It’s That Time Again…

Girl Scout Cookies

 GIRL SCOUT COOKIE TIME, that is! On every corner there seems to be a cute little girl just begging you to buy some cookies! “Would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?” rings loud and clear! Are you a sucker? Join the club! 🙂 But just how bad are they? Check it out:

  • 2 cookies: 140 Calories; 7g Fat (6g Saturated Fat); 19g Carbohydrates; 13g Sugar; 1g Protein

  • 2 cookies: 150 Calories; 8g Fat (5g Saturated Fat); 17g Carbohydrates; 10g Sugar; 2g Protein

  • 4 cookies: 120 Calories; 4.5g Fat (2g Saturated Fat); 19g Carbohydrates; 4g Sugar; 1g Protein

  • 4 cookies: 160 Calories; 8g Fat (6g Saturated Fat); 21g Carbohydrates; 10g Sugar; 1g Protein

  • 3 cookies: 160 Calories; 6g Fat (2.5g Saturated Fat); 26g Carbohydrates; 8g Sugar; 2g Protein

  • 2 cookies: 150 Calories; 6g Fat (3.5g Saturated Fat); 22g Carbohydrates; 9g Sugar; 2g Protein

  • 2 cookies: 150 Calories; 7g Fat (4g Saturated Fat); 22g Carbohydrates; 9g Sugar; 1g Protein

What’s your favorite?

Mine is a toss up between the Peanut Butter Sandwiches or the Shortbreads! YUM!



34 Responses

  1. This is too funny! Our niece got Mike the other day and apparently the new minimum order is 5 boxes! Smart girl. Our favorite is the Thin Mints. I like mine right out of the freezer. I think I might need to consider freezing them is single servings because I could easily devour an entire sleeve with a tall glass of milk. mmmmmm

  2. We dont have Girl Scouts here – its Girl Guides and it looks like the cookies are totally different!! Theyre oreo style and are either chocolate or vanilla. But they have the thin mint ones now – those are my favorite.

  3. Every year I feel more frustrated that I am part of this! I don’t eat them anymore (gluten issue). But my kids still sell them and eat them. And who really eats 2 at a time? I usually don’t purchase anything with HFCS or hydrogenated oils in it. I hate selling it to people! I wish the Girl Scouts would get with the program and change the recipe.

    • I feel you Maggie…I wish they would offer a gluten-free version or even a more natural version….maybe one day!

      • Yes, maybe one day! The Peanut Butter Patties have been my favorite since childhood, and would still be if I ate them. The fam also likes thin mints, frozen.

  4. Caramel Delites are my favorite, but I could deal with some PB sandwiches or Lemonados..!

  5. your favorites are my favorites. I think Girl Scout Cookies are something that you just shouldnt know the calories for. Ignorance is bliss haha

  6. I’m a sucker for the Carmel DeLites… I think one time I took out an entire box in two days. Shame…. lol

    Now I stay as far away from those Girls Scouts stands as possible… ugh!

  7. I’m a thin mints gal all the way! Straight out of the freezer 🙂

  8. I loved this time of year when I was a kid! I actually enjoyed selling them! My favorites were the peanut butter sandwiches and the peanut butter patties! Probably better for my rear end that I can’t have them anymore!

  9. I’m a peanut butter patties girl 🙂

  10. Are Caramel DeLites the same thing as Samoas?? If so, those are my favorite, but Tagalongs are a close 2nd!!

    I’m hoping I can avoid anyone trying to sell them to me this year. I’m pretty sure none of my students are GS’s. I really don’t crave them or care about them unless they’re in my house… then they’re constantly on my mind!! 😉

  11. Caramel delites, except that I know them as Samoas.

    Thin Mints are a close second though.

  12. I definitely like the caramel delights but I don’t eat the cookies anymore, I now eat the ICE CREAM 🙂 yumm, it’s made by Edy’s and it’s a 1/2 the fat flavor, so it’s less calories than the 2 cookies and way less fat. Yum!

  13. samoa’s and thin mint! I bought samoa ice cream tonight to curb the gs cookie craving 🙂

  14. Mmmmm…Samoas are my FAVORITE!!! They have been ever since I was a wee Girl Scout myself 🙂

  15. I made my order just in the nick of time. One box each of Thin Mints, Samoas (for my bf) and Shortbread. MMMM!! Can’t wait.

  16. Since WHEN did they change the name of Samoas??? Obviously, they’re trying to be a little more PC 😉 They’re my fav. This year I told all the little GS girls N-O. Thanks for this post because I really needed a reminder as to why I did that.

  17. samoas and tagalongs 🙂 bringin the traditional names back! maybe this year i should try making my own!!

  18. I’ve known that Girl Scout cookies have small serving sizes and lots of calories. But thanks again for the harsh reminder. 😉

    Haha, j/k I think it’s totally worth it to buy a box or two of your favorite kinds. But wow, they are SO expensive.

  19. Definitely PEANUT BUTTER PATTIES!!! Although I’ve never tried it… I like the sound of the Lemonades…

  20. Wow I forgot about these for a moment 🙂 I love the pb sandwiches! 🙂

  21. DONT get me started on GS cookies. Thin Mints all the way sister. No doubt about that. Then Caramel Delights. I’m drooling. I pray to god that no one in uniform comes knocking at my door this GS season. I’ll have to hide behind the couches like we did as kids when Jehovah witnesses came knocking. (Totally inappropriate but you know you did it too.)

  22. ohhh my gosh! im drooling just looking at this! i LOVE thin mints, PB cookie, and shortbread!

  23. I love tagalongs, thin mints, and somoas….or whatever their names are these days!

  24. I love the peanut butter patties and carmel deLites
    also know as
    Tag-a-longs and Samoas. Different parts of the country are supplied by different bakers, so I think the nutrionals vary.

  25. Just found your blog! I love that you posted this!! :]

  26. I love Somoas. Best cookie ever.

  27. Ack! girl scout cookies are evil-goodness wrapped up real pretty.

  28. I resisted this year!! My mom still has 3 boxes of thin mints in her freezer from last year, so if I really want any I’ll have to drive an hour to get some.

    I love thin mints and tagalongs.

  29. My favorites are the caramel delights. delicious! i will only buy one box for me and one box for my husband (he likes the peanut butter patties) so we treat it as a very special occasion!

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