It’s all about the AWARDS!

Yay! Sammi from Running To Fit game me the Happy 101 Award!

10 things that make me happy:

1. My husband (obviously but he is just too stinking cute that I wanted an excuse to post another picture of him! 🙂


 2. Blogging with all of you! I love getting AND leaving comments for people and learning about everyone and hearing your stories!

3. RUNNING! (another pretty obvious one) But seriously I love it. If running never burned a single calorie I would still do it. It grounds me and centers me and makes me feel like me!

4. Reading (current book: Once A Runner by John L. Parker)

5. Top Chef (my favorite reality show) and The Closer (my favorite drama)

6. My friends and family…they allow me to be the goof that I am!

7. The beach…really do I have to explain that one?!?

8. Kombucha….only the best drink in the ENTIRE world…um…except maybe coffee! 🙂

9. Cooking and trying new recipes. It is fun to create something and then be able to see your results pay off in a really TASTY way!!

10. Pro Football! LOVE IT! My husband and I are that super obsessed couple who can easily watch 9 straight hours of football on Sundays!

Now for tagging people:

1. Katie from Yes, I Want Cake (Katie’s blog is so fun! She is deliciously honest and will make you smile)

2. Cait from Cait’s Plate (I recently found Cait’s blog and it quickly became one of my favorites)

3. Casey from Spicy & Sweet (Casey’s blog is spunky and fun…you can totally see her personality in her posts. You can’t help by smile!)

4. Evan from Food Makes Fun Fuel (Okay seriously…Evan is HILARIOUS!! His posts are guaratneed to make you laugh out loud!)

5. Maggie from Dig The Dirt (Maggie’s website is so cool for all you garden lovers out there!)


15 Responses

  1. Aww, thanks for your sweet words. I’ll have to do this game tomorrow.
    And yes for Top Chef being your favorite show! It made me so sad this past season when i’d be at campus and they don’t get Bravo so I’d always look forward to it Tivoed when I came home

  2. I love your list!
    I keep seeing Kombucha on other blogs but cant find it here. I wonder if its even sold in Canada – we’re missing out on SO much good stuff!

    • Haha…that is what I think when I see people post all these great things about Trader Joes. There is not one on my state and it looks like such a cool store!!

  3. Holy Moly! Your hub is a beefcake!! Yow!

    (don’t tell my husband about this comment :-))

  4. That book “Once a Runner” sounds interesting, I’ll have to check it out. Hope you had a great Tuesday!

  5. Aw thanks Kelly!! Love your blog too!! 🙂 PS, I wish I liked football! I can’t get into it 😦

  6. Whoa, your husband IS pretty cute. Don’t worry, I know he’s taken. 😉

    Top Chef is my favorite TV show, too!

  7. Thanks for the shout out about digthedirt! It’s really rocking along now! Top Chef is also a family favorite around here. We were inspired to have a Top Chef B-day party for my 12 year old last year – it was a blast and evidently at least one of the kiddos is still treating her family to her creation every now and then!

  8. loved learining little more about you! hottie hubby 🙂

    Love the beach too! I could live there, right on the sand 😉

  9. Obsessed with Kombucha. And Top Chef.

    AND football! I’m all about the NFC East.

  10. Hi Kelly! I just found your blog and am really enjoying it! I, too, am reading Once a Runner (got it for Christmas) and The Huz and I are HUGE football fans! Sadly, our dear Steelers are out of it for the year, but there’s always next year 😉

    Happy Friday!

    • Yay! I am so glad you posted on my blog so I could find yours!! Don’t you just love that book? I find it to be so realistic! I love it!!

  11. Aw yay!! I’m so glad you like the blog and thanks for the tag 🙂 I’ll have to post mine tonight if I can remember!!

  12. […] over at Healthy Living with Kelly has tagged me for the Happy 101 Award! (you were tagged too […]

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