A Love/Hate Relationship With…



Drink Up!

You got it. How many of you purchase from Starbucks on a regular occasion? I’ll be honest, I am not a Starbucks fan. GASP…I know! But here’s why…I typically do not like froo-froo drinks and all I ever drink is coffee…hot or iced…but just plain coffee nonetheless. And I like my coffee WEAK! Think like 1/2 scoop per cup and Starbucks is too strong for me. But aside from my coffee preference I know a lot of you love your Starbucks! But just how bad is it for you? I have done a little research for you and check out some of the statistics for the most common drinks at your favorite local java hut:

  • Grande CaffeMisto: 110 Calories; 4g Fat; 10g Carbohydrates;10g Sugar; 7g Protein
  • Grande Caffe Latte:
    • Hot: 190 Calories; 7g Fat; 18g Carbohydrates; 17g Sugars; 10g Protein
    • Iced: 130 Calories; 4.5g Fat; 13g Carbohydrates; 13g Sugar; 8g Protein
  • Grande Cappuccino: 120 Calories; 4g Fat; 12g Carbohydrates; 10g Sugar; 8g Protein
  • Grande Caffe Mocha (no whip):
    • Hot: 260 Calories; 8g Fat; 41g Carbohydrates; 31g Sugar; 13g Protein
    • Iced: 200 Calories; 6g Fat; 35g Carbohydrates; 26g Sugar; 9g Protein
  • Grande Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino Light: 190 Calories; 1g Fat; 42g Carbohydrates; 32g Sugar; 6g Protein
  • Grande Coffee Frappuccino Light: 130 Calories; 0.5g Fat; 25g Carbohydrates; 16g Sugar; 5g Protein
  • Grande Hot Chocolate (no whip): 300 Calories; 9g Fat; 47g Carbohydrates; 39g Sugar; 14g Protein
  • Grande Chai Tea Latte: Hot or Iced: 240 Calories; 4g Fat; 44g Carbohydrates; 41g Sugar; 7g Protein
  • Grande Green Tea Latte: 350 Calories; 8g Fat; 56g Carbohydrates; 55g Sugar; 14g Protein
  • Whipped Topping (on a Grande drink): 70 Calories; 7g Fat; 2g Carbohydrates; 2g Sugar; 0g Protein
  • 1 pump of a flavored syrup: 20 Calories; 0g Fat; 5g Carbohydrates; 5g Sugar; 0g Protein

To see all the nutritional information on Starbucks drinks and eats visit their website here! Is it worth it…you decide?

When it comes to drinking your calories, how do you feel?


22 Responses

  1. I’m not a fan of drinking my calories, especially when you consider most of the calories through beverages are simple sugars. Of course–everything in moderation. You want a fancy drink? Have a fancy drink. Just do it less often and that way it feels more special, in my opinion. Black coffee or tea with stevia is as much as I usually drink

  2. Cafe americano’s for me 😀

  3. I don’t like to drink my calories, but I LOVE getting a soy latte every now and again 🙂

  4. i hate drinking my calories, but luckily i don’t drink coffee 🙂

  5. Those drinks are my weakness. Since I don’t like coffee, if I get anything, it is usually jam packed with junk!

  6. That was a really interesting post – thanks!

    When I needed to lose a few pounds of puppy fat after I left school I did it really easily just by watching what I drank – it’s scary how many calories you can consume purely from drinking. No sodas for me anymore and hot chocolate is a rare treat. I also limit alcohol but thats for other reasons, not just calorie counting.

    What would be the healthiest drinks at Starbucks?

    • It would depend on what you want. Plain coffee and esspreso have zero calories but think about what you add into it. (i.e. cream, sugar, etc.) The Cafe Americano (iced esspreso plus water) is about 5-10 calories and an iced coffee is anywhere from 10-30 calories (depending on the size you order) All the hot/herbal teas have zero calories but again it is all about what you add in.

      As for froo-froo drinks I would go for a skinny latte for around 100-140 calories depending on the size. But Starbucks isn’t shy and they offer all their nutritional information on their website along with tools to customize it how YOU would order it. So it is pretty cool.

  7. I heart Starbucks… I always always get a small and it’s always made with skim milk… However, if I wasn’t watching what I ate I’d be downing the whole milk lattes… Too bad 😦

  8. I only really drink my calories when there is alcohol involved.

  9. Thanks for your comments girl – I needed them 🙂 Totally agree with the Starbucks thing – I never caught on to the trend…my wallet thanks me…but I do drink coffee and adore tea and hot chocolate…with chocolate chips melted in 😉 -oops…ugh I know! I used to work at coffee shops during my under-grad and it was amazing the stuff people would order – 3 pumps of syrup, whipped cream and full-fat milk!! I really try not to judge – but they actually thought that was ‘good’ – I’d just as soon have a piece of cake pleassssseee :)!

  10. I love the mistos or a latte with skim. Since the calories and sugar in those come from milk and not syrups or whip cream, I think it’s fine to drink them. No different than a glass of milk…does the body good.

  11. I don’t drink my calories, but I get a soy latte maybe once a week. The nearest Starbuck’s is pretty far away from my house and not on my way to work, so that’s definitely helped me cut back!

  12. I don’t drink calories… except for alcohol. I don’t like coffee or anything to do with it, so on the rare day I do go to S-Bucks I get a hot ginger green tea. However, from what I’ve heard they do offer some really healthy options, you just have to know what how to order.

  13. I try to rarely drink calories, they don’t satisfy that way 😉 Everyone once in a while I love a good starbucks trip though!

  14. I’m generally not a fan of drinking my calories, but I’ll be honest. I went through a phase where I got a grande soy latte for my “breakfast” and had a bit of cereal on the side. I knew I was drinking calories, I loved the coffee and enjoyed every sip.

  15. while in grad school I would stop by starbucks every morning.. until one day I added up how much I was spending there which was $100+ that’s when I put an stop to my starbucks visits.

    I only drink my liquids.. if a)fresh juice that I made at home or b) healthy smoothie… otherwise I rather chew them 🙂

  16. I love to drink a grande decaf espresso truffle on occasion – it’s a real weakness for me! i love strong coffee with milk and to have the sweet of the chocolate – it’s complete!

  17. I generally don’t drink my calories either (I’m a water and tea kind of girl) but I do like a cup of coffee every once in a while. I usually get Starbucks on the go not because I think it’s the best but because it’s hands down the most convenient. When I do, I get a tall nonfat latte with Splenda, which is 100 calories.

  18. I’m guilty of enjoying a latte from Starbucks every once in a while. It isn’t my favorite place to get a cup of coffee, but that’s what they have at work, which makes it easy.

    It’s scary how many calories and fat most of these drinks pack, though!

  19. I am so staunchly against drinking calories EXCEPT when it comes to lattes. The way I look at it, a cup of coffee and milk isn’t going to hurt me. I don’t do any of the flavorings, just a plain latte. I drink a lot of milk to keep me full throughout the morning (that’s when I am at my hungriest b/c I work out in the AM), so a hot cup of milk and coffee is a perfect snack in my book!

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