A Surprise Guest Post

Hey everyone! I have a surprise for you! Keith, my husband, has agreed to do a guest post for me on the benefits of strength training. He got his fitness trainer certification from The Cooper Aerobics Center in 2002. I am HORRIBLE at lifting weights and Keith is always trying to incorporate more weight-bearing exercise into my routines. I am die-hard runner and that tends to be the majority of my exercise. While running is good cardio-wise I really need to be more balanced on the weight-lifting side. Okay…enough from me…let me turn this over to Keith!!

Hi everyone! I am Keith, also apparently known as “the hubs”, and when Kelly asked me to do a guest post on the benefits of strength training I was more than happy to help out! It is true, Kelly is not the best at lifting weights though this past year she has made huge strides to be better at incorporating that into her workout routine. I think it has shown her that adding muscle onto her small frame has helped her racing and she has seen improvements in her race and recover times.

Strength training is so important for many reasons, including bone density, metabolism, toning, weight-loss or weight gain (depending on your needs). It doesn’t matter your age or gender because weight lifting is important for everyone. The types of exercises and weight amounts may greatly differ based on need but the actual physical aspect of lifting weights is vital for bone health, muscle growth and proper alignment of our bodies.

I want to start with women and why it is important for women to be on a weight lifting regime. The most common fear I hear by my female clients is, “I don’t want to get bulky.” This is a myth! Lifting weights is not going to make you look like Mr. T. In fact, it can do the exact opposite. By building lean muscle mass to replace body fat you will actually make your bodies look longer, leaner and more toned. It is also vital in building bone density. As you age your bone tissue becomes weaker making you more susceptible to fractures and breaks. By lifting weights and building up the muscles around the bone you are protecting yourself from potentially dangerous injuries.

Lifting weights is also important for body posture and alignment. Think about your posture. Do you sit upright or do you slump? Do your shoulders roll forward? Do you have a curve in your lower back? All of these things are patterns that you have taught your body over time. By lifting weights and increasing your strength of those muscles (back, shoulder, neck) you will be able to re-train your body to align properly and have enough strength to maintain that posture. Right now, sitting erect might feel like a strain but that is because the muscles are either weak or a direct result of teaching our muscles bad habits. (i.e. sitting hunched over a computer all day) But as you re-train those muscles and make them stronger, sitting or standing with correct posture will start to feel more comfortable and natural.

Lifting weights also does not have to be boring. There are so many different exercises and pieces of equipment that you can use to keep variety and spice in your workouts. I am going to start posting videos on Kel’s blog of demonstrations of exercises that you can do with non-traditional pieces of equipment. (i.e. bosu balls, stability boxes, bands, jump ropes, etc..) I am sure Kelly will keep you posted when those become available. For those of you new to weight lifting, I think it is important to  meet with a trainer at your gym for even just 1 or 2 sessions to get comfortable with the weights and proper form. You don’t want to risk injury by lifting weights that are too heavy for you or with improper form. Both of those mistakes can do much more harm than good.

I hope some of you found this interesting and thanks for letting me take over this afternoon. I hope to be back more often with video posts and more information on strength training. Thanks to everyone who follows Kel’s blog…she’s pretty amazing, isn’t she? She inspires me everyday and I am so proud of her.



15 Responses

  1. Nice job Keith! I have really enjoyed my time at the gym. I never imagined I would be comfortable lifting weights, but it’s really a lot of fun. There are so many things to do, it never gets boring (of course, I workout with a group at the gym – Keith is always after us to stop talking!!) It is very satisfying to have become stronger and to have that time for myself!

  2. This is reminding me how much I need to get back into strength training! Thanks 😉

  3. hi kieth *waves* yey for weights! i actually do find that I have a tendency to get a little bulky if i do too much shoulders! but that’s the only area, so it could just be my body/mechanics! i look forward to some videos and workout routines (hint hint) 🙂

  4. YAY! Love the husband posts!! Thanks for all of the inspirational facts on strength training. I’m trying to much better about it in 2010. Off to a pretty decent start. I do have one question for you. Do you think that resistance bands count as a day of strength training? I’ve been doing that with my Tae Bo video once a week in place of my usual strength training day. It’s just more fun for me to do it that way.

    • Resistance bands are a great excerise tool but it shouldn’t replace weight lifting. If you can get weights in even once a week (ideally twice) plus band training then you would see better results.

  5. Yay Keith! I like you already!

  6. Keith can make any weight routine fun and challenging. Love it! Thanks Keith.

  7. so sweet your husband did this post 🙂 thanks for stopping by my blog- i’m shocked i hadn’t seen yours either! i have definitely seen your comments too 🙂


  8. Great guest post!! Thanks for the tips 🙂 Can’t wait for the demonstration videos!

  9. Thank your husband for his informative post.

  10. I second Jessica! I like Keith already 🙂

  11. Your husband looks like he could crush somebody with his bare hands.

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  13. […] response we figured why not make it a regular segment. (to read’s Keith first guest post go here) For my new readers, Keith has been a fitness trainer for 9 years. He got his fitness […]

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