Articles, Articles and more Articles!

WOW! The first day back has been BUSY! When that alarm clock went off at 4:30a.m this morning I was like: REALLY?!?!? 🙂 But I made it! I had an awesome 11 mile run this morning…averaging about 8:30 pace…so that definitely set the tone for the day! I always have great days when I have great runs…coincidence? I think not! Check out this article from the USA Today on January 2nd. It is a study that shows people are in a good mood for up to 12 hours after they workout!

Does working out improve your mood?

After my workout I, of course, was STARVING and definitely craving coffee! (Yes…I will admit…I am a coffee junkie!) But..apparently so it 54% of America (well according to a google statistic I read, but since it is my favor I like to believe it! haha) But is coffee really that bad? Check out this article about Coffee and Exercise Performance!

Are you a coffee person?

Okay…I know this was a short post but I have got to run a few errands before a meeting I have this afternoon. What meeting? Well…I will tell you this…I MIGHT have some very exciting news later on. Stay Tuned!!

 Oh and how about some really good New Year’s advice:


 Cheers and Happy MONDAY!




4 Responses

  1. Working out ALWAYS improves my mood and makes me feel so much more confident!

  2. wow– up at 4:30 for an 11 mile run? You’re crazy, chicka!

    Working out definitely puts me in a better mood. It’s like a magic happy pill 🙂

    • Well my husband and I have to open up the gym at 5:00am every morning…so I have to get up by 4:30! haha! But my actual run didn’t start until closer to 6:00. Definitely EARLY…but I love to work out first thing in the morning to start the day right!

  3. Working out AND coffee improve my mood!! Best way to start a morning :O)

    – Beth @

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