Don’t be a CRASHER!!

We’ve all heard the term “crash diet” but do you know what exactly it means? I looked it up: A crash diet is a general term for an extreme diet that is severely restrictive in its calorie intake. It’s meant to achieve rapid weight loss, and not meant to last for more than a few weeks at a time. Many celebrities go on crash diets when they want to lose weight quickly. Crash diets are typically unhealthy and are rarely, if ever, recommended by health professionals. And often, as soon as a dieter stops a crash diet, he/she ends up gaining back the weight he/she lost and then some.

In Hollywood, where standards of beauty are already skewed toward the unrealistic and the idealistic, these rapidly dissolving stars seem to be pushing the boundaries toward the unreasonable and the unhealthy. And in a superficial world where celebrity weight-watching is a spectator sport and the media is glad to oblige, what effect if any do these vanishing beauties have upon the masses? Could it be argued that the image projected by uber-skinny stars is not only irresponsible, but also deceitful? I read all the time in magazines how these stars claim to eat whatever they like. BULL CRAP! All this does it make young [normal] women feel like freaks because it doesn’t seem to work like that for them. In a lot of cases these women are lying. Bottom line…they are.

Here are a few of my all-time favorites:

C is for Cookie
We like the sound of any diet that involves eating cookies and promises you’ll lose 15 pounds in a month. Sanford Siegal, M.D., is the creator of the Cookie Diet, in which followers eat six of his specially formulated cookies along with one meal a day. It’s not surprising people lose weight on this diet, considering they’re eating a mere 800 calories a day — hum…that sounds plain crazy!!

Part-Time Diet
Who wouldn’t go for a diet that promises you can eat whatever you want and as much as you want? But the “Alternate-Day Diet” by James B. Johnson, M.D., has a pretty big catch: You can only indulge every other day; on alternate days you’ll be eating a mere 200 to 1000 calories total. Switching between overeating and starving sounds like torture, but does it work? A review published in a 2005 issue of the ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ found that non-obese followers of the plan did lose weight on the diet, but they reported high levels of hunger and irritability that would likely prevent this from becoming a long-term plan. Really…you couldn’t do this that’s a SHOCKER?!

Soup’s On … Always
All soup all the time should be the motto of the Cabbage Soup Diet. The plan in designed for you to slurp soup made from a watery mix of cabbage, peppers, onions and celery for seven days. It’s no surprise that you lose weight because you’re not eating much, but after your soup fast is over, the pounds pile back on. Cabbage Soup for 7 days…oh yum..sign me up!

Really let’s just be real for a minute. The only way (YES…THE ONLY WAY) to lose weight and maintain that weight loss is mindful eating, healthy choices, and activity. If something sounds too good to be true; it is!

What’s the craziest diet you’ve heard of?

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27 Responses

  1. The cookie diet is the craziest I’ve ever heard!

  2. Love this post! Sometimes I’ll hear/read people talking about diets, and am petrified at the idea that they would actually do that… it can be so unhealthy! Nothing is THAT easy. oh and same things about those fat-melting pills.. grrrr!!
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Yeah there is nothing crazier than the cookie diet. Insanity.

  4. I think the “master cleanse” is pretty crazy. I worked with a woman once who did it. I thought her juice was lemonade. I poured my self a glass and drank about three sips, before I went into our shared workspace to ask what it was. She got this horrified look on her face. After she explained it to me, and it’s…..effects. I left the juice alone!

  5. I’d prob say that master cleanse diet where you eat like lemon juice, cayenne and maple syrup.

  6. ugh i HATEEE these stupid fad diets! the cookie diet is unbelievable- i actually did a post about it once!


  7. These diets are crazy. Of course, Ive done something similar to almost all of them. Once I went on a “popsicle diet”.
    No breakfast, popsicle for lunch, and a small dinner. Lost 5 pounds but I was a bitch the whole time.

  8. Umm can the cookie diet consist of like Oreos, Chips Ahoy, and E.L Fudges?!! I’d go on that one 😉

    I knew someone that just ate quaker oats chocolate chip granola bars for breakfast lunch and dinner.

    People are crazy! haha!

  9. Oh man, all kinds of crazy diets out there! My favorite it the “negative food” diet where you eat things like celery that supposedly take more calories to digest then they have in them. Yeah…I don’t think weight loss works like that, and who wants to eat nothing but celery all day!?

  10. My roommate in college was notorious for trying these diets. She had diet pills, she did the hollywood juice diet, and she would fast too. And you know what… she’s still overweight to this day. Those diets don’t work!! It makes me so sad that girls fall for these. I have a friend at school who is stuck in a binge and fast cycle. She is also overweight. Moderation, slow and steady, that is the key!!

  11. I’m with Lisa– that cayenne pepper, maple syrup, lemon juice fast is MESSED UP!!! Even Beyonce couldn’t do it! 🙂

  12. Personally, I think all diets are crazy. Healthy living is what it’s all about – finding balance between food, exercise, and fun…and just life in general 😛

    Enjoy your evening! Loved reading this post 🙂

  13. Oh, wonky diets — very silly, they are. I think the best way to “diet” is to make lasting changes to your diet. Probably the silliest fad diet I ever heard of was “The Hour Diet” — a girl I knew in high school would limit herself to juices except for one hour of the day, when she’d go on a drive-through fast food binge. I shudder to think . . .

    There was an MTV show with a girl on a “cottage cheese diet,” too. Eeesh!

  14. The Master Cleanse! It worked well while I was on it, but as soon as I started eating real food again, I gained all the weight back. It was a lose-lose situation… I miserable the entire time and I didn’t lose a pound. Thank goodness I’ve gotten a lot smarter about how I lose weight since then.

  15. Side comment- I have tried tempeh and I’m not loving it. I bought some more in hopes of trying something new but haven’t touched it yet. Any ideas?

  16. Thanks for the GI Jane thing… I really had no idea 🙂 Let me know if you want to join!

  17. The cookie diet is hands down teh craziest I’ve ever heard of…or the special k diet.

  18. Ya, I am not a fan of the speical K or slim fast diets either and that cookie thing is RIDICULOUS!

  19. My mom did this stupid diet once where one day you only ate 8 bananas. Yeah.

  20. Beardsley, eh? It might be worth the flight out there.

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