Blogger Confessions + a GIVE-A-WAY!

Happy Friday everyone! Is everyone ready for the weekend? Count me in…I definitely am! Well last night I was a bad foodie blogger (confession time) and I made dinner from (gasp) a box! Check it out:

 But now check out the finished product (Keith’s monster portion)…ah sometimes you just need greasy goodness from a box! 🙂



Earlier this week I wrote a review on the Cranberry Crunch Lite bar from Perfect Foods. All the Perfect Food Bars are made from a delicious creamy blend of organic peanut butter and honey. The organic honey provides quick balanced energy and the added omega-3 “healthy fats” increase endurance. There’s also plenty of easy to digest, alkaline forming protein for immediate tissue repair. Enjoy this innovative approach to consuming over 30 different high nutrient foods not readily available in todays fast pace society. Plus all the bars are:


  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Good Source of Dietary Fiber
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Well, the good people over at Perfect Foods have offered a give-a-way to one lucky reader! Woot Woot!! Here’s what you have to do to enter:

    1. Tweet this contest and leave me a comment letting me know you did!
    2. Link this give-a-way on your blog and leave me a comment letting me know!
    3. Go to the Perfect Foods website and then leave me a comment letting me know what flavor you would most like to try.

    The give-a-way will run through Monday night! I will randomly pick a winner and announce it on Tuesday morning! Good luck and have fun! Seriously… these bars ROCK!!!


    64 Responses

    1. Carob chip!!! I love carob chips 🙂

    2. It happens. I had some frozen broccoli with cheese sauce the other night if it makes you feel better!

      I think the cranberry one sounds the best.

    3. These bars do TOTALLY rock! Mike loves them as well! I wish our Whole Foods was closer 😦

    4. Um, I’m right there with you. I had a couple Pillsbury cinnamon buns last night after dinner. They’re so horrible but yet so delicious at the same time. I’m weak.

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    6. tweet tweet!

    7. Sometimes dinner in box is in order 🙂

    8. Definitely peanut butter!!! Yum!

    9. Great contest Kelly (not entering as I’m in the UK!)

      And yes, that dinner sure looked delicious!!


    10. peanut butter, of course!!! 😀 Look delish!

    11. Hey, found your blog and wanted to comment on the rude kid-having comment. I KNOW I am going to be getting that one, and I’ve decided my go-to comment is going to be “the jury’s out.” As in that’s ALL I will say. If people make me feel awkward, I’ll give it right back. It’s just not right!

    12. ooh, i’ve never seen those in stores!! i’d go for the pb or carob chip as I’m a new fan 🙂

    13. I think we all have our “dinner from the box” moments! The lasagna looks really good and cheesy, which is always a plus in my book!

    14. I was planning on eating good today but now I’m not sure. Damn you, italian food pictures!

    15. Definitely peanut butter!

    16. Although the cranberry wasn’t my favorite, it’s the best for me 😉

      I’m NOT saying it wasn’t good though….if you like PB fudge they’re ALL good!!!!!

    17. These bars look great- I’ll take peanut butter!

      Oh, and don’t we all eat food from a box every once in a while? It’s good to get some variety once in a while!

    18. Oh my gosh I’d love to try the carob chip bars! YUM YUM! What a good giveaway Kelly! 🙂

    19. i want to try the peanut butter flavor- sounds awesome!!!


    20. I made your chicken enchilada casserole last night. A.MAZING.
      my husband rated it in the top 10 things I’ve made.
      Great recipe!

    21. It’s a tie between the Fruit and Nut bars and the Carob Chips bars. Both contain ingredients that I love.

    22. I can’t decide between the Peanut Butter and the Carob Chip. Peanut Butter I can eat with a spoon so I am sure that it will not only be delish but also good for me. The Carob Chip just sounds yummy, and I love that there is tomato in it. I just ate a tomato as a side dish for my dinner.

    23. I definitely want to try the peanut butter!!

    24. Definitely the carob chip bars! I’ve never seen these bars before in a store. Their nutritional stats are great!! 😉

    25. Peanut butter obviously! LOL

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    27. mmmmm. I want to try the cranberry! I’m just starting to eat gluten-free so these bars sound great!!

    28. They all sound great…probably the pb or the fruit and nut!

    29. they all look great! i would probably choose peanut butter :]

    30. tweet tweet! @carrothead

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    32. I’d love to try the cranberry crunch flavor. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    34. That lasagne looks amazing—moderation is key 🙂 and sometimes its nice to have a night off from cooking.

      I am definitely interested in the Carob Chip Bars, linked back to you!

    35. Mmm sounds good! Cranberry crunch and Carob chip especially!

    36. I would most love to try the fruit and nut bars

    37. I tweeted it

    38. flavor: either Carob Chip or PB

    39. I would love to try the peanut butter flavor. Yum!

    40. I think I’d like to try the fruit & nut kind first. Yum! What a great giveaway!

    41. […] and keep on entering the give-a-way for the Perfect Foods Bars! YUM! YUM! […]

    42. i would like to try the carob chip bar! they sound amazing.

    43. These look awesome, and I would eat the crap out of them…if only for the milk. Boo. If you know of a good dairy free bar…

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    45. Linked you from my blog 🙂


    46. of course peanut butter!

    47. i linked back on my blog 🙂

    48. […] And also be sure to enter Kelly’s giveaway for Perfect Food Bars! […]

    49. Love, love, love the Cranberrry Lite bars. Perfect little snack even if you just eat half for a quick sweet treat and pick me up!

    50. Peanut butter bars, yum!

    51. Carob chip or pb for sure!

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    54. It’d probably have to be the Cranberry Crunch for me. I love cranberries!

    55. […] Posted on February 2, 2010 by Kelly Thanks to everyone who entered the Perfect Foods Bar give-a-way. These bars are seriously awesome and even I am jealous of the winner! haha! So are you ready? It […]

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