Holy Tuesday I have A LOT to say…

Happy Tuesday! Dinner last night was delish! We had seabass (one of the few white fishes Keith will eat) with baked asparagus. I tried a new recipe on my asparagus and it was a hit! Super easy, yet very elegant looking and tasting!


asparagus with Balsamic Butter Sauce

1 bunch of asparagus, trimmed

salt and pepper; to taste

2 T. butter

1 T. soy sauce (I actually used a wheat-free tamari)

1 tsp. balsamic vinegar

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and arrange the asparagus on a cookie sheet lightly sprayed with nonstick spray. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake for 12 minutes, or until tender.

Melt the butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. Remove from heat and add soy sauce and balsamic vinegar. Pour over asparagus, tossing to coat, and serve immediately.

Serves: 4

77 Calories; 5.9g Fat; 15mg Cholesterol; 336mg Sodium; 4.9g Carbohydrates; 2.4g Fiber; 2.8g Protein

Now how is that for a change of pace to ordinary asparagus?

Next, I am posting a You Tube video that I thought was appropriate for this time of year. With everyone in full swing with their New Year’s Resolutions/Goals I think it is important to have perspective and not compare ourselves to the unrealistic. Think…movie stars! Watch this video (it is short…like 1 minute and 15 seconds) and then remember how beautiful YOU are!!

 What do you think of that video?

Are you one of those people who likes gadgets? I am usually not a gadget girl although I know someone you DEFINITELY is…sorry Dad!! 🙂 But this cracked me up! It is called the Record-O-Clip and it is a recordable snack clip that holds up to 16 seconds of your voice! So the next time you feel like opening a bag of chips and going all the way…you can record your voice to say something clever like, “Eat An Apple Instead!” I thought it was kind an interesting idea and definitely a different way to combat unhealthy snacking habits!

What do you think? Kinda Cool or Kinda Silly?

And lastly, how about a Give-A-Way? Jump over to Eat Move Love for a chance to win The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook by Elana Amsterdam (www.elanaspantry.com )


22 Responses

  1. I love asparagus but other than grilling or steaming it I don’t do anything to it.. boaring.. I need to make your sauce to make my asparagus a bit more exciting.

  2. Haha…I think it’s kind of a fun idea!

    Your dinners always look so yummy!

  3. Balsamic butter??? That sounds AMAZING!

  4. Thanks for sharing that video! In the Freshman English class I teach, we do a big unit on advertising/beauty/body image, and I think I might use this video as part of it!

  5. We are having asparagus tonight with our Peanutty Baked Chicken, so I think I’ll give it a kick with your balsamic butter. Can’t wait to try it!

  6. I’m not sure about the Record-A-Clip. Seems pretty gimmicky to me. I would think that if I reach for a bag of chips and hear my voice saying “eat an apple instead” I’m not sure it would change any behavior. I think I’d be more annoyed with it than anything.

    • David,

      That is kind of the idea. All to often I mindlessly hit the pantry during my 2 minute commerical breaks. Think of the Record-O-Clip as the good guy sitting on your shoulder helping you curb those bad impulsive habits.


  7. I love those Dove transformation videos. I’ve seen quite a few of them and think they make an awesome point.

    On a related note – did you see the Funny or Die one of Alyssa Milano? She was making fun of the Jersey Shore. Pretty funny stuff.

    Also can I just say that balsamic butter sauce sounds like THE BEST THING EVER?!!? Haha

  8. I LOVE asparagus – that sauce looks so good. So excited to try this out!

  9. what a great video 🙂

  10. I’ll be trying your baked asparagus recipe soon. I’m always trying to find new ways to switch things up a little.

  11. That asparagus looks AWESOME! But I pretty much like asparagus no matter how it is prepared 😉

    Thanks for the encouragement about going gluten-free, besides all my favorite cereals I don’t feel like I am missing too much yet!

  12. oooh yummy – that aspargus looks fantastic!

  13. that asparagus sounds great!! i am always on the hunt for new ways to spice up my veggies. i will have to try that soon!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  14. Asparagus is so yummy!- I usually like it with breadcrumbs and Olive oil, but balsamic vinegar and soy sauce with ’em sounds good!
    And i LOVE that Dove video, I think it’s great to show how much goes into the “perfect” people in magazines
    … the Record-o-Clip sounds really cool, but I don’t know if I would ever use it… what happens when you don’t have it- I feel like I would just need to learn better self control, but it’s definitely an interesting concept!

  15. Oooh I love Elana’s pantry. She is from Boulder and I used to live there, so I feel connected. 😉

    I heart asparagus. I like it roasted…to the point that it gets a little charred. Yum!

  16. Sounds like a delish asparagus recipe. I’ve seen that video before when I worked at a graphic firm and one of the artists actually recreated it on a picture of herself after we saw it. Just elongating the neck using photoshop makes a HUGE difference.

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