Looking Back on 2009

Happy New Year’s Eve!! I am once again shocked by the fact that another year is almost over. Do you have any big plans tonight? We are going to be low-key and hang out hoping to make it to midnight! haha! Last year we made it until 11:00p.m which was midnight in NYC. So we watched the ball drop and pretended that it was midnight! We kissed and went to bed! 🙂

But 2009 was a BIG year for me and it included a lot of changes. It wasn’t always easy but all-in-all this was a good year. Here are some notable things that happened for me in 2009:


  • I officially became certified as a Nutrition Manager and began to follow my passion for helping people enjoy a healthy lifestyle
  • Lindsay Cotter and I developed and created Healthy Bites!! (Thanks to all of you who purchase them on a regular basis)
  • I developed and published my first, and hopefully of many, cookbook (Thanks to everyone who purchased one!!)
  • I entered the blogging world…and have LOVED every minute of this experience! (Thanks to all my faithful followers…I love you all!)


  • I ran my PR half marathon: 1:39:34!!
  • I fell even more in love with husband (is that possible?!)
  • I let go of some family baggage that I have held on to for too long and embraced what is my family and the love that is found there
  • I learned the true meaning of unselfish love

Goals for 2010

  • To accept that I am not perfect and that is OKAY! A friend gave me this piece of wise advice: “Perfection is impossible, however, striving for perfection is not. Do the best you can under the conditions that exist. That is what counts.” Lots of people (me included) forget that trying to be perfect actually hinders your chances of being excellent.
  • To laugh more
  • To qualify for the NYC Marathon
  • To publish another cookbook
  • To continue to grow my blog and continue following my passions!



Do you have any resolutions for 2010??


12 Responses

  1. aw, great post! i didn’t know you wrote a cookbook – what an accomplishment! happy 2010 to you too :O).

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

    • Thank you! It was a ton of work. 100 recipes that I made my husband try every single one!!! haha!! But it was fun and I plan to get another one started ASAP!

  2. I’m starting school in a few weeks to be a nutrition manager! I have all of the core classes so I’ll just be taking the nutrition ones… I may ask for your help sometimes 🙂

  3. The years seem to move too fast to make new year’s resolutions. And they are to easily broken. so this year, I make but one resolution:

    To slow down and think of all the people in my life whom I love and care for; that they may have a truly wonderful and fulfilling 2010.

  4. Awesome goals!!! Love your “personal” realizations from this year.

    Have a great NYE– our’s is definitely going to be low, low, low key too 🙂

  5. What a great year darling!! 🙂

  6. DANG GIRL!! that half marathon time is beast 😀 yay for you!!

    have a great new years! xo

  7. Wonderful post, Kelly! It looks like 2009 has been a pretty good year for you.

    I think my New Years Resolution will be to learn to eat healthier. We hope to start a family in the next year or so, therefore I want to be able to pass down good healthy eating habits to our child. Right now, I can’t say I would be doing that. I may need your help!!

    Happy New Year!

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