Wrap With Me BABY!

So, I am a little off my routine today. I have my race tomorrow so instead of having lazy Sunday I am having lazy Saturday! 🙂 I slept late (until 7:30..sweet!) and just did some light stretching this morning and I rolled out on the foam roller. Nothing too strenuous! I am excited and nervous all rolled into one! I think I am just ready for tomorrow to be here!! Like now! Yes, I am a tad impatient! 🙂 I picked up my race goodie bag yesterday. The race is sponsered by 3M so I am now officially stocked up on post-it notes, glue and tape for um…like 10 years! haha! Check this out:

3M Goodies


Plus I like my race number: 1191! I have a slight aversion to the number 3 so I was quite pleased to not see that number on my race bib! Us runners and our weird superstitions! I swear! Also included in our bag was this new bar called Omega 3 Wellness Bar by a company called Boundless Nutrition.

Omega 3 Wellness Bar


I had high hopes for this bar. It was the dark chocolate mint flavor and it nutritional stats were awesome: 190 Calories; 6g Fat, 24g Carb, 10g Sugar and 14g Protein. I am a sucker for bars, so I immediately, upon seeing it in my goodie bag, ripped open the package and took a bite. It was probably the nastiest thing I have EVER tasted! I immediately spit it out in a napkin and tossed the bar! DANG! Maybe it was just this flavor but it was icky!
Has anyone else ever tried these bars?  
Oh before I forget I guess I should tell you about dinner last night. Keith made homemade pizza on Udi’s Gluten-Free pizza crust! It looked really good but I just wasn’t feeling pizza. I am weird in that I have to be in the mood for pizza. It isn’t something I can just eat whenever. Odd? Maybe…or probably! 🙂 So I made myself a fabulous wrap!! I took a Flatout Wrap and loaded it down with sprouts, tomato, grilled onions and tuna.
Load it Up

Wrapped it all up and used a toothpick to secure it! 

Wrap it up

AND CHOMP! Enjoyed every last bite! 🙂 

Eat it Up

It totally hit the spot and tasted so good!! 🙂 

Then we watched a movie: Four Christmases. It was flipping hilarious!!! Made for the perfect night! 

Four Christmases


I don’t have much planned for today! Just some relaxing R&R to gear up for tomorrow. I have a few recipes I want to try so I will probably be in the kitchen causing trouble! I hope everyone has a great Saturday! Check back with you later with recipe reports!! 🙂 CHEERS! 


13 Responses

  1. Good luck tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear about it.

  2. Enjoy your relaxing Saturday, and have fun ROCKING that race tomorrow!

    Looks like an awesome bag full o’ goodies 🙂

  3. Have a great day relaxing darling! 🙂 And eat up!!!

  4. Enjoy resting today!! I know you’re going to run like the wind tomorrow!! 🙂 I love all the goodies they give you in your race bag – one of the best parts of running them, haha! 😉

    That tuna wrap looks so delicious!!

  5. Good luck on the race, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  6. YES!! I actually really liked that movie -I was afraid it was another lame Xmas movie…but who am I kidding – those I like anyways ;)…but Vince Vaugh makes it …remember the Shepherd scene!! Hilarious. I rarely laugh out loud…but that did it for me…sharp and on this toes for sure :)…hey he just married a Canadian too !! Now if only it were me…hmmmm.

    GOOD LUCK TOMMOROW – YOU’LL ROCK IT NO MATTER WHAT! Can’t wait to hear about it. And YES, have a super-lazy Saturday and another lazy Sunday afternoon – after the race – I’ll be reading chick 🙂 !

  7. I’m a sucker for bars too! I have a huge stash.. only problem is I never eat them! haha.

    Good luck tomorrow!! You’ll do awesome I know it!

  8. What an awesome goodie bag! The best parts of racing are the free bag of stuff in the beginning and the free food in the end. Good luck tomorrow!

  9. aww sorry about the disappointment of hte bar- it does sound good in theory.

    good luck 🙂


  10. Yay I can’t wait to read about your race! Good luck and have a great day relaxing!

  11. Those bars are yummy, EXCEPT for that flavor. james likes it but I don’t. I like the peanut butter dark chocolate one. YEA FOR TOMORROW!

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