Story Time

Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time, there was a nutrition manager (a.k.a. ME) who was inside a gas station paying for her gas. And she runs into a member from the gym where she works. We will call this individual Member X. Member X is holding a box of Krispie Kreme Donuts. Upon seeing me, Member X immediately starts with, “these aren’t for me…” I smile, nod my head and laugh it off. Yet Member X still needs to me to understand and continues, “see we’re rushed for time this morning and my kids needed breakfast….” again I nod silently and try to escape. I pay for my gas, smile politely and quickly exit all the while listening to Member X continue to justify the donut purchase now to the poor cashier who could really give a flying flip.

So I bring this up because it got me thinking, why is it that people feel like they need to justify their food purchases? Is it because we have, as a society, labeled foods as either good or bad? I hate going to restaurants sometimes with people and feeling like what I order is the main topic of the dinner table. I mean, really, who cares?! I order what I want. Do I 90% of the time order and eat as healthy as possible? YES. Do I indulge every so often and order a burger and fries? YES. Do I do that every day or even every week? NO. It is okay? YES. Does it mean I am a bad nutrition manager? NO. Does it mean I am a normal, healthy person?YES. Do I feel guilty about it? NO.

If Member X was buying donuts for the kids or even for his own enjoyment, is it okay? Yes. Should it happen every day or every week? No. Is everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) okay in moderation? Yes.

I try so hard to stress to clients that it is always okay to indulge so long as it happens infrequently and you enjoy it. A healthy lifestyle is not about restriction. I don’t feel restricted by my healthy eating habits. I love them!! I love eating healthy fruits, vegetables and lean proteins because it makes my body feel good. It makes me respond well to my running, it makes my skin clear, my hair shiny and my complexion brighter. I truly enjoy the way healthy foods make me feel. But I also love my chips and cinnamon toast crunch cereal! 🙂 But do I forbid myself to have it? No. By restricting yourself from foods that may not be the “healthiest” you are setting yourself up for a binge later on down the road. So why not indulge in a really good piece of chocolate cake every so often. Savor and enjoy the taste and then move on.

What about you? Do you find as a foodie blogger that you are always judged by what you eat?


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  1. Ok, well to give member X credit, if I were in a pickle I probably would have said something MUCH stupider like “These aren’t mine. I swear. I’m holding them for a friend”.

    Frankly, I’m surprised at when people comment on things I eat saying how healthy they are when sometimes I don’t see them the same way. I guess it’s all relative to where a person’s came from and their idea of “health”

  2. I always worry that someone will see me when I am stocking up on junk food. That is probably because when it comes to junk food, I go really overboard. When I binge I binge…like when I went into HEB on Monday and bought…well, let’s just say it was probably 10k worth of calories and fit in one small HEB bag. Good news is that it is all gone. Bad news is that IT’S IN MY BELLY! Gotta get back on track!

  3. Thanks…I should burn off about 1/10 of that on Sunday…so that’s a start.

  4. I get it. I like to eat healthy, too, for the same reasons you mentioned…they way I feel, the way I SLEEP, and the way my skin looks. But, I LOVE a good burger and fries on occasion. Not every week, but on occasion and it doesn’t worry me one bit. I do get the “you don’t eat that comment” from firends when I order something “indulgent”. Yes I do, just not everyday 🙂

  5. I like your attitude.

    A lot of people used to make comments about how healthy I ate. It made me just as uncomfortable as if people were saying I ate unhealthy. Although, for some reason, those comments don’t happen as much.

  6. sad that he felt he needed to justify his purchase, no need to feel embarrassed/ashamed over donuts! but that being said, i think my history with anorexia has made me hypersensitive to what other people think about my eating habits. granted, 99% of the time nobody gives a sh*t, yet i still get uncomfortable when i run into people at the grocery stoer sometimes!

    • That is true! My husband is always saying that…no body cares about you because they are too concerned with their own lives! He is so right!!

  7. Yes I feel there is a lot of pressure, like if I post something unhealthy I will be judged. But I agree with you COMPLETELY! Nothing should be off limits, everything in moderation…

  8. Pre-food blog, I used to feel judged and pressured to eat super healthy and small portions when I was skinnier and much more restrictive. If I ate a chip people were all over me and saying, “woah, you eat those?!” Now that I’m much more balanced and relaxed, I’ve noticed nobody makes comments about my food anymore.

    Definitely everything in moderation – for me, restricting only leads to binging. Not good.

    • I think that is true for everyone…restricting almost always leads to binging. I think that is our bodies natural response to an unnatural way of eating.

  9. hey kelly, i completely agree with your post. in fact, i just had a ridiculous binge myself and NOW i realize that it IS OKAY to indulge a little sometime to PREVENT binges.

    my food is kind of the topic of dining out. someone is always saying, why dont you eat a burger or something? you know what? i dont want to! if i wanted a burger, i’d get it. anyways, i agree with you. eating healthy does make me feel sooo much better. today, i felt like CRAP all day because of all the junk i ate yesterday.

  10. I’m definitely definitely judged by what I eat as an RD! I’m like you- I wish I could stress that indulging sometimes is ok! And eating is GOOD for you!!!!

  11. Hi Kelly,

    Just ran across your blog. I noticed you said you are a nutrition manager? Are you an RD?

    • Courtney, no I am not an RD. I have my BA in business actually! I hated the corporate business world so I went and took courses to become a certified nutrition manager. I do have an RD that I work with when I deal with special needs clients but I am licensed to do evaluate food intake and ratios as well as prepare meal plans and diet analysis.

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