Knifing Accident

Hey guys…note to self…when a knife starts to fall off the counter…LET IT FALL! Sheesh! Here’s the scene: I was chopping an onion and set the knife down on the counter. I accidently hit the handle and the knife started to fall. Out of instinct I tried to grab it (WHY?!?) and end up slicing my finger and then the knife (as it is falling) slices the crap out of my leg too! (I will spare you pictures) Nothing too deep; just those annoying flesh cuts that NEVER stop bleeding! I am such a klutz! I might have made a face kind of like this:


Movine on…today while at the grocery store, waiting to check out, I was glancing at all the magazine covers. It seems that the latest gossip craze is how much plastic surgery 23-year-old Heidi Montag has had.

Now personally I could give a flip about how much plastic surgery she has had, but it raised some interesting questions. It made me wonder why an already gorgeous 23-year-old would subject herself to 10 procedures to enhance her “beauty”? What body image issues did she have that she couldn’t see how beautiful she already was? Is this teaching our little girls and teenagers that just as she was she wasn’t good enough?

What do you think?



25 Responses

  1. Oh man, I’m sorry you hurt yourself!! 😦 I’ve done the same exact thing but with a hair straigtener. I grabbed it HARD and it burned my fingers up terribly and they blistered. Finger/hand injuries are no good b/c you have to use them all the time and it hurts!!

    I could also give a flip about Heidi Montag, but what makes me sick is that young girls will see this and think “well if this pretty girl think she needs plastic surgery, then I really must need it.” How sad is that. Heidi Montag should be ashamed of herself for promoting this kind of behavior. Am I crazy for thinking she looked way better in the first photo??

    • NO!! I thought she looked better before too!! That is what is so frusterating! I just want to shake her and say can’t you see how beautiful you already are!

  2. I think if you need a good plastic surgeon for your knife wound, Heidi can recommend one

  3. Ahhh! Sorry about the knife!!

    I saw that same article at the grocery store and thought how sad is was. She was GORGEOUS before, and now she just looks plain to me. Too bad…I always hope I don’t have little girls so that I won’t have to deal with that…I have a hard enough time trying to guard myself from that type of thinking.

  4. sorry about your knife wounds/BATTLESCARS!

    i know. i saw this earlier this morning online, and it saddens me. that someone can be so lacking in self esteem EVEN when she’s gorgeous and have to get all that ‘work’ done.

    it’s hard, yeah, just even eliminating negative thinking from my own thinking! i think she looked better with less plastic boobage. sigh.

  5. AW! That knife accident must have HURT!!

    What irritates me about Heidi Montag is the fact that she looked better before ANY of this plastic surgery. So maybe she thought she had a big nose and small boobs. First of all, with small boobs you can wear whatever you want and not look trashy. And even if it bothered her that much, she got them done already – did they really need to be any bigger? Its just not right.

    • I 100% agree! I am a small chested gal (to put it nicely) and all my friends who are slightly more equiped are always saying that it is nice that I can wear the built-in bra shirts and not worry!! haha! 🙂

  6. amen sister on the cashew cookie. i feel like i win the jackpot eating those: cha cha cha chingggggggg

  7. Ugh sorry about the knife, sounds like something I would do!

    I think she must be insane to have all that surgery, I hope no girls look up to that. What a scary thought.

  8. If it makes you feel better, I took off a chunk of fingertip with a vegetable peeler yesterday.

    I think this whole Heidi thing is really sad. What on earth would possess a 23 year old to get a brow lift and botox? She was so much prettier before, now she looks like every other plastic surgery case. And those boobs are just horrible. But think: In 3 years we’ll be looking back at that “after” photo and saying how normal she looked. She’s on the road to being the next Joan Rivers.

  9. Ugh– I hate her. And now I just feel sorry for her. I think this plastic surgery is just her attempt to win fame at any cost– sickening.

    So sorry to hear about your cut!!! Hope it’s bandaged up nice and tight!

  10. Good luck with the knife wounds – kitchen injuries are such a pain! And I agree with everyone else – Heidi was gorgeous before – what a mistake to do all that surgery!

  11. OMG, I hope you are okay. But I know what you mean, those cuts that don’t hurt but are just sooo annoying. Especially anything on your hands because you use them so much throughout the day.

    Heidi – seriously her face looked soooooo much prettier before. And her boobs? They were big as it was before! Silly girl, subjecting to the hollywood pressures.

  12. Hot body or not… based on the reality TV show, she was one of the most insecure people I’ve ever seen, and therefore she got no respect (none from the media, non from her asshole boyfriend, and none from the viewers). How can you demand respect from others when you don’t even respect yourself? Perhaps she turned to plastic surgery to give herself confidence, or to make people respect her… when really she should have torn up whatever contract she had with MTV and checked herself into some therapy, or went to some yoga…

    Insecurities are solved with (and in) your mind, not body.

    Sorry about the cut!

  13. Oh you sound like me. That’s totally something I’d do. I’m still nursing a burn from 4 wks ago on the stupid toaster oven of all things. Seriously, use an oven mitt. Duh. As for the Heidi thing, I think it’s really sad honestly. The things women do to themselves (ourselves).

  14. Ahhh NO! I hope your hand is okay- I would do the same thing though- my instinct is always to catch things when they drop (makes sense right?!)

    And the Heidi Montag plastic surgery thing drives me crazy! I think she was prettier before all the surgery- I just don’t get it! :/

  15. Oh my gosh, I’m so happy that you weren’t hurt badly with the knife. I hope you hand and leg both heal quickly.

    I don’t know what Heidi Montag was thinking… I feel sad for her. She was beautiful just the way she was before the 10 procedures.

  16. I read that article this morning in the dentist’s office. She looks so weird now. I can’t even imagine what she’s going to look like when she’s 33 and has had ten more procedures.

    Hope your hand is better.

  17. Ahhhh!! Hope you are ok girl! And I think Heidi looks SOOO bad. Easily 10 years older.

  18. Ugh. she was seriously pretty before, now her face isn’t. And those breasts? Seriously. Redic. Seriously.

  19. I think this girl is nuts and I want her and that moron boyfriend of her’s off my TV!

  20. I honestly thought she looked better pre-surgery… and it’s ironic because I am sure there were girls out there going to their plastic surgeon saying “make me look like heidi montag!” Ridiculous…

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