Confessions of a (THIS) Runner

And the week marches on…can you believe it is already Thursday?! So today’s post is a little different…it is actually more personal than normal. I actually debated whether or not I wanted to post this, but in the end I think that putting this out there for everyone to see will do two things for me:

  1. Motivate me, and;
  2. Provide support regardless of the outcome.

So, with that said. I am running the 3M Austin Half Marathon this Sunday. I love this race. It is my favorite course and it is in my home city! But the reason this year it is a bigger deal is because I need to run a 1:37:00 to qualify for the FULL NYC Marathon in November. I want this so badly! I can not begin to explain why it means so much to me. Will you be satisfied with the answer: It just is. My friend, James Cotter (a professional triathlete) has agreed to pace me so that brings new confidence to the table. I need to average 7:24 min/mile pace to do it! THANK YOU JAMES!!! So…it is out there. You will either share in my elation or my disappointment come Sunday. I am scared, nervous, excited and confident…all rolled into one!

Below is a picture from this past November when I completed the San Antonio Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon in 1:39:34.

November 2009 San Antonio Half Marathon 1:39:34

People are always asking me what I think about on my long runs. I don’t really have an answer. Typically my mind NEVER shuts off. I feel like I constantly have about three million things going on inside my head all the time. Running is the only time my mind is quiet. I am at peace and it seems like the outside world just goes away. I think that is why I am so addicted to it…I am not kidding when I say it is my form of yoga. As soon as I stop running (and I mean instantly) my mind starts going again. Are you still with me, or have I completely scared you off?! 🙂 I recently found an article on called, Running Can Be The Glue That Holds Life Together. This completely describes how running makes me feel! Check it out…maybe you can relate or maybe it will make all of us runners seem a little less crazy! haha! Anyway….please wish me luck on Sunday! 🙂


Okay, I didn’t forget…it is time for the triva results! Are you ready for this?! The question was: Italy leads the world in pasta consumption with 61.7 pounds eaten per person per year. Which country is second? The answer was (surprisingly) Venezuela with pasta consumption around 30 pounds. You would have thought?! Anyway, thanks for playing and everyone who did guess correctly will have their name added to the pot for the drawing to happen at the end of the month!

Do you have any special pre-competition rituals?


17 Responses

  1. Good luck!!! It sounds like you are prepared and have a great support person to tackle this with you. I have only run one marathon and it did not go well for me so I am not a pro. I do know that I started way too fast and just couldn’t maintain the pace and once I started to slow down I just got so discouraged.

    Races are so fun and there is so much energy so find some way to channel it in the beginning to you don’t get ahead of yourself and you have enough to quicken your pace in the last half.

    I think you will do great!!! Can’t wait to hear about your biggest accomplishment and your new PR next week!

  2. You will do great girl!! This is so exciting. 🙂 No running tips from me, tho. You know I’m not a fan!

  3. I love running! I too feel like its the only time my mind is at peace.

    Best of luck on Sunday, I know you’ll qualify 🙂

  4. Good luck! You can so do it! I can’t wait to read all about the race on Sunday!

  5. I plan on sharing in the elation and not the disappointment.

    The very best of luck to you this weekend! Know you will do it and you will!

  6. You’re going to do great!!! Sounds like a fun race!

  7. Good luck! You will be great, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  8. GOOD LUCK!! You’re going to rock it!

    I don’t think I have any rituals that I can think of. I just listen to great pump up music and try to calm my nerves 🙂

    I totally hear you about your mind never shutting off on long runs. I’m the exact same way! People are always like “don’t you get bored?” and I’m like “NEVER!!” Haha

  9. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll ROCK IT!

  10. Good luck on Sunday!! You’re going to rock that race 🙂

    I always have the same meal the night before a race, lay out my clothes that evening and have the same breakfast. Oh, and I crumple up my race number so it’s nice and soft on my shirt. Weird, yes. But much nicer than a blocky hunk of paper!

  11. Good luck!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be sending you “fast vibes” on race day!! 🙂

  12. Wow, you are SO FAST! I hope everything goes well for you on Sunday!

  13. I’m kind of new to the blog thing, but saw this post and wanted to give my two cents: you should go for it since you really don’t have much to lose! And, I like to make playlists titled “You’re going to have a great run”–it helped me in the last race I did and made me smile a lot! Good luck!!

  14. i don’t run nearly as long as you, but that was a great article. part of the reason i love it is that i can think about a problem at work, things I need to do, or nothing at all… whatever suits me that day!

    GOOD LUCK this weekend, you will rock it 🙂

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