Oh to the beach we go…

Keith and I are going to the beach tomorrow!!! YAY! We are going with our favorite traveling partners, my mom and stepdad, Jim! My mom has a condo in Port Aransas and we will be there until next Saturday! 6 GLORIOUS DAYS! (I will have my computer and internet so no worries…I will still be blogging everyday!!)

Once we get to Padre Island we always spend the first day going to the fresh seafood market to pick out some good local fish and we go visit the organic vegetable lady who sells all organic fruits and vegetables that she locally grows herself! It is very cool…we can walk through her garden and just pick what we want! So fun! (My mom has already promised to make her shrimp creole with freshh shrimp!) It will definitely be  a week of total relaxation! After the holiday craziness I am really looking forward to it! Call it my detox! haha!

The Island House Condos...this is where my mom's condo is!

The View From the Patio of Our Condo!

 We are also members of the Padre Island Country Club and so we have access to a gym and a hot tub there! Plus we will play golf one morning. (well they will play golf…I will drive the cart…haha!) And Keith will be fishing most mornings as well. Here is a picture from our summer trip to Corpus:

So, back to today. What am I doing? Packing. I never realized how many things I use on a daily basis until I have to pack it all up! I really need to embrace the concept of less is more I think! 🙂 Santa brought us lots of DVD’s so we plan to watch them this week. Here’s what we got:

  • The Hangover
  • Australia
  • Julie & Julia
  • Inglorious Bastards
  • Stepbrother

I haven’t seen any of them so it should be fun! We are also taking GAMES! We are huge game players in my house. True story: growing up we had “family game night” every Saturday night until I left for college. There was no getting out of it! Our friends were allowed to come over and play games with us but there was no going out on Saturday nights! So now I am by default a game lover! We are bringing:

  • Cards (for Spades…boys vs girls…my mom and I ALWAYS win!!)
  • Boggle
  • Jenga
  • Scrabble
  • Kismet
  • Battles of the Sexes

I am sure we will play them all multiple times over! In fact New Year’s Eve will probably be spent playing Spades and drinking champagne! 🙂

Also during the week we plan on watching lots and lots of FOOTBALL! I am a Texas Aggie alum and my bowl game is Monday night; the Independence Bowl against Georgia! Jim is a Florida alum and so we will definitely  be watching the Sugar Bowl on Friday night. My mom is a Longhorn alum (can you imagine if Alabama hadn’t beat Florida…my mom and stepdad’s schools would have been playing for the National Championship against eachother…eeks!) We are football family for sure..very passionate!! Poor Keith…he went to UNC (University of North Texas) and they didn’t quite make a bowl game so he is throwing his support to UT! But first: GO AGGIES!


I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday! In between my packing I am watching football! (ha…go figure!) GO COLTS! (As we have already discussed I PEYTON MANNING!) Cheers!


4 Responses

  1. Another game you should get: Things. You need to play it with a slightly bigger group (won’t work with just 2 or 3), but it is SO hilarious! Enjoy your week! Hope to see you soon. I haven’t seen you since Trent was 2 weeks old, and he’s going to be 6 months on Wednesday! Can you believe it? We’re going to start cereal this week – so fun!!

    • We definitely need to get together! I follow your blog daily so even though I haven’t seen the cute little man I have been following his progress! Both baby and mama look FANTASTIC!! 🙂

  2. The beach! I’m jealous!!!

    Hooray for the Colts! 😉

  3. Check out Settlers of Catan as well – good strategy game. Our kids are finally old enough to play and we enjoy it as a family. I have great memories of playing rummy with my family as a kiddo. Enjoy your trip! Happy New Year!

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