PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! go watch this video! It is only 3 minutes long and it is AMAZING!!! This could be the most important thing I have ever posted and hopefully it will touch you!

After you watch the video go visit Operation Beautiful to see how you can make a difference in this world to put an end to fat talk! I am DEFINITELY going to be participating in this amazing mission!


2 Responses

  1. Hi Kelly! Thanks for sharing this great video. I have a friend with a brilliant daughter who is battling anorexia right now. I have someone near and dear to me to wrestled with bulimia and still suffers with image issues. Not accepting ourselves for who we are in all our beautiful differences is a tragedy. I don’t know many women under 50 who love themselves as they are and who don’t want a little more of this or a little less of that with their bodies even if they lead really healthy lives. I wish with all my heart, it will be different for my kids and for them to be happy and HEALTHY while they are young and to not have to wait until they are 50 + to accept themselves!

  2. That is so well put Maggie! I totally agree. I absolutely loved this video because it puts things into perspective for all of us! We are all guilty of engaging in “fat talk” at one point or another but this video really makes you stop and think about it! I am glad it touched you!

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