“I Have An Addiction, Sir!”

That is one of my all time favorite lines from Sex in the City….used when Carry is referring to her smoking habit! 🙂 So what are you addicted to? You have the devil on one side and the angel on the other…two sides of the same coin! What things do you love that cross that boundary?

Here are 3 of mine:

  1. I absolutely love GTS Kombucha! It is so good and super good for you…hence the angel…but it is SO DANG expensive ($3.59 a bottle)…hence the devil.
  2. Raisins or pretzels (the angel) covered in dark chocolate (the devil)! Nestle Flipz and Raisinettes are my favorite movie watching candies!!
  3. An angel of a nut, the pecan, baked in a devilishly good pecan pie!! I need my own this Christmas! 🙂



Do you have a hard time being motivated to work out? Check out this quiz, Barriers to Being Active, provided by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). It will show what barrier you need to overcome to start on the road to being a more active individual! Pretty cool! Speaking of active…check out this cute photo of Keith! Can you guess what he is about to do??

Mountain Biking Ready!

6 Responses

  1. just found your blog and wanted to say hi!! looking forward to reading more 😉

  2. Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate….I love chocolate covered raisins (the ones out of the bulk bins at HEB have the best chocolate.) Current beverage addiction is Starbuck’s Espresso Chocolate Truffle,

  3. I LOVE Kombucha’s too! Luckily the store I get them from always has them on sale when they are about to expire $ 1.85 😀

    Green Tea Extract is where I cross a boundary. Green tea isn’t enough…I need the shakes!

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