gatorade

  21. I’m a huge water drinker but for my long distance stuff, I use coconut water mixed with water. It’s a natural “sports drink” and it doesn’t have any of the chemicals that most sports drinks have. Check out the nutrients in it and you’ll see why it’s so awesome! 🙂

  22. Water! But I never drink enough –

  23. Funny, I was thinking of doing a post on this… I am water girl as well.. even on my long bike rides I only do water… no gatorad for me thank you.

  24. Im all about water. I have this fight with my boyfriend all the time. He drinks Gatorade constantly – NOT because he’s an athlete. He spends maybe an hour at the gym occasionally doing and his workouts are not intense lets be honest.
    He thinks its good for him and wont listen to anything I say.

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