Honey, I love you but you’re making me fat!

Good Saturday morning! I will confess, last night I went to bed in a funky mood. I was cold and a little down. Not sure what triggered it but I am guessing it was the fact that I had to stay indoors all day yesterday (because the high was 33 at 5:00pm) and I was COLD! But today is a completely different story, albeit it is still COLD (in the high 20’s) but I had a great 8 mile run followed by HOT coffee, scrambled egg whites and oatmeal! So I am warm toasty and just accepting the fact that it is COLD and I can’t change it! Plus today I am spending the day with my mom…yay! We are going SHOPPING!! Now who wouldn’t love that?!? Check out our game plan: Target, Nordstrom, Pier One, and Bed Bath & Beyond! So excited! Then tonight it is COWBOY time! The Cowboys play the Eagles in the NFC Wildcard Game….GO BOYS!

Do you have any fun plans for today?

I found an interesting article on The Daily Beast: Is Your Partner Making You Fat? Here’s the summary: young adults who enter a long-term live-in relationship—and especially those who tie the knot—gain weight and significantly increase their risk of a clinical diagnosis of obesity compared to those who remain uncommitted.

What do you think?

I do think that it is easier to live a healthy life when both partners are committed to doing so. Fortunately, I have a husband who shares my healthy living passion and that includes healthy eating and exercise. We are a very active and healthy couple. I do believe that helps us both make better choices and it is more fun to engage in healthy activities since we do it together. But….(yes you knew there would be a but)….I also think there is a level of personal responsibility that we seem to forget about. Sometimes I feel like we are always trying to point the finger at someone else for what is wrong in our lives (and I am not just talking about weight and food). I think sometimes we need to take a look in the mirror and take some personal responsibility for our own actions and our own lives.

Final verdict? I guess I see both sides. I totally think that when you are in a relationship with someone who shares your passion for healthy living it is 100% EASIER to engage in those activities yourself. But to say that gaining weight and leading an inactive lifestyle is due to being in a relationship seems a little like a cop-out when the one person in charge of you…is YOU!

Have a FABULOUS Saturday and I will be back later with hopefully lots of shopping bags full of goodies! 🙂


17 Responses

  1. My husband doesn’t really share the same exact healthy habits as me, but he doesn’t pressure me into eating exactly he does and he supports my workouts. He even bought me a workout DVD last week even though he hates working out. It is definitely my responsibility to take off the weight I’ve put on and that weight was totally unrelated to him and us getting married. It was personal issues with food that finally came to the surface and that coincided with us getting married. WOAH, I think I just totally gave you way more info than you were asking for, sorry! So to get to my point, even if you don’t have a partner who shares your same healthy habits, it is still your responsibility to be healthy and hopefully your significant other will pick up a few of your habits. Andrew definitely eats more homecooked meals and veggies than he would if he was on his own.

  2. What a good Saturday you have planned! We did about the same thing today. My husband is gradually coming across that unhealthy/healthy line. He definitely chooses more healthy foods and accepts healthy dinners more. But he’ll be the first one to crave a cheeseburger and fries. All in moderation. Sometimes I give in and sometimes I don’t 🙂

  3. I have to imagine there are a lot of people who workout solely for the purpose to look attractive and then once they finally find their partner don’t feel the need to be as rigorously in shape. Wow, I feel like I’m describing some animal species from bio class. Maybe we’re not so evolved, haha

  4. I TOTALLY agree. It’s definitely easier when both people are committed.

    And for my fun plans? GETTING NEW RUNNING SHOES! I can’t wait 😀

  5. I don’t know what I’d do if my hubby wasn’t as in to fitness as I am. I dated a guy who was Italian and while he was into fitness too, we both lived at home at the time and his parents would literally FORCE me to eat. Sometimes I’d feel sick to my stomach after going out to eat, then they’d harass me until I ate something at their house. That was baaad.

    I think this affects alot of younger girls, too. Like girls in high school/college, because most guys don’t watch or need to watch what they eat at that time.

  6. wow 8 mile run is awesome!!

    I think its great that your boy has a passion for health too! must make it easier for you to always have healthy options.

  7. The Huz and I generally feel the same way about health and fitness. While he still eats much more meat and dairy than I do, we’re both very conscious about where our food comes from and we both love to hit the gym for a good workout.

  8. My finace is nowhere near into leading a healthy lifestyle as I am and honestly, it’s hard. I still do my thing and think that I do influence him positively, but there are times when his habits do become mine. Like if he’s eating a snack, I’ll pick at it because it’s there. If he doesn’t want to go to the gym, sometimes I won’t go either. It’s definitely hard.

    Hmm, this isn’t presenting my fiance in a very good light!

    • Oh not at all…no judgments!! It is good to see everyone’s opinions and also open my eyes as well. I have always dated (and now have married) very active guys so my perspective is definitely jaded on the issue. That is why I love to see other’s people opinions! It helps me grow too! 🙂

  9. I agree with you– of course it’s easier to lead a healthy lifestyle if you have partner support, but eventually, everyone is responsible for their own health.

    Sounds like an awesome run! And shopping with your mama is always the best 🙂

  10. I’d say it is easier when both are committed to healthy eating, even if their views are completely identical to one another’s.. either way, I believe deciding what and how to eat is a personal choice, and specific to the individual.

    Yay for good runs on Saturday- I had a fun one too!


  11. My first time posting here! Great blog! Interesting article – I was thinking about doing a blog soon about the whole “your friends make you fat debate”, etc…I totally agree with your viewpoint.
    I don’t have a significant other right now :(…but even when I go out to friends for get-togethers, I feel less inhibition and am more apt to just dig into everything…but then other times, depending on the company, I’m more self-conscious.
    But it reallllly is about self-responsibility. if we go to a movie, and I don’t want popcorn – then I won’t get it just because friends are, know what I mean.
    Anyways, great breakfast…alot healthier than mind. Gosh , I’m falling apart here. Have a good weekend 🙂

  12. My boyfriend likes working out, but as far as a healthy lifestyle, HA! I love him, but its really hard for me to not get irritated with him when he tells me he had McDonalds for breakfast and Burger King for lunch.
    I would also LOVE for him to run with me, or hike with me, but he always has an excuse or a reason not to.
    That said, it doesnt stop me, he can go ahead and go to Burger King, doesnt mean Im going to. And if he shows up to my house before I go for my run, well he’s going to sit there by himself while I run.
    I can for sure see both sides though.

  13. i could totally see how it might happen, but i need to find me an active one 😉

  14. If your husband is not into fitness and he is not into anything else then keeping up your routine would not be so hard. If he has his own hobbies that keep him away from home and you have to figure out how to schedule who’s gonna watch the kids then it does get challenging to stay active.

    My husband hunts and he loves to fish so between maintaining all his equipment and actually going to hunt and fish he is gone alot. I hate to take my son to the child care at a gym after he has been in day care all day while I’m at work. He doesn’t like the jogging stroller as much since he has gotten older. Classes at the gym don’t really start early enough in the morning for me to get done, get ready, get him ready, and get to work in time, I am too scared to go running alone in the dark in the morning, and I really, really hate running on a treadmill (ok, so the last one is definitely a whiny excuse). I can usually convince my son to go in the jogging stroller if I promise to go to the park. I can get about 30 minutes of running in before he start to get impatient.

    So the point of this long post…it is definitely more difficult when you have more than just yourself to conisder and you and your partner aren’t on the same page. My husband is generally a healthy eater so that is not a problem.

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