GF Product Reviewst

Happy Thursday! Sheesh…I can’t believe it is already Thursday. Where has the week gone? Let’s start with dinner last night. It was an easy one: Applegate Farms organic turkey burgers on gluten-free Udi bread and some organic Alexia french fries that I bake in the oven. Served up with a side of steamed broccoli and we were good to go!


Okay so on to the important part of the post! It is no secret that Keith and I eat mostly gluten-free. When I say mostly, I mean we live about 90% gluten-free. We eat mostly raw and natural foods but when we do turn to processed foods we try to go the GF route. With that said, there are a lot of gluten-free products on the market and quite honestly some of them taste REALLY bad! Well I figured to save some of you the trouble I would give you some of my top GF foods that really taste excellent!! Consider these your Kelly and Keith tested and taste approved!! I know the list looks long but remember all of these things are eaten in MODERATION.  Try to stay as raw and natural (fresh fruits, veggies, and proteins) as possible!!

Also go to my post on Gluten-Free Dining Out for a complete list of Austin restaurants that offer gluten-free menus! Yay! Or go to the Gluten Free Registry and just type in your zip code to find restaurants, bakeries, caterers, and grocers in your area!


  •  Best Sandwich Bread:  Udi Bread. This bread is so fluffy and tasty and the best part is that you don’t have to keep it frozen!!! It tastes great right from the pantry.
  •  Best Breakfast Bread: Glutino Cinnamon Raisin Bread. You have to keep this frozen but it toasts nicely and is delish!
  • Best Bagels: Glutino Bagels. These are AWESOME! They are large so you can easily only eat half and be totally content!
  • Best Pizza Crust: This is a toss-up between Udi’s and Whole Foods Gluten Free brand. Both are good for different reasons. If you want a cracker type crust go for the Udi’s but for those of you who like a little more fluffy crust go for Whole Foods. Both rock!
  • Best Pasta: Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta. They have a huge product inventory with all kind of noodles for whatever pasta dish you want to make!


Best Cereal

  • Keith’s pick: Leapin Lemurs (KIDS CEREAL!) by Nature’s Path. This cereal is a mixture of chocolate and peanutbutter puffs. I think they are okay but they taste gluten-free to me.
  • Kelly’s pick: Mine is a toss-up between Multigrain Puffins by Barbara’s Bakery or plain old KIX cereal by General Mills.

Best Bars:

Best Baking Mixes:

  • Best Pancake (all-purpose mix): Pamela’s! One word: WOW!
  • Best Brownie Mix: Namaste. These brownies are amazing. We always have a batch on hand and we just keep them in the freezer and pop them in the microwave to heat them back to gooey goodness
  • Flour: Bob Red Mill’s All Purpose Baking Flour is great for most recipes! Anytime you see a recipe that calls for all-purpose flour you can always sub this in! I do!

Also remember to READ your labels for your soups, condiments (ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, salsa, you know) etc. and look for it to say Gluten-Free. Unfortunately, most things are gluten-free by product brand rather than by product. For example Sara Lee turkey lunch meat is gluten-free but that doesn’t mean that Oscar Meyer is. Confusing, yes!

You can ALWAYS email me with questions about certain products and I will help you decifer if it is gluten-free! I hope this is helpful for everyone! 

 Alright…time for my lunch! PEACE OUT! 🙂

5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the reviews. My stomach has been in knots for awhile and I went gluten free Monday. I swear I feel 100% better!

    • Yay! Taking gluten out of my diet changed my life!! Before I took gluten out of my diet I had the following symptoms:

      – bloated feeling after I ate
      – bad skin…I was always breaking out
      – canker sores in my mouth
      – weak and flimsy fingernails

      After removing gluten all of that cleared up. Now when I do eat gluten in big quantities I immediately get a canker sore and feel bloated. I am a definite believer in a GF diet! GOODLUCK!

  2. um, you know I am all about the KIX!! and I have to yet to try to pretzels but its on my list to buy. Maybe to dip in honey mustard, eh? Love it!


  3. I have to go with Mary’s Gone Cracker’s as the winner myself. I don’t eat gluten free regularly, but these are so good, I don’t even care!

  4. This is such a great list! I like te glutino chocolate chip cookies too 🙂

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